Friday, September 11, 2015

Bottle Message 11.09.2015

Hola peeps,
Here’s some short news about what’s going on right now:

Sonata Arctica:
Once again the fall is upon us and as a change of pace we have no tours or studio
booked with SA. Feels a bit weird but whattahell, I think a break every now and then is 
in order (the last proper break was back in 2003 btw). Be that as it may, we’re already
planning next years tours as you probably noticed we already confirmed a couple of 
festivals…with more to come of course. Our first tour next year will be with Nightwish and Delain in the US/Canada with some headlining gigs added at the end. This will be during our recording sessions so it will be interesting to do it this way for a change, as  opposed to doing the next album just straight through without any touring in between.

Next fall we’ll be back on the road and continue to the end of the year and of course 
also 2017 will be spent on the road for the most part….at least for now that’s how it
looks. More on these things later. We of course have some surprises in stock, both for
this year and next year as well so…stay tuned.

Silent Voices & E.Vil:
Since we’re having a break with SA, we now have a chance to hit the road with Silent
Voices. We managed to lure Elias with us as well so it’ll be an evening with SV and
E.Vil. For this tour Pasi & Me will help Elias and his drummer Tomi out for the E.Vil set
so I’m sure it’ll be interesting. Here are the first two confirmed shows with more to follow asap. The latest updates will be on or the SV facebook page.

October 23, 2015 - Parkhaus, Duisburg Germany
November 04, 2015 - Viper Room, Vienna, Austria

See you out there !!! This is naturally a once in a lifetime type of thing since we rarely have enough time off from SA to actually go out and play with SV…..and of course the same goes for E.Vil. We’ll be on the road for 2-3 weeks so there are a lot more shows still to come….and of course in Finland as well. Btw, eventually we’ll get around to do another album with SV, I’m not too convinced it will be this year though….

Klingenberg Syndrome 2:
Still in the works…haha. Well, I did plan to get this done last spring but somehow I didn’t….appeareantly there are only 24 hours in a day, which of course is far to little
if you ask me. Anyways, at the moment I’m looking to finish my parts of the album next week and then it’s up to Pasi to play the rest of the bass and mix the damn thing. We’ll see how difficult it’ll be to release this one, I’m sure it will take some time to set that up as well….and for those few who are wondering: Yeah, I’m doing the vocals on this album myself. We’ll see if it’ll be the last time ever but for now I decided to give it a shot. The rest of the band is intact so we got Elias on guitar, Pasi on bass and Jari on drums…real ones this time and not the electric crap that we were forced to use
last time. 

That’s about it. I’ve been writing some new music as well but as to where or when or
how it will surface, I have no idea. Appeareantly I still do things I like just for fun sometimes….and don’t forget to follow the keytar adventures:

…I know I am , since I have no idea what that motherfucker will do next. Little did I know that my spur of the moment attack on this poor bastard would throw the keytar
into these kind of trouble.

Now I’m done…and yeah I try to upload the pics from the summer as well.




  1. Great news on all areas!
    The break with Sonata is well deserved after all these years on the road, more or less. Now I'm curious about the surprise ... ^^ Okay, let's wait and see what the future will brings :D
    That Elias will join the tour with SV is a great and awesome surpise! I'm falling in love with his first cd. Let's see where the tour still leads. Hopefully somehow close to me. Anyway, somehow I'll manage it, to see you live ;)
    Guess I'v never heard you sing, just as the background with SA. I'm curious about the result. :D
    Have fun in the fall and do what ever you want to do.
    But remember to look over your shoulder to the back from time to time.
    Not that this slightly crazy Keyboard suddenly stands behind you and tries to take revenge, because of what you did to him ;)

    1. I'll beat the crap out of that keytar again if it tries something, nothing to worry about here ;-)

    2. If you wanna hear him sing before KS2 comes out, he does the vocals for Mental Care Foundation (you can find them on fb!) which I highly recommend because they're one of my favorite bands.

      Also a badass duet:


    3. Fucking Requiem hahaha, yeah that was fun...and a very long time ago ;-)

    4. Requiem still kicks ass even from beyond the grave! I fell in love with Jouni's voice and Jukka's keys through them so it's not all bad ;)

  2. !!! you're gonna be singing on the new KS!!! Yes!! I'm so happy about this omg. I literally can't wait for this, I'm going to explode with excitement!!

    Also thank you for letting us know there will be Finnish shows so I stop being so annoying about it lol. I just. I need to be at at least one of these. I'll try to wait patiently for more dates...

  3. ...wait, J-P on drums? I thought it was Jari...?

    1. My bad, I guess I should get some sleep....of course it's Jari.

  4. that keytar adventures thing boosted my mood a ton when I saw it :D. I'm glad whoever made it is keeping it up, I think it's one of the most entertaining accounts on there :P

    ...and seconding lia's enthusiasm about the KS stuff, I also think you have a very pleasant voice :)

  5. Hey I hope I'm not being too pushy but.......are you guys gonna have merch? do you guys need someone for the table? Can I volunteer preemptively?

    1. No idea yet, we'll probably try to get some shirts made for the European part at least...I'll keep your offer in mind !! ;-)

    2. Much appreciated! I'd love to help and honestly selling stuff is the only thing I'm good at! :)

    3. And if you don't actually want a weird Italian girl tagging along (and I'd understand if you didn't, lol), and you do make merch and have some left afterwards I'd be glad to sell it off on the store for you guys :)