Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The year 2018

Hello everyone !
I've kind of dropped the ball here with updates and such...for various reasons. I might keep this year and off-year....on not, let's see how things pan out. Be that as it may:

Sonata Arctica did a very successful Winter Chapter Tour in Finland, we also played at the 70.000 tons of metal for the second time and it was just as awesome if not even more so than last time. We will head back out during the summer, June-August to play the festival circuit before entering the studio for our next album. The year 2019 will then be spent more or less on the road again.

Mental Care Foundation is performing at the Pääsiäisjamit in Kokkola, on the 31.3.2018. We're also making another album as we speak...so stay tuned for some more screaming !!

I'm still waiting for news about when the next Winterborn album will be out, I played a lot of keys on that one and as far as I know, everything should be more or less ready.

Silent Voices is making new music and we're also starting to record the next Klingenberg Syndrome album so there will be plenty of more stuff out there within the near future. Some other projects are also under way but more about those later.

Whether or not I will resume writing this blog remains to be seen (omg that sounds so fucking dramatic)...anyways, atm I have trouble finding the time to do this , if it changes I'll be back. It's been a lot of fun however.

cheers & beers & all good stuff,
see you on the road,