Sunday, August 28, 2016

SA:The Summer part 3: August

5.8. Friday - Pyhä Unplugged, Pyhätunturi, Finland

I went to the woods in Pyhä with my gf, already on wednesday to hang out at my friends cottage and have some R & R. On Friday the rest of the guys arrived. I reckon you saw some pics on FB or Instagram, the place called Aittakuru was probably the most special “venue” we’ve ever played. The show itself went really well but it was a surreal experience indeed. Afterwards we went to the hotel where there was a jam going on. Me, Masi, Ari Koivunen & Erkka Korhonen joined the house drummer for an
epic version of (don’t blame me here) Smoke on the water….well at least I got to play a
real hammond. The night didn’t do on too long after that since we had a 4 hour drive the next day.

6.8. Saturday - Satama Open Air, Kemi, Finland

Spent the afternoon driving and when I got home it was time for a nap. Satama Open Air in our hometown originally started as Sonata Arctica Open Air back in 2006, we did another festival some years later called Sonata Arctica Open Air 2 from which a few songs can be seen on the Live in Finland - DVD as bonus material. Nevertheless, the festival now turned 10 years and we were there to headline Saturday and end the festival. One specialty that we did was that we let the fans vote on songs they wanted us to play. A lot of stuff was the basic Fullmoon, Tallulah, Don’t say a word etc etc but a couple of surpises made the top 10. We played the Misery which we haven’t played in a couple of year….and then The Power of One…we opened the show with that and a lot of people seemed to stunned with a WTF? look on their faces…well you get what you ask for…however I suspect that a lot of the people that voted weren’t there so…
..anyways, hometown shows are always a bit special and we had a really good time.
Next up is re-uniting with our friends from Nightwish, supporting them on their only
Finnish show this summer….it’ll be awesome.

20.8. Saturday - Himos, Jämsä, Finland

Started the morning with a 6 hour drive to Himos. Well upon arrival it was time to check out the cabins that we were staying at. Nice ones, I must say ;-)  Managed to check out some songs from Delain before it was our time to hit the stage. The second to last acoustic show this summer was performed in bright sunlight, and was once again really fun. Afterwards we checked out Arch Enemy and got ready for the Nightwish show. It was once again something special, this time Jukka and Sami joined the band on stage. A truly special night.

21.8. Sunday - somewhere in the woods, Finland

The next morning the band & tero headed for a secret location near Jyväskylä where we spent the day shooting the music video for our next single. It should be out in September sometime. The stuff that we filmed turned out very good, it’s gonna be great to see how the video turns out. We ended the evening with a late-night swim and sauna. Great stuff !!

22.8. Monday - Driving home…

Another 6 hours in the car with Tony & Tommy and we were back home. More shows next weekend ;-)

25.8. Thursday - Travel Day

As so many times before, the Kemi gang (Me,Tony & Tommy) flew down to Helsinki in the evening. Later on the rest of the boys joined us there for a short sleep before the weekend shows. We had to wake up at 0330 to go to the airport.

26.8. Friday - Octopode Festival, Switzerland

Two flights later we were in Geneva, Switzerland at around 12 local time. Directly to the hotel and time for a nap ;-) It was really unfortunate that we didn’t get a chance to sleep enought the night before, today would have been a beautiful day to explore the city. Anyways I managed to sleep around 5 hours and woke up in the evening, went for a burger downstairs and at around 22 we headed for the festival. The crew had been there for a few hours already setting things up. I did an interview and then got ready for the show. Some 90min later we were done. The crowd seemed really into it and we had a good time going through the setlist and just kicking ass ;-) The show ended at 0115 and as soon as the crew got the gear packed we headed for the hotel. Since I was still amped from the show and we only had around 90min before it was time to go to the airport, I didn’t get any sleep. I think it was the same for most of the other guys as well.
Neverheless, we knew this was gonna be one of these weekends.

