Friday, April 21, 2017

SA:On the road: The 9th Hour World Tour: Pictures from Europe 2017

Allrighty, here we go with some random pics in random order as usual ;-) Enjoy:

Driving through the alps......

...still driving....

....and the last one.

One of the venues on this tour, in Switzerland.

...same city....

Off-day in Marseille.

Driving through Spain.

Lissabon, Portugal.

...still the same place, went up to the fort and took some pics...

...what a beautiful day ;-) 

Pamplona during the off-day. This is some kind of bull running statue I think.

The cathering in Bordeaux is always a bit special, the food was excellent though !!

Besancon, France, Off-day walking up to another fort.

...more of the same.

Same city, walking back to the hotel and found this nice little house.

Running somewhere in France.

A nice cemetary somewhere in the UK, no I didn't run inside the walls.

Still in the UK, running somewhere....

...and finding some cityswans ;-)

The Caves of Nottingham, went there with Larry & Toffe. Kinda small.

Got myself a minibar for my bunk, from one of the ferry-rides.

Running somewhere, I think it was in Cardiff...

...yeah, it was, this is from the same place.

More running, Belfast waterfront and really nice weather... you can see ;-) 

I think this is still from Belfast but I'm not sure.

Setting up the show somewhere, impossible to remember which one of the
41 shows this was.

Off-day outside of Aschaffenburg...this was the view from in front of the hotel...

....and then I went walking to the city....

...and saw this thing.

Greek dinner during the off-day in Bochum...guitar players are crazy.

More running somewhere... I think I remember...

...these pics were from Bochum, I went out in the morning on the showday.

Cool SA tattoos part...something.

The Castle in Ludwigsburg...

...still the same, went for a morning walk on the showday.

...and finally, one of the many gifts I got during this tour. A keytar-playing Koala - magnet for the fridge.

That's about it, in a week or so we head out to Latin-America for 5 weeks. Until then...actually there'll be some KS2 news next week but the SA camp will remain silent until we head out.



  1. The pics with the stage was in Lille Le Splendid 29/03/17

  2. Awesome photos as usual. Looks like good times on travels.

    Been watching the playoffs? I picked the Canadiens over your Rangers, and was pleasantly surprised thankfully. Some really odd upsets so far, and some expected ones, but my pick has to be Washington to take it, if they don't choke like they do every year. Who knows? :)

    Capitals, Rangers, and Oilers in that order, and if the Rangers win, you need to seriously look into going to NY for the parade, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.


    1. I've been checking out the highlights since the games are on in the middle of the night which doesn't really work with the schedule I'm keeping when I'm back home. I expect to catch some games during the Latin-American tour when we're on the same time least roughly. I think the Caps are gonna choke...unfortunately.

    2. Hey Hank,

      Just saw the reply. You were right about the caps. Messed my whole bracket up. Caps bit it, which sucks, I was pulling for them, and now we have a Pens and Preds final.

      Go Preds, If I have to see Crosby raise the cup again, I might sell my goalie pads in disgust.

      Safe travels to you.

  3. Thank you for sharing the pictures. I hope you'll post some from Latin America as well. It's nice that apart from work you have a chance to see interesting places and even do some sport! :)

  4. Hi, Henrik! =) Very nice pictures and experiences! I hope you do the same in this Latin American Tour, if you can. I´m from Rosario, Argentina and I want to welcome you again to my country. See you tonight! And have fun! Oh, any chances you play victoriah's secret or The Power of One? =)

  5. Stephanie Viana PereiraMay 20, 2017 at 6:25 PM

    Hello! Ive just discovered this blog and its really amazing how you show all these beautiful places through your eyes =) Well as I never travel, I enjoy seeking for stuff like that...hehehe Btw I would like to thank you and thank Sonata Arctica for the incredible concert in Fortaleza/Ceará, and I wish you guys keep coming to Brazil and of course to our city! Best wishes... and dont forget to put some pics from Latin America...hehehe :P