Thursday, November 3, 2016

SA:On the Road: The 9th Hour World Tour: Pics from Europe 2016

Here are some random pics from the European Tour 2016, enjoy:

Setting up the first show in Norway....

...checking the smoke...

...and playing in front of a Sold Out crowd !!

Backstage, somewhere...I don't even know why we took this pic ;-)

Our home for this tour !! Same bus as we had on the Ecliptica over Europe tour...

Healthy snacks backstage.

A nice setup for the dinner somewhere in Sweden. Good food as well.

Elias rockin' out backstage !

Smoking booth backstage in Tilburg.

...same place...

...and we even got a cake to celebrate the Sold Out show !!

Another backstage in Holland, the view from the balcony.

Hanging out with our friend Kristian, who took some awesome pics
from our shows, once again.

This is how I connect my keyboards, or actually Tero does since I'm not allowed
to mess with the system.

Outside of the backstage in Mannheim, cool wall !

Merchbooth pic 1

Merchboot pic 2 , don't ask where these were since I have no clue.

Took a pic from the Eiffel Tower during my off-day in Paris...

...found this painting in a Museum...

...fooled around outside...

....and another pic from the Tower ;-)

Pekka being foggy, and blurry as well...

The setlist in the beginning of the tour, sorry if I spoiled it for someone.

Fooling around on the ship on our way to London...

The cliffs of Dover, I suppose...

....more posing...

...and a nice night-shot to end these pics.

As usual I've been quite lazy taking pics so these are just random shots from here and there. Maybe I get a bit more active on the North-American Tour....but probably not. See you in a bit !!



  1. I love your commitment to record keeping and precise information :) Also, nice jacket on the last pics.

  2. Your pics are always cool!! I especially like that second-last Titanic-like pic of you ;)

  3. "....but probably not." I'd place bets on that, but you can always prove me wrong, you know ;-)
    Btw, what happened to Tony resurrecting the Kakkoslaatu Productions?

    Nice to see you got to spend some touristy time, and that backstage in Tilburg looks damn cozy! Although that's a new place, right? So they better be! :P

    Anyways, I'm a bit sad I couldn't stay after the show in Bochum, wanted to give some personal birthday wishes, but alas.... I hope there wasn't too much Killepitsch-induced headache! ;-)

    Take care!!

    1. Tony was filming stuff during the tour, so I think it'll surface eventually...don't know about 013 in Tilburg, we've been there plenty of times before so it's really not that new afaik. Killepitsch...hmmm...there wasn't any headache because I only tasted a little bit ;-)

    2. That's what you said during the last tour... and the tour before that.... :D No complains here, we'll see what happens :)

      Wait, does that mean you actually shared, or do you just not like this stuff so much and I should bring something else next time? D: I just couldn't find a suitable refrigerator magnet in time, sorry! :/

      I doubt there was any time for it, but I've gotta ask anyways... any progress on KS2? :)

    3. Of course I shared ;-) progress at the moment for KS2, I'll let you all know when I know.

  4. Fairytale is gonna be... interesting this American tour. :P

    Speaking of American politics, why was the North Carolina show cancelled because of the Clinton rally? You guys probably pull a bigger crowd than her - and for all we know she could be indicted before then lol.

    1. Well, Fairytale does not represent our bands collective opinion on the matter, it's Tony's opinion on things and we're not taking any crap for that ;-)...or any credit if credit is due. Regarding the show in Charlotte, we were just informed that the show is off since Hillary took the venue...I guess some people have more pull than we have....we'll Karma striked right back, that's what you get from stealing our showdate from us and our fans.

    2. ....that was kinda in bad taste considering how many people among your fans are probably afraid for their and their friends' lives after the election..

    3. ugh sorry I've just been crazy on edge these past two days seeing all my US friends so lost and terrified of leaving the house. Ignore me. Stay safe, especially if you still play Fairytale.

  5. Those pics from the Eiffel tower are so pretty! :)

    So, ok, what can I bribe you guys with to keep Ruins of My Life in the setlist at the Finnish shows (and maybe the Seattle one? I can't be there this time to bring you rye-enforcements but I know my buddy would love it)? I'm open for suggestions ;)

    1. We had to cut down on our setlist and unfortunately Ruins got cut out....we'll see if it crawls back in at some point.

  6. Pliis soittakaa se Misery vihdoin sit Joensuussa myös :D