Monday, June 30, 2014

SA:On the Road:Festivals ’14:Mustakari in memories

Saturday 28.6.2014-Mustakari in Memories, Kokkola
Being that we shot a new music video for Silent Voices and took some promopics I was already in Kokkola on the morning of the show. Staying at my parents house ;-) The other guys began dropping in during the day but since we played at midnight I didn’t go to the festival site until a couple of hours before the show, which gave me the time to enjoy the Brazil-Chile match in the Soccer World Cup. After that I briefly visited Pasi’s place since he & his g/f had somekinda hoopla going on. Nice ! The show was a bit cold since the festival was by the sea but we managed to pull through somehow, it was really great to be back on stage after a few weeks off. Now we have shows every weekend until mid-August when the festival season ends for us….and then we only have one year left on the Pariah’s Child World Tour ;-). In the beginning of the show my in-ears were cracking but our monitor guy for the weekend Viltsu managed to fix it, appeareantly some of the other guys had the same problem so it was probably one of the antennas at the transmitting end that was done. The show went well after getting that sorted out. After the show I went to the hotel to sleep since it was so late there wasn’t even any energy left to party :-(  On Sunday I still spent some time at my folks place and left for home with the evening train. Next up is Ruisrock in Turku…until then…more recordings at home.



SV: Shooting our first music video since Infernal

Friday 27.6.2014- Music Video Session, Kokkola, Finland
Having spent the whole week working hard on the re-recording of Ecliptica amongst other things, I spent the trainride to Kokkola listening to the radio edit of the video song in order not to look too lost when the cameras would be rolling. Before that I’d met up with Hurtsi our new drummer at the trainstation. Around noon we arrived in Kokkola and after a quick lunch we headed towards our location. Since we have no budget-money for doing this music video, we’re pretty much on our own so let’s see how that turns out. Personally I suck at doing video-stuff so I hope some of the other dudes are better at that and we can come up with something at least half-way decent.Be that as it may, I picked up a keyboard (a trusty old DX7) from my parents house to have something to play on the video ;-)  We did the guitar,bass & keys parts first and then just after 1500 when Teemu our new singer came off work we did his parts. Being that this was the first time we all came together, we also took some promo pics before it was time to shoot Hurtsi playing the drums….and call it a day. More stories from tomorrow when we play my former hometown Kokkola with Sonata Arctica. As for today, I think the shooting  went rather well, let’s see how it turns out….



WB:Video of Satellite posted online

Yet another video from the new Winterborn album, although I’m not it the video (like with Into the Shades of Gray) I did however play the keyboards on the song….and yes that it the former WB keyboard player Jukka on the keys in the video. Confusing ? Yeah I think so too ;-) Check out the video below:



Monday, June 9, 2014

SA:On the Road:Festivals ’14:South Park & Kivenlahti Rock

Friday 6.6.2014- South Park, Tampere, Finland
This seems to become the summer of trainrides ;-) Our buddy up here in the north
who used to have a bus just changed it and the new one won’t be ready for this summer so we’re gonna travel by train….which is quite easy and fast but unfortunately you can’t smoke on the trains in Finland anymore so…we’ll see how it goes. Nevertheless got up quite early and then headed for the trainstation in Kemi for the 0735 train towards Tampere. Spent most of the time online searching for all kinds of useless and useful stuff. This weekend  will be quite interesting since tonight we’re playing the first summer festival and tomorrow we’ll do a special set at the Kivenlahti Rock, where we’ll play the songs that got the most  votes from our fans. (unfortunately we only had 27 songs on the list to choose from, the ones we know how to play at the moment…no time to rehearse more with this schedule..)

