Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Picture Update: Summer & Fall 2017

Here are some pics from the Sonata Arctica travels in the Summer & Fall of 2017:

Up in the Puijon Torni in Kuopio, Finland...

...even managed to capture an airplane while up there.

Backstage @ Wacken Open Air, Germany

Our BS door @ Wacken

..the special Wacken edition of Becks.

Hotelroom view in Sweden.

Our dear friend Kristian got these tattoos, cool as hell !!!

The backstage/dinner/breakfast-whathaveyou at the hotel in Iisalmi, Finland.

Random airplanewindowpic #09854399

In the van, somewhere in Europe.

Summerbreeze, Germany.

The smurftrail to get to our rooms in a hotel somewhere.

Backstage in the Czech republic.

Alestorm helped us out by making the setlist for the show ;-) 

Airport shopping in Moscow, Russia.

On the first morning in Tel Aviv, Israel we went for a walk and this dude just
brutally photobombed idea who he is/was...

Tel Aviv random pics...

...with Pasi in it ;-) 

...walking to the beach...

....selfie time, again...

the beer boys ;-) 

This rug really tied my riser together !!

Preparing to rock before a sold out crowd in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Still in Israel, on our way to the tourist-day stuff in Jerusalem.


...more of the same.

one of the alleys in the old town, Jerusalem.

I was here as well.

Getting ready to go back to the hotel after swimming in the dead sea.
Fashion statement of September 2017 !

Time for a final swim at the beach in front of the hotel in Tel Aviv, Israel.

That's about it !!!


SA:On the road: Last trip of 2017: 8-10.11. Turku-Stockholm-Turku Rock the Boat

Our last show this year was yet another cruise, the northern trio of me, Tommy & Tony spent the day traveling to Turku by train, we arrived at night and got some kebab before heading to the hotel and get some sleep. We had to get up really early in the morning and board the ship, however we got to go straight to bed and sleep some more which was nice. On the showday we did some tax free shopping, soundcheck and the usual stuff and around 2300 we hit the stage. This was the last time we played The 9th Hour World Tour set, in January we’ll change it around and add the Caleb-saga to the setlist as well as some other stuff. Anyways, after our show we had a couple but had to end the night quite early since there was an early wake-up call to get off the boat and the next day was spent in the train again. We did however manage to get back home, safe & sound… more shows this year ;-(

…and that pretty much wraps up the year 2017 as well as The Ninth Hour World Tour, we did over 130 shows in 13 months in North & South America and Europe. We got to go to Israel and Honduras for the first time ever which was great. As far as touring with Sonata goes: In January we’ll do a special tour in Finland as well as the 70.000 tons of Metal Cruise. The rest of the spring is devoted to new music and we’ll of course play some festivals in the summer and then resume work on the next album in the fall.

Silent Voices will release a live album from the Darkest Night European Tour, check it out here:

Sv is also preparing material for our 5th studio album. Mental Care Foundation will be back with a 3rd album….and we’re laying down tracks for KS3 which will once again be quite different from the previous one. I think at least some of these records will be out in 2018 but we’ll see how things pan out.