Sunday, July 6, 2014

SA:On the Road:Festivals ’14:Ruisrock & Toranda Parkfest

Thursday 3.7.2014 Travel Day
Oh the glory of the finnish night-train ;-) So, we (Tony, Tommy & I ) had the option to take the morning train from Kemi to Turku and be at the Turku railway station around 5 minutes before our stage time….needless to say that wouldn’t work so we had to leave the previous night and of course get up at 0550 in Tampere to switch trains and then again at around 8 in Turku…go to the hotel….sleep another 4 hours and then get to the festival ;-) Well, even if it might not sound like that, this is a really easy ride with plenty of nap opportunites and I’m sure we’ll do a helluva show in Ruisrock this year. At the moment me & Tommy had a couple of nightcaps in the restaurant car and now it’s time to watch netfli…no I mean sleep :-) see ya tomorrow. Trailer Park Boys FYI.

Friday 4.7.2014-Ruisrock, Turku, Finland
We actually did wake up in Tampere and switched trains…and then…we got to Turku…and managed to get to the hotel just in time for breakfast ;-) A short nap and a shower later we were ready to leave for the festival. Our bus for this weekend picked us up just after noon. During the day the weather was really nice and we also had the chance to do a soundcheck which is really rare for festivals. We started to play just an hour after the gates were opened so in the beginning it wasn’t too crowded but toward the end of our set a decent amount of people had showed up. After the show we watched the France-Germany football game before we left for our busride up north. During the ride we checked out the Brazil-Colombia game as well…in the morning I was at home so this was rather quick and painless and on top of it all we had a blast playing in Turku.

Saturday 5.7.2014.-Parkfest, Tornio, Finland
This was probably one of the quickest festivals this summer counting travel time etc The show was about 20min from my house so ;-) Got there by car about one hour before the show and left pretty much straight after to get home in time to watch the Holland-Costa Rica football game. During the show the sun was blazing straight into our eyes so it was impossible to see anything….oh the horror and madness…we went on at 2100 so I thought that the sun would have set at least a little bit but since we’re up north that wasn’t the case. Anyways we still have 5 more festivals this summer and Sotkamon Syke will be my 700th show with SA but for now I’m out.




  1. Just 700? ;) let's double that! :)

  2. Trailer park boys *lol* bubbles! Tähdet asettui suotuisasti, saatiin lapsenvahti + eläintenvahti ja vapaata joten Sotkamossa nähdään! Can't wait :)

  3. An early Congratulations to you on your 700th show with SA! May you have 700 more and beyond! Have a beer for me too when you celebrate. :-)
    Trailer Park Boys, eh? I had no idea that show was still going on...unless you're watching reruns.


  4. I'm watching it on Netflix actually ;-)

  5. Netflix.... it's coming to Germany at the end of the year, they say. Really curious about it, cause the other streaming stuff we have is kinda shit.
    You seem to have a lot of problems with your in-ears on the festivals, huh? Oh, that was another post, not this one... nevermind.

    So... what do you say about the football world cup so far? I think it isn't that great... no "world cup fever" for me this time. The games are mostly boring, which is no wonder with the high temperatures and air humidity of 70 percent and more... Let's hope they'll cancel Katar. That would be even worse.
    Kinda surprised that Germany is still in, wouldn't have expected it... So I'll bite my nails again tonight. I'm sorry for what happened to Neymar, so wouldn't wish that on anyone.
    Even though you're not that big of a football fan, let me hear what you think :-)

  6. Believe it or not I have never watched the show. It never really caught my interest. Is it really that good? Funny enough, I saw a Rush video the other day in which Bubbles was featured. If I'm not mistaken it was "Closer To The Heart"...or was it "Subdivisions". I can't remember, now. :-P
    Hmmm, you're into hockey, you're into beer, and you watch Canadian programs like TPBs. I think we're gonna have to make you an honorary Canadian! ;-)

    1. The TPB show is really funny to me but I'm not so sure the general public would agree....

    2. Hmmm, now I'm slightly curious to see what the show is like...

      SQ, congrats to Germany winning the World Cup. :-)

    3. Shoot, seems like I kinda fucked up sending the comment the last time... so a bit belated, but still Thank you Tracey!!!! :D My voice is finally back from the screaming fest we had on Sunday...
      You can watch Trailer Park Boys on Youtube... there you go:

    4. Hahaha, I don't doubt for one minute that you had a screaming fest on Sunday. I don't always follow the World Cup but I did manage to catch this one, and what a game it was!! :-)
      Thanks for the youtube link. Actually, I discovered them a couple of days ago and watched the first episode of the first was funnier than I expected it to be. :-)

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