Monday, October 19, 2015

Bottle Message 20.10.2015

Hola everyone !!

Allrighty then, at the moment these things are happening:

Silent Voices & E.Vil:
Just getting ready for the tour which will start on Friday. It’s gonna be interesting
that’s for sure. We’ll be traveling by van and driving ourselves so let’s hope we 
don’t get lost (at least not too many times). There will be some SV and E.Vil shirts
available at the shows but since we don’t have a merch-person just come and harrass 
us about it ok, ? We’ll also have a special Tour Edition cd with tracks from SV as well as E.Vil. The E.Vil tracks will be the first demo from Elias so it’s definitely a rare item. All of this stuff is only available on this tour for now, so get yours while they last and help us put some gas in the tank of our van ;-)

Here are the confirmed shows so far, we might add some
more if/when we get the details sorted out in time:

23.10.2015 Parkhaus-Meiderich, Duisburg, Germany
25.10.2015 RudeBoy Club, Bielsko Biala, Poland
28.10.2015 Borderline Club, Pisa, Italy
30.10.2015 Titty Twister, Parma, Italy
04.11.2015 Viper Room, Vienna, Austria
05.11.2015 Legends Lounge, Oching, Germany
06.11.2015 Hall of Fame, Wetzikon, Switzerland
08.11.2015 De Bosuil, Weert, Netherlands
13.11.2015 Calle, Kokkola, Finland
14.11.2015 Bar Backstage, Helsinki, Finland
15.11.2015 TBC, Tallinn, Estonia

Klingenberg Syndrome 2:
Since we’re goin out on tour for  a moment here, the work will resume by the end of
November, still planning to get it done before the end of the year and it’ll be out sometime next year, come hell or hight water dammit !!! Anyways at the moment
most of the stuff is already mixed, missing some tracks here and there but the bulk of
the album is done…we just have to put the finishing touches on it ;-)

Played some more keys for the upcoming winterborn album, no idea about the schedule here…it’s been in the works for quite some time now ;-)

Vivaldi Metal Project:
I did my solo bit, it was a duel….no idea about with whom I dueled though ;-) It was a fun little thing to do I think and personally I look forward to how the whole thing is gonna turn out when it’s done.

See you on the road,

PS….and of course with SA we’re still more or less in the zzzz mode ;-)