Friday, September 11, 2015

SA:On the Road: Pictures from the Festival Summer of 2015

Hi there,
Here are a bunch of pics from this summer, in random order of course , since I'm lazy,
anyways, hopefully at lest some of these were worth the wait ;-)

Finnish summer from the Trainwindow.

Finnish middle aged male in Train.

More Finnish summer from the Trainwindow.

This is our new truck that we'll be using to howl our gear around
Finland & Europe ;-) Cool, right ?

Special festival in Kiiminki....of course it rained.

...more rain, still at the same place....

...and a beautiful creek...still in Kiiminki...

...more of the same ;-)

Backstage, still the same place, The Beauty and the Beast ;-)

And yet some more Finnish summer pics.

A typical view from inside the Train.

As we Tommy was recording some stuff for the new Alavala album one of
our friends Cat decided to participate as well.

Discovering new energy drinks part 1 !!

I think this was somewhere in Europe....maybe...

Eating Lunch in Austria, it was actually quite good.

Masi discovering Bucharest....

Some dudes Bucharest.

Of course I had to put one #flyingintheair picture here as well.

Riding with Ari , on the way to Savonlinna.

Olavinlinna, Savonlinna one of the very special evenings this summer.

I have no idea where this was, appeareantly I'm having a burger.

The Ratina Stadion in Tampere just before doors open.

...and this time just after the show, supporting Nightwish.

One of many cool SA tattoos we saw this summer.

Helsinki-Vantaa airport, a very familiar sight for us, not
only during the summer.

Helsinki by night as I spent a few days off there with my friends
going crazy and behaving badly.

Some airport somewhere...maybe it's Helsinki I don't even know.

On the bus, probably driving to Falun, Sweden or back.

EMP sent us some stuff to cheer us up ;-)

Helsinki-Vantaa once again.

Discovering new energy drinks part 2 !

Discovering new energy drinks part 3 ! 
(although I never tasted this one ;-( )

Some proof of the flat tire on our way to Slovakia from

More of the same.

...and here is where the summer ended @Pakkahuone in Tampere. This was taken just 
as we got in. This also ended the Pariah's Child World Tour (including The Ecliptica
over Europe Tour and the 15th Anniversary Tour. It was a long one but felt like the best tour
we've done so far. It's amazing how every time the touring seems to be more fun than the 
tour before. I guess this is what we live for in the end. Can't wait for February and getting 
back out there to play for all of the meantime I'll just noodle around in my home
studio and try to come up with some new music ;-)

Stay tuned for more update as things progress...for now I'll retreat into my kitchen 
to make some dinner for the kids. Stay Classy !!!



  1. Rude, don't call miss Finland a beast ;)

    Your pics are cute and always worth the wait. Tho I'm getting heartburn just looking at all those energy drinks. Bleh!

    Is that kitty hiding in the cajon? So cute!

  2. cool new truck :) like it! And EMP!!! best store there is in my humble opinion. Half my wardrobe is from there! Weird thing is that in the Netherlands EMP is called Large...
    But still EMP is awesome. They gave me a free mug at the LiF gig in Oulu. ^_^

    Cool that you're busy with SV again and even better that Elias' E'vil project is still alive!! You guys hitting the Netherlands on your europe tour?

    1. I have no idea at the moment, I think/hope so. Details are being worked out at the moment, afaik the show in Duisburg is the first one and we'll be on the road for about 2-3 weeks....

    2. aand indeed you are hitting Weert later this year :D cool! Only.. the Bosuil is not the best venue ever, if i may say. Try Atak in Enschede next time ;) (also because i work there haha :P )

  3. Tickets for Duisburg:Settled!
    Think I bought the first two...hope it will be sold out!
    Enjoy your free time.
    Till then

  4. I saw you filled in the band description on the website. And so far before Christmas! Well done :D
    And yes, that new truck is really cool indeed.

  5. Let's see how long it takes for the rest of the guys to fill theirs in ;-)

    1. Pasi did! Good boy. But oh, what have you done, revealing that you like getting magnets..... :D