Monday, June 6, 2016

SA:Recording the new album week 5

30.5. Monday
After a week of doing other stuff at home, we’re back in the studio. Not too much for me to do I suspect but we need to get together and rehearse for the summer festivals, the acoustic stuff in particular….and we might still have one or two more songs to record, who knows ? Spent the day practising and arranging stuff for the acoustic shows this summer. All kinds of surprises coming up, songs we’ve never played live before etc…
I think we ended the day around midnight….

31.5. Tuesday
Pretty much continued where we left off last night. We also started to record the rehersals without vocals, so we’ll have some background stuff to practise with if needed , when we get back home. We also decided to record a cover song as a bonus
track for something down the road…let’s see how it turns out ;-) Surprisingly enough it’s been really hot here which not usually the case here in Finland….so we’ve been trying to enjoy that but it’s a bit hard when you’re stuck inside….well…it’s our own choice so no reason to bitch too much ;-)

1.6. Wednesday
We all slept kinda late, since last night was a bit too much, nevertheless once we got awake we were  back at the acoustic stuff, checked back at the cover song and did some minor fixes but for the most part it was ok already. Today we also recorded most of the acoustic songs just to have something to rehearse with back home if needed. In a bit over a week we’ll start the festival season, it will be a bit challenging since the first weekend is back to back shows, one electric and one acoustic, hopefully all goes well.

2.6. Thursday
Got up in the morning and headed home. This week was a bit short since Queen is playing in Helsinki on the weekend and I’m gonna go and check that out with my g/f ;-)
Hopefully it’ll be a great show…. I just realized that the Recording the new album week count doesn't really add up since we've been working on stuff at home as well...anyways for my part the studio-thing is over and I'll do the rest that needs to be done from home, some of the guys will be back at the studio and some don't...anyways the bulk of the album is done so we still got time to finish it until our'll probably be really tight anyways but that's how it always goes.



Secret Rule: Music Video online

Hi guys,
Secret Rule just released their first video from the upcoming album, check it out :