Tuesday, March 18, 2014

SA:On the road:Latin-America 15th anniversary part 4

Saturday 15.3.2014-Brasilia, Brazil 
…well I didn’t go out at all during the day and I actually had to take a couple of Immodiums. Those
of you who know what that is, know what happend ;-) In the evening everything was fine and we headed to the festival. The show went quite well, Tommy screwed up the start of Victoria’s Secret
…which was the first time that I can remember that we actually had to start the song over. Once in
over 700 shows is not too bad….and you can always blame the monitor guy ;-) I’d say the highlight of the show was when a dude in a wheelchair was ”crowdsurfing”. OMG. Afterwards we walked straight to the van from the stage and left for the hotel, nightcaps and Friends on Netflix. Finally passed out around 0300 or something and at 0650 it was time to get up.

Sunday 16.3.2014-Travel Day + Belo Horizonte, Brazil
We now have 5 back to back shows with flights almost every day. The worst part is that after a show it’s impossible to get to sleep within the next hours so even if you’re back from the show between midnight and 0100, you don’t get to bed until 0300 at the earliest, then the wake up calls are usually
between 0600-0800 and the morning is spent traveling, imagine how it feels the next evening when you have a show to play…and the evening after that etc. Well, enough whining gotta try to take a nap so I’ll be up for the job tonight !

…and what a great night it was ! Being that it was our first time over here, we felt really welcomed and I think the show was great. Afterwards we met some winners of a t-shirt contest that we’re having and hung out for a while, took some pics etc. When we got back to the hotel there was a couple of fans hanging out, luckily for them it was only a few so we could stay and take a few pics and sign some stuff before we headed up to our rooms. Finished the evening with some drinks on the balcony at the hotel, it was the 14 floor or something so we had a beautiful view of the city at night.

Monday 17.3.2014-Travel day + Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Shit, I woke up around 0600 for no appearent reason at all, then checked the itinenary and realized that I could still sleep for 2 hours before it was time to leave. So I did. When the alarm went off I was even more tired. We had a 40min flight to Rio but of course counting the ride to the airport, the usual hassle with the luggage and more of the same after the flight it took about 5 hours or so to get to the 
next hotel.I Rio I did some laundry, meaning that my whole room is now filled with drying clothes, socks, underwear, shirts etc. During soundcheck we rehearsed Cloud Factory, since we’re playing two shows in a row we thought that it would be appropriate to change the setlist at least a little bit so
tomorrow will be the world premiere of the live version of Cloud Factory ! During the show Tommy somehow hit himself in the eye with the drumstick so at the moment it’s looking really horrible but I guess he can still play. Anyways the show was great, we had some caipirinhas afterwards and sang
Happy Birthday to Mikko our FOH guy (means Front of House, means he’s mixing the sound for you, the audience to hear)…and the it was time to SLEEEEEEP ;-)

Tuesday 18.3.2014-Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
So this brings us here, today, writing this. Just woke up some time ago, skyped home, started writing this. Slightly hangover from yesterday, waiting for the other dudes to wake up so we can go and eat something….we’ll see. Anyways later today we have a rehearsal scheduled so we can make sure that we know how to play Cloud Factory tonight. We might be able to whip something else up as well…. I’ll go for a smoke. C U Later !




  1. Drink a lot of water but NOT the tap water, and you'll avoid the, ahem, "revenge". That's what my friend that worked in Brazil kept telling me. LOL

    I am really envious of those who get to see Cloud Factory live! But I'm betting the "clapping" won't be performed like it was in studio, uh? ;) Poor Tommy though!

    1. Don't worry, it was only for that one day ;-) ...and no we don't do the clapping as on the record...

  2. ooh sorry for those people who jumped to the stage xD

    1. Well if it wasn't you then there's nothing to be sorry about ;-)

  3. I know you want to play Cloud Factory to make us feel your pain for a change, why don't you sing "Annoying Factory" in the chorus then? xd
    Btw Tommy's eye looks badass, must have hurted but he looks like Terminator now (Tommynator? I have to quit drugs...)

  4. Hi Henkka!

    I'm looking forward to seeing you here at são Paulo! And also for the release of the new album which is pretty close.

    I wish I had the chance to meet you guys someday without bothering you. It's been a tough routine as you describe..

    Anyway it will be awesome to see you for 3 years in a row, supposing that the pariah 's child will bring you here next year =) never grow tired!

    Congratulations for this tour, you've been doing great!

  5. Hey Henkka,
    It's awesome to hear that Cloud Factory is making its way in to the setlist, it's such a fun song! I can't believe it's almost finally time to hear the entire album only 2 weeks away, I know it's going to be a fantatstic album and it will be worth the wait!

    Also send Tommy my regards, I hope he's back to 100% real soon!


  6. The concert in Brasília was amazing, in spite of all the problems I know you guys had... I headed to the hotel after the show but you guys had already gone up and didn`t come down. After a while I went home and came back to see you before you left the hotel, and I was able to get some amazing pics with you. Thanks so much!!!! I've been a Sonata fan since the very beginning of the band, so these 15 years mean a lot to me :-)

  7. Hi Hank... thank you so much for the concert in Belo Horizonte, I was the guy who was at the airport when you all arrived and in the meet and greet before the show, the one with the vinyls. Hope you can come next year again and play cloud factory for us too! Really great song! Have a nice time on the rest of tour and good lucky with the live premiere today! Cheers

  8. Will you be doing a meet & greet during the day (not after the show)? Tickets are sold out and it's absolutely impossible to find someone with spare tickets to sell.

    1. Hmm...which day and which show ? Sometimes we have meet & greets and sometimes not...really not up to us so..

  9. Hi Henkka, what can you tell us about the japanese bonus track called "No Pain" ? will there be a way to officially get it outside of Japan? and how does it sound like? Cheers

    1. It's a mid/slow tempo song...I don't know how to describe it better. Someone will probably post it on youtube anyway so check it out there unless you want to order the album from Japan...which will of course be more expensive and just for one track so...eventually a lot of these bonus tracks ends up on the b-sides of single etc but for now the only way is to get it officially is to buy the japanese version.

  10. Congrats guys, you've created a masterpiece! Loving every single song on PC! Oh goodness I knew from the day I heard you're gonna make a new album that I won't be disappointed. But it even exceeded every possible expectations I might have had. Well it is no wonder why you are my all time favourite band. :)