Friday, September 11, 2015

SA:On the Road: Pictures from the Festival Summer of 2015

Hi there,
Here are a bunch of pics from this summer, in random order of course , since I'm lazy,
anyways, hopefully at lest some of these were worth the wait ;-)

Finnish summer from the Trainwindow.

Finnish middle aged male in Train.

More Finnish summer from the Trainwindow.

This is our new truck that we'll be using to howl our gear around
Finland & Europe ;-) Cool, right ?

Special festival in Kiiminki....of course it rained.

...more rain, still at the same place....

...and a beautiful creek...still in Kiiminki...

...more of the same ;-)

Backstage, still the same place, The Beauty and the Beast ;-)

And yet some more Finnish summer pics.

A typical view from inside the Train.

As we Tommy was recording some stuff for the new Alavala album one of
our friends Cat decided to participate as well.

Discovering new energy drinks part 1 !!

I think this was somewhere in Europe....maybe...

Eating Lunch in Austria, it was actually quite good.

Masi discovering Bucharest....

Some dudes Bucharest.

Of course I had to put one #flyingintheair picture here as well.

Riding with Ari , on the way to Savonlinna.

Olavinlinna, Savonlinna one of the very special evenings this summer.

I have no idea where this was, appeareantly I'm having a burger.

The Ratina Stadion in Tampere just before doors open.

...and this time just after the show, supporting Nightwish.

One of many cool SA tattoos we saw this summer.

Helsinki-Vantaa airport, a very familiar sight for us, not
only during the summer.

Helsinki by night as I spent a few days off there with my friends
going crazy and behaving badly.

Some airport somewhere...maybe it's Helsinki I don't even know.

On the bus, probably driving to Falun, Sweden or back.

EMP sent us some stuff to cheer us up ;-)

Helsinki-Vantaa once again.

Discovering new energy drinks part 2 !

Discovering new energy drinks part 3 ! 
(although I never tasted this one ;-( )

Some proof of the flat tire on our way to Slovakia from

More of the same.

...and here is where the summer ended @Pakkahuone in Tampere. This was taken just 
as we got in. This also ended the Pariah's Child World Tour (including The Ecliptica
over Europe Tour and the 15th Anniversary Tour. It was a long one but felt like the best tour
we've done so far. It's amazing how every time the touring seems to be more fun than the 
tour before. I guess this is what we live for in the end. Can't wait for February and getting 
back out there to play for all of the meantime I'll just noodle around in my home
studio and try to come up with some new music ;-)

Stay tuned for more update as things progress...for now I'll retreat into my kitchen 
to make some dinner for the kids. Stay Classy !!!


Bottle Message 11.09.2015

Hola peeps,
Here’s some short news about what’s going on right now:

Sonata Arctica:
Once again the fall is upon us and as a change of pace we have no tours or studio
booked with SA. Feels a bit weird but whattahell, I think a break every now and then is 
in order (the last proper break was back in 2003 btw). Be that as it may, we’re already
planning next years tours as you probably noticed we already confirmed a couple of 
festivals…with more to come of course. Our first tour next year will be with Nightwish and Delain in the US/Canada with some headlining gigs added at the end. This will be during our recording sessions so it will be interesting to do it this way for a change, as  opposed to doing the next album just straight through without any touring in between.

Next fall we’ll be back on the road and continue to the end of the year and of course 
also 2017 will be spent on the road for the most part….at least for now that’s how it
looks. More on these things later. We of course have some surprises in stock, both for
this year and next year as well so…stay tuned.

Silent Voices & E.Vil:
Since we’re having a break with SA, we now have a chance to hit the road with Silent
Voices. We managed to lure Elias with us as well so it’ll be an evening with SV and
E.Vil. For this tour Pasi & Me will help Elias and his drummer Tomi out for the E.Vil set
so I’m sure it’ll be interesting. Here are the first two confirmed shows with more to follow asap. The latest updates will be on or the SV facebook page.

October 23, 2015 - Parkhaus, Duisburg Germany
November 04, 2015 - Viper Room, Vienna, Austria

See you out there !!! This is naturally a once in a lifetime type of thing since we rarely have enough time off from SA to actually go out and play with SV…..and of course the same goes for E.Vil. We’ll be on the road for 2-3 weeks so there are a lot more shows still to come….and of course in Finland as well. Btw, eventually we’ll get around to do another album with SV, I’m not too convinced it will be this year though….

Klingenberg Syndrome 2:
Still in the works…haha. Well, I did plan to get this done last spring but somehow I didn’t….appeareantly there are only 24 hours in a day, which of course is far to little
if you ask me. Anyways, at the moment I’m looking to finish my parts of the album next week and then it’s up to Pasi to play the rest of the bass and mix the damn thing. We’ll see how difficult it’ll be to release this one, I’m sure it will take some time to set that up as well….and for those few who are wondering: Yeah, I’m doing the vocals on this album myself. We’ll see if it’ll be the last time ever but for now I decided to give it a shot. The rest of the band is intact so we got Elias on guitar, Pasi on bass and Jari on drums…real ones this time and not the electric crap that we were forced to use
last time. 

That’s about it. I’ve been writing some new music as well but as to where or when or
how it will surface, I have no idea. Appeareantly I still do things I like just for fun sometimes….and don’t forget to follow the keytar adventures:

…I know I am , since I have no idea what that motherfucker will do next. Little did I know that my spur of the moment attack on this poor bastard would throw the keytar
into these kind of trouble.

Now I’m done…and yeah I try to upload the pics from the summer as well.