27.8. Saturday - Travel / Tampere-talo

After 2 flights (once again via Munich) we arrived in Helsinki at 12 just 7 hours before the show. Around 2-3 hours later we were in Tampere at the Tampere-talo, a really nice concert hall. Got some food and took a nap backstage. In soundcheck we rehearsed two songs that we didn’t play so far on the acoustic shows: Deadskin and The Misery. Tonight was gonna be a special one since it was the last show of the Acoustic Summer Tour 2016. We played two sets, the first one around 45min and the second one a bit longer. Our friend Ari Koivunen stepped in on vocals during Fullmoon, but for the other songs it was the usual suspects: the band with our additional guy Masi on guitars. The show went really well and the audience seemed to enjoy it a lot. We ourselves had  a great deal of fun, in a way it was a bit sad that these acoustic shows are over for now.It’s been something really special for us as well as a challenge to perform the songs in a format that isn’t too familiar for us. Anyways, thank you & goodnight from the Acoustic band !!!

After the show we had a couple of drinks at the terrace somewhere, which was cold as hell so I guess the summer has ended here in Finland. The Kemi gang took the train back home and slept very well while doing that...

In September we will have one last festival show in Spain. After that Tony & I will do about a week of promotion in Europe before heading home. At the end of September we’ll rehearse for a couple of days (yeah we actually practise about once a year for 2-3 days ;-) ) in order to be ready for the start of the next World Tour. It’s gonna be really nice to play some new songs as well as changing some of the older stuff we’ve been playing. If I’m not totally wrong, we’ve played over 200 shows since our last albums: Pariah’s Child & Ecliptica re-visited. Anyways, rock’n’metal and all that stuff !!




  1. I'm so so SO happy you played Dead Skin in Tampere!!! It's one of my fave songs and I got really excited. The normal looking dude next to me was very weirded out lmao.

    Ahh you did come out eventually! We waited a bit but you guys seemed to be having dinner and it was really fucking cold out so we headed back ;) guess I'll have to catch you in London during the Europe tour!

  2. I don't know how you guys do it . . . That's one hectic schedule. But I'm so glad you do! Already have the S/A new CD and Vinyl on preorder. Thanks so much for doing this blog! See you guys in New Jersey in November!

  3. The Power of One live must have been great!

  4. I saw on the site to go avalon japan the new album and saw a bonus track called the ' ' the elephant ' ' I was just curious ...
    Why the title ? It will be released in Japan on the same day the worldwide release or will have some advance?

  5. I don't know about the release date for the Japan version, sometimes it's been a couple of days earlier than the rest of the world.....once you'll hear the song, you'll get the title ;-) = that's my way of saying that I have no idea...

  6. So, I haven't seen anyone ask this recently, but what happened to that new solo album, man?! Last we heard about it was in December!

    If it's not out by the time you guys roll into Atlanta I might just have to ask you to sign an imaginary version to fill that little hole in my heart </3

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. It should be out in the near future....still working on some details regarding the release...

  7. I once saw a posting your talking about religion ... you said it killed many more lives looking good ... faith does not fit , why are those who kill the radicals and fanatics ... and have faith that this above all, well ... that's my concept what I wanted to know was if u have faith in something ?
    who lately has been killing many lives is Islam that is already burricee idiocy

  8. Hmm, a bit confusing there. Yes I have personal beliefs and no I don't want to share them. I'm not taking a stand against any particular religion, I'm simply just stating that organized religion has been the source of an unbeliavable amount of suffering throughout the history.

    1. Hey just stopping by to tell you that it's so reassuring to know you feel this way (i feel the same and those who demonize belief itself are as bad as the fanatics imho) and that you're keeping your beliefs private and all. Let's just say I've seen some shit in these past few years and knowing your favorite musician is a "safe person" so to speak is...good. you're a good and smart dude, Hank. I'm happy to know you.

  9. Hello! Saw your acoustic show at the Tampere talo a few weeks ago. Amazing show indeed, but I really think you guys should have had a couple of encore songs ready for the show. People kept on clapping like hell for a good while even tho they turned the lights on :)

    Do you have any plans of releasing an acoustic album or some live footage from the acoustic shows?

    1. No plans at the moment...but maybe some day...