Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Klingenberg Syndrome:..and the weird turned pro, check it out on soundcloud !

Hi there,
Decided to put up my first solo album on SC so you all can check 
out. It’s an all instrumental album so it might not be for everyone. Here's
the link to the playlist:


A short background story about the album:
In recent years the possibility to make a solo album somehow had become more
enticing to me so I wrote a bunch of demos. I wanted to have the possibility to play
a lot of solos so I decided to make it an instrumental album.While thinking of possible
players I opted for Elias on guitar (since he owed me some tracks for playing on his
solo album) and Pasi on bass….who also suggested that we’ll give Jari (from our 
Requiem days) a call to play the drums. As soon as the band was clear we started recording…working on a very non-existent budget Elias tracked his stuff at home, Pasi & me as well and Jari played electric drums at his friends house. Pasi then mixed  the whole thing on his computer at home…. I think the final push to go from just recording demos for myself to actually move forward and release an album came from Elias: Whatta hell dude, of course you have to make a solo album…I already made 3 !!

Enough said.

Anyways, if you like this and want to help me finish the next one (which is
in the works at the moment) go ahead and buy a copy of the album at:

iTunes, GreatIndieMusic, Verizon,Rumblefish,24-7,Google Music Store,
Shazam…and I hear that you can get the Japanese Version on Amazon.com
amongst other places.

…I did print a limited batch for the SA webshop but those are sold out for
now. As I said in some of the comments on a previous post, the next album
will have mostly vocals selections :-)

Cheers, Beers and Enjoy…next weekend it’s back to work with SA and
the first two festival shows in Finland…I can hardly wait !!!

I remain,



  1. Next time I see Enska I'll give him an extra hug for pushing you to make this album. To me it's definitely one of the best things you've ever played on. It's beautiful and complex and very calming at times. I listened it non-stop when it came out and it got me through a rather hard time. So you know, thank you so much for making it. There are so many little spots that are so damn perfect. Also, Toys&Guns sounds like it should be a sountrack to an awesome video game! While I'm excited for vocals on the next one (I promise not to bother you about those anymore!), this one is special because I just like to listen to you play and play and play. Hopefully there'll be some instrumentals on it as well. ;)

    (PS: address has an extra space between sets/ and Klingenberg and doesn't work!)

    See you on Friday! I can't wait either! :)

    1. Thanks, the link should work now..my bad ;-)

    2. @Heavymetalqueen, I can relate very much to what you've said above. :-)

    3. Henkka! I'm so glad you decided to put Klingenberg Sydrome on Sound Cloud. It is very much appreciated! :-) I have bookmarked it so I can have a listen whenever...until I get the chance to purchase it.
      It is sheer "Awesomeness"! ;-) Loving the bits of jazziness in some tracks, and also loving the bass slapping in El Guarro...btw, as far as I understand, that word can have several meanings. In which context do you mean it to be? Hablas Espanol? Great choice in musicians. The four of you blend well together. :-)

    4. It was supposed to mean the pig in spanish but since I don't speak the language I'm not sure I got it right ;-)

    5. I'm sure you have it right, but I'm still not sure what context it is meant to be...now I'm curious, did you do KS with a certain theme/story in mind? Those titles are kind of interesting, come to think of it...oh, and I don't believe you told me whether your "Testies" solo will be available at some point or not.:-) I REALLY wish it were possible to have a copy of it!

      Well, the battle for Lord Stanley is on (still watching), oooh, la, la! Enjoy the game!

    6. No specific concept for the first KS album and about "testies" or whatever the file might be named, I don't think it'll see the light of day anytime soon...

