Thursday, May 19, 2016

SA:Recording the new album week 4

16.5. Monday
Here we go again, week 4. This week we’ll be going through the stuff we’ve done so far, making fixes…maybe some singing, solos and such,  let’s see how everything pans out. On top of that we have the hockey game FIN-CAN tomorrow and the Quarter-finals on Thursday. Those games will probably show the direction of the new album more or less. Well, if Finland bows out on Thursday there’s nothing to watch on the weekend so let’s hope for the best. I’ve been keeping an eye on the NHL playoffs as well and there will be a new Finnish Cup winner again this year, let’s see from which team it’ll be ;-)  Played a couple of solos and did some fixes, pretty much the stuff I’ll expect we’ll be doing all week…

17.5. Tuesday
More soloing done, actually at this point I’ve run out of solos to play on this album,
cheers to that ;-) Let’s see if I redo something later but for now I’m done…and just in
time for the FIN-CAN hockey game which was really interesting. I can’t believe how good Finland played once they got their shit together, 4-0 against Canada is really excellent….the hope still lives on to be the first nation ever to win 3 world championships during the same season. We already won the U18 and U20 so this one
is all we’re missing….Anyways, we’ve been taking it easy this week and just trying to
get the songs we already have into shape. We still have to do a couple of more tracks before we’re done but most of the album is in really good shape for now.

18.5. Wednesday
Didn’t doo too much , just some fixes. Elias did a bunch of solos, I guess he’s about done as well…or will be pretty soon. Since I don’t have too much to play at the moment I’m probably heading home tomorrow. No point wasting time just chilling and watching netflix ;-) , I can do that at home as well. Nevetheless, next week we’ll be working from home and the week after that we’ll do the rest of the stuff and practise some acoustic stuff as well, just to be ready for the festivals that will start really soon.

19.5. Thursday
Decided to go home…..and did just that. I’ll be back ;-)



Sunday, May 15, 2016

Secret Rule: album details !!

Secret Rule have revealed the details of their new album 'Machination'. The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Ex-Machina
  2. The Saviour
  3. I Have The Sun
  4. Dolls
  5. I will
  6. The Image
  7. You're The Player
  8. Your Trap
  9. Foolish Daisy
10. Short Stories
11. A Mother

Secret Rule was formed in 2014 with the intention to create a powerful, melodic and rhythmically challenging sound. They released their first album 'Transposed Emotions' the following year and toured Europe extensively in support of it, building a solid fan base in countries such as Belgium and the UK especially. The band is fronted by powerful singer Angela Di Vincenzo and includes notable musicians such as keyboardist Henrik Klingenberg (Sonata Arctica) and drummer Sander Zoer (ex Delain).

Secret Rule's new album 'Machination' will be released this summer on Scarlet Records. The album has been produced, mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen (The HauntedMoonspellDark Tranquillity) and features special guest appearances by Stefan Helleblad(Within Temptation), Timo Somers (Delain), Fabio D'Amore (Serenity) and more. A full European tour will follow the album release, with additional dates to be announced throughout the year.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

SA:Recording the new album week 3

9.5.  Monday
Back in business after a week off. We got some new songs to learn and record so in the afternoon we started off with a late lunch and then it was time to start working again. I did the piano parts for two songs and then it was Tommy’s turn to play some drums. We ended the day just in time before the FIN-USA hockey game at the World Championship….you have to make sure you’re priorities are straight ;-) After a 3-2 win it was easy to just relax with some netflix and fall asleep.

…and then there was the next day ;-) Tommy first played the drums for another fast song and then it was time for some guitars. Elias played the tracks for two songs and the rest of the day was spent finishing those songs with bass & keyboard tracks. So, two days and two songs….we’re still keeping the pace. At this rate, next week will be spent doing the last songs and then there are only some minor fixes and vocals to be done before the mixing begins…..unless something happens, and it usually does ;-) Nevertheless…another day of hard work done !! Watched some diving competition on tv at night…not really that interesting ;-)

11.5. Wednesday
More of the same ;-) Today’s song was quite different from anything we’ve done before, it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out at the end. In the morning Tommy did the drums and Pasi layed down the bass. Then we decided to drive to Pietarsaari and check out a burger place there called Friends & Burgers…really excellent idea. Once we’d stuffed ourselves with some really great burgers it was time to head back and do the guitars and keyboards. We worked at a frantic pace to make sure we’d be ready before the hockey game Finland - Hungary. 

Having recorded 10 songs so far we only have 1 or 2 more to go + some additional fixes etc…and then of course the vocals, mixing and mastering. We decided to cut this week short since we didn’t have anything more to play for the time being. I did a piano track and a couple of solos in the morning and then we all headed home.