Tuesday, April 28, 2015

SA:On the road: The long overdue Latin-American Picture Update !!

Hhmmm, sorry for the delay. Things have been really crazy around here,
and no I won't elaborate. Anyways, here we go, the pics from Latin-America 2015, enjoy.

Cheers !! & Beers !!

Can you spot the difference ?

Testing out sunglasses, I was actually going to buy a pair but
in the 5 weeks we were on tour, I never got around to it...strange.

Hotel room view...I'd guess in Fortaleza.

First dinner together...one of many...

The Caipirinhas came in two sizes, guess which one is mine ;-)

...and then we tasted this...was kinda good and appeareantly really

Outside of the hotel, we spotted this little fellow, I think he should be
named Max.

First (but not only) visit to the gym on this tour.

The venue in Fortaleza had some interesting solutions,
and yes, the green stuff is water.

First (but not last) swim of this tour, at the roof of the hotel.

Hotelroofpic no.xxx

I would say this was in Recife, on the beach but I'm not a 100% sure.

Forgot to turn this pic before uploading...sorry.

This stuff makes your hair look really great !! The secret
to a successful tour. Never used it before and never again ;-)

Traffic jam in Sao Paulo....

...more of the same, I have like 30 pics looking the same, it just
went on and on...

Never trust a hippie !!

Hotelroofpic no.4325879

A nice dinner @Ipanema Beach

Punky was happy too...

The next day I relied on room service, not really
the same is it ?

Leaving Rio the plane to a turn quite close to the water.

Goodbye Rio de Janeiro, see you next time !!

Tried some desert...a bit too sweet for me.

This confused me for awhile, in the end I just
aimed for the middle.

More room service...a bit better this time.

I'm flying somewhere...appeareantly.

When we arrived in Buenos Aires we went to the Slash 
concert and manged to catch the last 20 or so min.

Here's more proof of that.

A nice little gift, on of many we got throughout this tour.

Rooftopview from Tarja's place.

Went to BBQ with Tarja Turunen and her husband Marcelo.
Thanks a lot guys, it was great !!

WTF ? really expensive whisky at the airport.

....and a really expensive guitar in...I think it was Chile.

In Santiago the Lion outside of the hotel at our pizza. That

I hurt my hand at some point, was a bitch until it healed
which of course took longer than normal...bygones...

Look mom. I'm flying...

...and taking boring pictures...

Antofagasta, Chile, this was some kind of a big deal,
for some reason...I forgot why but it looks cool.

....and a bit of proof that the tourist from hell also appeared.

@the hotel, I shared a drink with Mikko our FOH.

The beach in....I'd guess we're still in Antofagasta...

Elias Pre-Amp broke down and after that the sound was a bit
shitty for the rest of the tour...it didn't get fixed before we got home.

Look, it's a bird !!

My first meal in Bolivia ever, really good !!

The venue in La Paz, Bolivia.

Leaving La Paz in the morning...

...clouds in Bolivia....

...and one final look, bye bye !!

Hotel dinner in Peru, excellent burger btw.

@the Hard Rock Cafe in Lima,Peru , Tommy is making
sure Joonas get his sugar levels up.

Hi little soldier ;-)

Hotelrooftop no.9883028 (Lima,Peru)

At the Inca market the boys bought me a cap, thanks guys !!

Hotelroofpic no.980998234 (Lima by day).

In the evening we went to the Smashing Pumpkins show in Lima,
really not my cup of beer...but the evening was fun though...

The piano on one of the shows...some old Motif...I really don't like

Exhausting, right ? On this note I'll leave you all, tomorrow we're flying out for
2,5 weeks of Ecliptica over Europe and then we'll leave for Japan.

see ya,


  1. Oh man I needed this today you have no idea how much.

    Your hair is crazy and it brings me joy can I ruffle it next time? ;)

    (I hope everything is okay...? I did get a little worried when you didn't update for so long but I thought you could do without my worrying for a few weeks. Take care!)

