Saturday, January 16, 2016

Sonata Arctica: Back at Work

Tuesday 12.1.2016
So after almost 4 months of not getting together as a band, it was time to 
return to work and get ready for the Nightwish tour and start looking at
new music as well. On Tuesday we all (except for Tony) went to the
Studio57 once again to set up our stuff as well as figure out our new
monitoring system, which will be used on this US tour. At around noon we
arrived and started out by having lunch ;-) The rest of the day was spent
catching up and setting up the gear etc….and of course having a few beers,
quite a few in fact….

Wednesday 13.1.2016
We finished the setup and played through some songs, hanged out and talked about
this upcoming year and what kind of schedule we’d try to set for everything…and
of course spent the evening watching crap on youtube ;-)

Thursday 14.1.2016
As soon as Tony arrived we went out for lunch and then proceeded to planning the
setlist and rehearse for the rest of the day. It sounded surprisingly good. We managed
to play through most of the songs that we’ll be playing on the next tour.

Friday 15.1.2016
Just got up in the morning and talked a bit about the upcoming weeks, re-scheduling some stuff etc…and then it was time to leave for the train and head home. It’s great to be back after doing a bunch of other stuff this fall….



Jake @ the local music store in Kokkola !!

What I ate in 2016 part 1 !!

Making breakfast ;-)

What I ate in 2016 part 2 !!

My Korg Kronos entering the SA realm....

New gear, the Mackie DL32R does this work again ? ;-)