Wednesday, February 12, 2014

SA:On the road: Finland 15th anniversary part 2 7.2.-11.2.2014

Friday 7.2.2014 Travel Night

Our dogs seems to go crazy when I leave late at night and they keep the rest of the family 
awake for half the night so I was more or less kicked out from home early in the evening. As
the local bar was my plan B, I was happy to get a hold of a friend of mine and I spent some 
hours at his house drinking beer and hanging out before I got a ride to the trainstation. The
basic drill, a nightcap in the restaurant car and then many blissful hours of sleep until the
0830 wake up call and the 0900 arrival in Helsinki.Easy…..for now.

Saturday 8.2.2014 Radio Rock Cruise / Helsinki-Tallinn-Helsinki

In Helsinki we had booked a day room to take showers and rest, yeah we do sleep ALL the time when we have the chance. Actually the most important thing on the road is always eat, sleep,shower and go to the toilet when you have a chance, you never know how long it will be before the next time.
Knowing that we had a 1 o’clock showtime (that would be in the middle of the night) also motivated us to try and rest as much as possible. I wonder who’s gonna be awake at that hour except for us and (hopefully) most of our crewguys. Since this is a festival of sorts we had to cut down our almost 2 hour set to just 75min…hopefully we cut the right songs. At around 1500 the bus picked us up from the hotel and then we boarded the ship, in the hotel we also had time to checkout our new music video of the wolves die young, it looks really fucking great !!! Can’t wait for you all to see it as well, don’t know when it will be out but it should be any day now. As soon as we got our ”rooms” it was time to rest some more and watch tv….how exciting ;-)

Sunday 9.2.2014 Surprise Birthday Party @ Tavastia

Had a few drinks to cure the hangover, watched some stand-up stuff and did some shopping at the tax-free shop. At 1600 the ship arrived in Helsinki, our bus dropped us off at the hotel and then after a quick change of clothes we headed to the legendary rock club Tavastia to participate in our friends surprise birthday party. We jumped on stage as well and played a My Land, Replica & Fullmoon. All kinds of crazy stuff took place but since it wasn’t our party I think it’s better to just shut up about any shananigans that occured, our boys did behave but some others…oh my…..

Monday 10.2.2014 Business-day @ the hotel in Helsinki

zzzzz, zzzzz, breakfast, zzzzz, zzzzz….and in the afternoon we went to our management office and signed around 500 singles for the webshop and did some other business things as well. Later back at the hotel Tony, Elias & I had a bunch of interviews to do via skype to Latin-America. Ended the quite productive ”office” day with a couple of drinks with our dear merchandise king Larry. Thanks for the headache dude !

Tuesday 11.2.2014 Sibeliustalo / Lahti

The final stretch of the 15th anniversary shows in Finland conveniently started in Lahti, which has the best backstage in the world !!! Mainly because of the sauna which we always enjoy straight after the show….that’s just so great I can’t even begin to find words for it….anyways we’re not there yet, got up just after 0800 in the morning, got some breakfast and jumped in the bus. A short drive later we were in Lahti and got some lunch at the venue right away. The day was spent chilling and enjoying some peace & quiet since we all had our own backstage rooms ;-) As usual when we play in concert halls it’s a bit of a workout to get the crowd going, and it was tonight as well but eventually we got it working. All in all a nice night and we’re now on our way again. At the moment we’re about to leave for Jyväskylä so I’ll be wrapping this up. Meanwhile check out our new video:




  1. Hope you had fun on the cruise despite all! We sure did and you might have noticed by how drunk Team Pasi was, lol.

    And the video is pretty good! It's definitely an interesting way to have tits in a video without being offensive like Shitload of money, lol. Although the nipples-ness was kinda unnerving. But hey, you're in it! And you aren't just disembodied fingers! Progress!

    But seriously can I ask why you guys have such a thing for being backlit/lit from below? It's already annoying at shows, where so many times I'm just being blinded by the lights and seeing just silhouettes (there's a reason why sometimes you can hear PUNKKI PERKELE from the audience), but in videos too? I don't think I'm the only one who'd like to see some well lit face action in there :P's definitely better than the SGHN videos in terms of that tho so it's promising....

  2. Luckily there were some people awake besides you in the cruise... The atmosphere in the audience was... hmm... hot & moist, the Stam1na boys did a great job warming up the crowd (and both them and you are responsible for the fact that I lost my voice there).

    And what it comes to Lahti, it is an awful thing to sit down in a rock concert (well, there are some good sides too, no queuing, no killing feet etc.) but it's also not fair to stand up when people behind you are sitting. But yet it was nice just to sit and relax and enjoy the show :)

  3. Hey Henkka, just watched the video! Pretty awesome!!
    I was wondering, your Alesis Vortex... Is it the black Vortex Wireless edition?
    Or have you customized it yourself?
    Because around 3:10, when your solo starts, a white spot is visible.

    Is it maybe possible to post a picture of your Vortex here? =D
    Or do I have to wait until the 10th of April, to see it with my own eyes when I'll see you guys in Eindhoven? =P


    1. I didn't even know there's a special edition of the Vortex, mine is just the basic one with some black & gray paint, I'll try to take some photos of my rig when we get to the next show since I don't have the stuff at home...

  4. Oh man, it's so shame that I can't watch you new video - there is some king of error witch occurs on every pc I was checking it. Hope the video will be soon on youtube or something similar, 'cause I can't wait to watch it.
    Greetings for you Henrik and the rest of the band!

  5. Well sitting at your show also feels weird and somehow awkward... :D But the show was - well, I can only say perfect :)

  6. Hey Henkka!
    The single and video kick ass!! It's such a catchy song and I can't wait to hear it live!!

    Also, I'm not sure if you have seen the album trailers on Youtube but I was wondering if the audio clips they play during them like Tommy's drum solo and your organ playing are going to be on the album or if they were just clips from the studio that otherwise wouldn't have been used? I hope they will be on the album! :-)

    Enjoy the rest of the Finland tour and kick some ass!

    1. I haven't checked the trailer yet but we don't have any leftover stuff from the studio so what you hear there will be on the album as far as I know.

  7. Are you and the guys doing some back vocals in the upcoming album?Please tell me you have recorded some of them! that would the first time in a studio album. Cheers.

    1. We did some background choir type things all together but nothing more than that, we also did some choirthings on Reckoning Night ;-)