Monday, June 30, 2014

SV: Shooting our first music video since Infernal

Friday 27.6.2014- Music Video Session, Kokkola, Finland
Having spent the whole week working hard on the re-recording of Ecliptica amongst other things, I spent the trainride to Kokkola listening to the radio edit of the video song in order not to look too lost when the cameras would be rolling. Before that I’d met up with Hurtsi our new drummer at the trainstation. Around noon we arrived in Kokkola and after a quick lunch we headed towards our location. Since we have no budget-money for doing this music video, we’re pretty much on our own so let’s see how that turns out. Personally I suck at doing video-stuff so I hope some of the other dudes are better at that and we can come up with something at least half-way decent.Be that as it may, I picked up a keyboard (a trusty old DX7) from my parents house to have something to play on the video ;-)  We did the guitar,bass & keys parts first and then just after 1500 when Teemu our new singer came off work we did his parts. Being that this was the first time we all came together, we also took some promo pics before it was time to shoot Hurtsi playing the drums….and call it a day. More stories from tomorrow when we play my former hometown Kokkola with Sonata Arctica. As for today, I think the shooting  went rather well, let’s see how it turns out….




  1. I am SO EXCITED! I can't wait and I'm sure it's great, I like it when videos aren't too fancy but done with heart.

    Also um I can't help but offering - my video skills are a bit rusty/outdated (I graduated from film/media school in 2008 and haven't kept up much) but I think I still know what looks good....if you guys ever needed help with video stuff, I'd totally help for free!

  2. I got a bit confused there when Pasi (or whoever) twittered a photo of you shooting Timo, and then Winterborn releasing a new video without you stating you couldn't make the shoot... My brain can't keep up with all those bands.
    Btw, I don't know if it's already been said somewhere, but what song will the SV vid be about? Or is that gonna be a surprise, or a new song? Just saying that I really love No Turning Back right now, has been my soundtrack for the last few weeks =) Changes... changes everywhere.

    1. The SV song is still more or less a secret ;-) BUT it is from the Reveal the Change album

  3. Whoop-de-doo, so I can still keep my hopes up :D Faith in Me would also be awesome, but whatever you do, it'll turn out great.
    Like heavymetalqueen said. It doesn't have to be fancy. I know that you guys put your heart in your music, and that's worth so much more than some thousands of dollars production without any soul. Less is more, sometimes ;)
    Music is what feelings sound like. One of my favorite quotes, just wanted to share that. Makes me think about people like you =)

    PS: "more or less"? So it isn't really a secret? Ah damn, you're such a tease!

  4.'s not a secret but we haven't told anyone which song it is yet ;-)

    1. It feels kinda weird commenting so often on different posts... Hope I'm not too annoying :-P
      But I wanted to suggest a game. I write the names of two songs and you just say yes if it's one of them, or no if it's neither? So I'd/we'd get an idea about it but you haven't exactly told us anything? :D

      So... The Fear of Emptiness or Through My Prison Walls?

      (Yeah, I know... you won't do that. At least it sounds funny in my head.)