    1. Leave my hair alone ;-) Everything is fine, just been busy as hell...no worries !

    2. But it's so cuuuute ;)

      Ok, busy is good :)

  2. Hmmm...
    - The dude in the cape is taller.
    - I guess the empty Caipi is yours? :)
    - Hi Max! *waves*
    - Afro Hair.... eh. That's how you managed to tame your locks and get that sleeked-back look? ;)
    - Never underestimate a good rooftop pic. They look really nice :) Thinking about a second career as a photographer?
    - Toilet uses confuse. It is very effective.
    - In a country where a concert ticket costs 90 whatevermoneytheyuse, 175 for a whisky would equal.... eh. Well. Reasonable enough to buy it, I guess?
    - Bad lion! Down!
    - Ew, that hurt looks nasty, even healed :-/
    - Nice cap! :D

    I hope with exhausting you meant uploading and commenting the photos, because I sure could look at that great scenery and interesting venues and read your comments for a while ;)

    Glad to see something new from you on this end! Hope the craziness didn't affect your R+R's and you're well rested. Europe is awaiting you :)

    See you soon, take care!

    1. Yeah, I was refering to the computer-nerd stuff...not the tour, it was awesome !!

    2. Well, of course! :D Just thought you might think that we readers could find it boring to go through such a long post, which I'm sure I don't need to assure you is definitely not the case :)
      Y'know... making shorter posts more frequently would probably make it easier ;)

      On another less annoying note... I'm looking for earplugs for concerts. Any brand you can recommend from experience?

  3. It has been a long time since but... Did Eric give you guys the Ballatines after Sao Paulo show? Otherwise we'll kick him next time we see him. :P

    1. Yeah he did, and then we drank it , and then we got a hangover ;-) Thank you !!! (not being sarcastic here, we really needed some whisky at that point)

  4. You are some lucky bastards! ;) Love you Henkka, you are better than Superman!! ^^ Kisses from Peru - Melissa

  5. Hola querido Henkka!

    I can't find the difference :l haha ok no, you are so cute and my favorite!
    Thank you so much for sharing, great photos! The boys bought a nice cap, looks very good on you ;)

    Enjoy the european and japanese tour


  6. Ouch! How did you do that to your hand? Yeah, it must have felt like a bitch especially while playing, I imagine. Glad it's all healed up now.

    SuperHenkka with Superman! Love this pic!
    The sunglasses look good, but I guess you didn't like them enough to buy. What happened to the $5 pair you got in the States?

    Punky looks as confused as I probably did when I first looked at your first dinner pic, haha. I can't tell what it is...not pork, is it? Hmmm, I would guess the larger Caipirinha is yours, Henkka. ;-) It looks soooo good, wish I could have one now!
    Is that a roach(with 5 legs)?! Ooooh yuck...and now I'm suddenly reminded of an episode or 2 of OITNB. I can't stand those things, but the bird and little Max are cute. I would have wanted to take them home. :-)

    Love warm climates but the downfall when humid is what it does to your(speaking in general) hair. Hey, if you still have that Afro Hair stuff you can send it to me...it might work, maybe not...but I must say, from some show footage I've seen, you seem to hold up an afro much better than I can. ;-P Just teasing.

    Awe, cute little Henkka bear(assuming it's you), cute selfies, cool leather cap and pics. Some of the rooftops ones, as well as the one from Tarja's place, the beach and the mountains are really beautiful!

    You-mikko, Tommy-Joonas. How "Bromantic", lol! and woa, such a different look for you(bed head, shaggy, tousled look). So...are you calling yourself a hippie and telling us we shouldn't trust you? ;-)

    From the looks of that bastardly lion, good thing you didn't try to reclaim the pizza. And that toilet...never seen one quite like it before. Excellent choice of aim. Thumbs up, haha! ;-)

    Looks like you guys really had a good time. I'm glad. :-)

    Cheers and beers!

    1. I have no idea how the hand thing happened, I was partying with Sam from Dragonforce so...your guess is as good as mine :-) I usually lose my sunglasses within the week of purchase so no idea where the US ones...or any other for that matter..are...

  7. Wow, sounds like some serious partying, hehe! Sorry it took such a long time for your hand to heal. Main thing is that it did and everything is fine now.:-)...incidentally, I noticed earlier that Dragonforce will be here on Saturday.
    Well, I suppose being on the go and dipping in and out of places as often as you do, things are bound to get lost like that.

    Btw, congrats on two sold out shows so far! Siisti! :-D May there be many, many more! Hope you all had a pleasant trip and have a kick-ass show tonight in France!