At around 1500 we arrived in Tampere and made our way to the hotel before being picked up for the festival by Elias. Dinner at the festival, a short meeting with our manager and then it was time for a signing session….which all went smooth fast and before we knew it, it was time to get ready for the show. Since we’re playing totally different sets tonight and tomorrow we’ll be performing 20 different songs over these two days. Anyways. tonigh we played a 75min set which was a blend of old and new stuff. It was a bit shaky being the first festival of this season  and us not having played together since the last European Show in Madrid a month ago. We did have a great time though and the rain that had been pouring down like hell actually stopped for our show….at least that was the impression I got. Just before Blood we got a bit confused 
because we heard some guitar shredding in our in-ear monitors…turned out it was the Skid  Row crew testing their equipment and there was some radio interference…well at least they succeeded to make Tony fuck up some of the lyrics :-) Other than that there were no problems during the show…I did however start Fullmoon too fast so I had to slow down a bit when Tony started singing….no idea why but sometimes these thing happends…it’s not like I don’t know in which tempo Fullmoon starts, having played it almost 700 times live already.

After the show I chatted for awhile with Pyry and Janne from our friends in Battle Beast who where at the festival partying and preparing for their gig the next day, I’m sure they’ll kick ass like always. I quickly got my stuff together and jumped in the van with the pyrosquad and left for Ari’s mansion and a late night sauna. Somehow I didn’t feel like staying at the hotel tonight  so this was the other choice. Some hours later I finished the night with some wine, sauna and a couple of episodes of Orange is the New Black season 2 on netflix….nighty night.

Saturday 7.6.2014-Kivenlahti Rock, Espoo, Finland
Felt really rested when I woke up and it was time to leave for Kivenlahtirock. In the van I spent my time listening to Santa Cruz since we decided last night in the sauna that I would do the pyros for them today. Jiiihaa !!! Great band and good songs this was awesome. The rest  of the day was spent talking about some stuff that we didn’t have time to do last night with our manager and a short video interview. So now the plans for next year start to surface and we’ll of course let you all know as soon as things are set and agreed upon.  The show went quite well tonight, it was a bit weird to play the songs that were voted for and try to get them into some reasonable order….we started with Victoria’s Secret and ended with Don’t say a word. Less than 30min after the show we were already in the cab and on our way to the railwaystation. 2 hours by train to tampere and then a change of trains and  finally we got our sleeper coaches and managed to get to bed :-) 

Sunday 8.6.2014-Travel Home
Woke up just before the train arrived in Kemi at around 10 in the morning. The festival
season has begun…now we have two weekends off before our final stretch of 8 weekends in a row. Better spend the time getting my parts for Ecliptica ready…..

Sun and good happiness stuff !!!

If we'll ever get burned or hurt because of the pyros, you can blame these guys, Ari & Miika
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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Klingenberg Syndrome:..and the weird turned pro, check it out on soundcloud !

Hi there,
Decided to put up my first solo album on SC so you all can check 
out. It’s an all instrumental album so it might not be for everyone. Here's
the link to the playlist:

A short background story about the album:
In recent years the possibility to make a solo album somehow had become more
enticing to me so I wrote a bunch of demos. I wanted to have the possibility to play
a lot of solos so I decided to make it an instrumental album.While thinking of possible
players I opted for Elias on guitar (since he owed me some tracks for playing on his
solo album) and Pasi on bass….who also suggested that we’ll give Jari (from our 
Requiem days) a call to play the drums. As soon as the band was clear we started recording…working on a very non-existent budget Elias tracked his stuff at home, Pasi & me as well and Jari played electric drums at his friends house. Pasi then mixed  the whole thing on his computer at home…. I think the final push to go from just recording demos for myself to actually move forward and release an album came from Elias: Whatta hell dude, of course you have to make a solo album…I already made 3 !!

Enough said.

Anyways, if you like this and want to help me finish the next one (which is
in the works at the moment) go ahead and buy a copy of the album at:

iTunes, GreatIndieMusic, Verizon,Rumblefish,24-7,Google Music Store,
Shazam…and I hear that you can get the Japanese Version on
amongst other places.

…I did print a limited batch for the SA webshop but those are sold out for
now. As I said in some of the comments on a previous post, the next album
will have mostly vocals selections :-)

Cheers, Beers and Enjoy…next weekend it’s back to work with SA and
the first two festival shows in Finland…I can hardly wait !!!

I remain,