Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Summer Days 2017: September

The last two trips for this year were upon us, the first one comes here:

6.9. Israel & 9.9. Radio Rock Cruise
On Tuesday the 5th we got up really early and flew to Helsinki at 0535, from there we continued to Tel Aviv via Moscow….and that basically took us the whole day. We arrived late in the evening and headed for the hotel to get some sleep. The next day was a showday, the show at the Havanna Club or was it Club Havanna? was sold out…
the day before one of our cases went missing, it was however found in Moscow and we were promised that it would arrive in time for the show….we’ll of course it didn’t (cheers Aeroflot ;-) ) We did however manage to borrow some in-ear monitors and were able to do the show. The next day we were the true tourists and went on a sight-seeing trip to Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. Some of the stuff was really boring and some stuff was interesting…the hightlight was however floating in the Dead Sea so that pretty much made the whole day worth it. On Friday we flew to Helsinki, once again via Moscow.

Saturday morning was spent at myrskytattoo in Helsinki and in the afternoon we boarded the boat for the Radio Rock Cruise. Our show was in the evening between Lost Society and Children of Bodom. Had a rather good time and didn’t even get a hangover ;-) …After coming back to Helsinki on Sunday, we flew home in the evening or actually late at night.

One more show this year….and in 2018 we’ll shuffle the setlist around…finally ;-)



Ps.I'll try to gather some pics from the summer as well, as soon as I get the time to do  it ;-)


  1. Hello Henrik! I hope that the missing gear was found in the end... Twice in Moscow and no shows! �� Since 2014! �� Please include Russia in your schedule for the nearest future! We miss you and we are waiting for you!

  2. We'll try to get back to Russia, no worries !!

    1. Henrik, thank you for keeping our hope alive! :) We will keep our fingers crossed and we really really look forward to seeing you! I wish you to enjoy your work and free time. And good luck with your projects!

  3. Hey Henkka

    Happy birthday man. Hope it's a good one. Hope you get everything you want, or just get to snooze or rest up a bit.
    Sorry about the Rangers so far. Slow start, I hope it picks up. Wings started strong, and are now...eh. New Arena is nice, you need to check it out if you're ever in Detroit and have time. Worth it.


  4. Hi dude, how are you doing? it's Tiziano from the Sonata Arctica Fanclub (the surprise birthday gift in Milan last year, remember?:)), I'd need a little favor. I'm compiling all of your setlists on the Fanclub wiki but I had trouble finding the last one at Rock the Boat, could you tell me that? thanks-T

  5. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/sonata-arctica/2017/silja-galaxy-stockholm-sweden-23e0a4d7.html

    cheers !!

    1. That was me editing it :) You're telling me that my guessing was 100% right? cheers