    7. Well, thanks for answering my silly questions. Too bad about the solo. It was a very nice piece.
      I'm sure we all miss Marko. I was sad to see him go but, I'm glad he is happy with whatever he is doing now. When I first read the liner notes of Pariah's Child, I was glad to read the thank you's to him from the rest of you.
      Anyhow, enjoy your festivals coming up, and the playoff finals. May your beloved Rangers win the cup. :-)


    8. Howdy, Henkka! I hope the festival shows you all played at this weekend were all you hoped it would be.
      I finally got your KS...And The Weird Tuned Pro album the other day(liner notes and all) which I am enjoying tremendously! :-) At the moment, The White Elephant, NIN, El Guarro, NSS, Post-Party Depression, and Toys and Guns are my favorites...but that will change every so often, I'm sure, depending on my mood.
      If I read correctly you are credited with playing some guitar on El Guarro?(I think). Do you play often? How many instruments do you play?

    9. I do play the clean guitars on El Guarro, I'm not that good on guitar but I like to dabble with it every now and then, on top of that I play bass & keyboards...that's about It, I used to play the saxophone but I never really got a hang of it...

    10. You playing the saxophone. Now THAT I'd like to see!

    11. Nice! What about the Harmonica? I saw a video of you and Marko playing "Oh Susana". Sounded pretty good. Cute video! It put a smile on my face. I remember seeing an interview you and Tony did a while back where you said that was the only song you knew how to play. Who taught you, and did you learn any more songs after, or do you just not have the interest in the harmonica?

    12. Haha, totally forgot about the harmonica thing..I learned it myself and it's still the only song I know how to play...haven't touched the harmonica in awhile...

    13. Speaking of the sax...that was my instrument of choice in high school, but my music teacher decided to give me a bass instrument, the bassoon, instead which I hated at first, lol, but eventually learned to appreciate it.
      Yep! That short video of you and Marko popped up as a recommendation on Youtube. I love it. :-) You think you'll pick the harmonica up again? Maybe you could incorporate it into some future Sonata or Silent Voices...or even your solo compositions?

    14. Hahaha, your response made me L.O.L!
      Awe, cmon. If Steven Tyler can do it with Aerosmith, and you guys can make a banjo work in Cinderblox...and Bon Scott can play bagpi.....yeaaaah...bagpipes!!! Perhaps you can find a piper to play in some of your future songs...and I'd be more than willing to provide the Bassoon. ;-p

      Despite the few minor hiccups during SA's set, it sounds like it went well and fun was had at the festival...and nothing or no one was accidentally set afire! Good stuff!
      Enjoy the time you have off and don't work too, too hard!


  2. followed the link and 2 tracks in, this is pretty cool :D
    (have to figure out what's going on with money before i make any purchases though)

  3. I have to say, vocals have always been the most important part of music to me, good lyrics can save a bad song. But your album is one of the very few instrumental albums I enjoy listening just as it is. So I wait very eagerly for the next one, with or without vocals.

    Oh and you are not the only one waiting for next weekends festivals! Seeing (all of) you is my drug :D A girl's got to have at least one addiction... ;)

  4. Henkka your album is awesome! Great you followed Elias advice :) Thank you for sharing it with us, and I can't wait to listen to the next one :D

  5. Actually love it henkka! I just found out i can text you here, just wanted to know how are you doing, and if something new is coming. I met you on the 28th april in Italy at the meet and greet, you won't remember me, because i was just a fan for you, but i lived one of the best days of my life. I follow you since i was 7, and now i am 16 years. Basically a dream came true. Hope you're all good, and keep doing what you do because without your music i can't live.
    love Laura.

  6. You definitely should sing! We want you to sing :D
    btw (sorry for changing the topic) how is Marko doing? We miss him!

    1. I spoke to Marko not too long ago and he's doing very well, really happy with his "new" life :-)

    2. so glad for him! Can you take a picture of him when you see him next time?
      he is still a member of the band for fans and we lack of information about him and his photos :)

    3. I'll try to remember if/when I bump into him...

  7. Oh damn, and I just ordered it from Amazon D: Haha...
    Guess I'll wait until it arrives, which should be by the end of the month, 'cause it seems to be coming from Japan... whatever.
    But I'm not even mad at you, would have bought it anyways, great musicians need to be supported!
    Can also relate to what heavymetalqueen wrote up there, SA did the same for me many times during the last 10 years :)
    Guess I'll let you know what I think about it, even though you might not be interested in my opinion, but I don't care, haha :D
    And I apologize if I'm a bit annoying, just can't help myself sometimes...


  8. Hey Henkka, ATWTP sounds great. Good job! And "The Awesomeness" is a great name for a song :)

  9. Aside note, after seeing the results of the Kivenlahti Rock voting....I hope you guys are gonna play the complete opposite setlist on Friday! It's kinda depressing (especially as an Elias fan and somebody for whom the albums from Unia onwards mean so much) that nothing newer than Unia made it on that setlist. But some of us like the new stuff more! Honest! I promise! And also we were at the 15th anniversary shows and want to see the new stuff! ;)

    1. No worries, the setlist will be radically different in Tampere ;-)

    2. Can't wait! Is it tomorrow yet??

    3. Man, you weren't kidding about the setlist!! I feel bad for Kivenlahti now, because we clearly got the superior setlist there ;) great show yesterday! I kept having to wipe my glasses cuz they steamed up from too much dancing! X in particular works really good live, I'm surprised!!

  10. I've had the Klingenberg Syndrome CD since it came out via CD Japan in 2012. I listen to it a lot while at work and writing. There's just something about it that taps into an area deep inside. That sounds kind of hokey when I say it like that, but it does.

    There are times while listening to Toys & Guns that it will instantly make me cry. It's not even a depressing song, but that one part where Elias does his solo after Pasi and yours around the 5:18 mark that just gets me every time. Maybe it's the rhythmic guitar in the background of it or something else, but it makes me cry every time if I'm feeling down.

  11. ooh that is so perfect!! I love it *o* please remember fans in south america ._. we want it too.. :c

  12. I love when you tie your hair back,
    just WOW so cute :-P

    Great job at your album ''ATWTP''. I can't stop to
    listening to 'awesomeness' is really,
    You are just awesome on keyboards.♥

    (~ Greetings to you Guys from Brazil)

  13. I'm having a really shitty day (isn't depression fun?), so after work I just put on ATWTP and played Minecraft until my eyes hurt. It's helping.

    I know you're probably super tired of me gushing at you all the time but damn dude, your music means so much to me and it helps so much. Thank you.

  14. Hi Henkka
    I need to ask you a thing. Last few weeks I was trying to get one of the first album by Silent Voices - Nothing Lasts Forever Demo but I couldn't find it anywhere. So I wanted to ask you, or Pasi, if you'd knew a way to get it.
    Also thank thank you, Sonata and Silent Voices for your awesome music, keep with it!

  15. We only printed a few hundred of those ourselves back in the day so I doubt there are any more left...and it will probably stay that way ;-)

  16. So me finding one on Amazon for cheap like last year was even luckier than I thought...?

  17. Sonata's biggest fanJune 17, 2014 at 4:02 AM

    I liked that your solo album:)

  18. 'Sup Henkka?
    It's been real quiet here lately, so I hope you got to enjoy some time with your family :)
    Well, I promised I'd tell you what I thought about your album, so I'll just do it... I even made some notes of the pictures playing in my head while listening to it, but that'll be too much for here I think. Though I'd still gladly offer it if you're even the slightest bit interested...? :P
    For now, let's just say that I'm enjoying it very much. You did a really great job and I love listening to you play, so it made me very happy. But to be honest, what I loved most about that album is the booklet. I mean, come on... "enough solos to drown a crocodile", how do you even come up with that?? :D The description of The Klingenberg Syndrome also made me lol, though it was kinda hard to read... but is it contagious?^^
    I love your brain... hopefully that doesn't freak you out now.

    There are so many questions piling up in my head I'd like to ask you...But for now I'll just be happy when you answer some of the above (see where the question marks are? Hehe...)

    Sorry for being annoying!
    Cheers and beers!

  19. Well, I've gotten so much into keys that it happened - I got a second hand keyboard from a friend and I'm going to attempt to learn to play. I'm probably too old to get any good at it but what the hell, at least I'll be using my unemployed time for *something*...