Thursday, April 17, 2014

SA:On the road:Pariah’s Child World Tour / Europe part 2

Monday 14.4.2014-Hamburg, Germany
Back to the Markthalle for the 100th time or something like that. It’s an ok venue with a cool backstage to hang around. We changed the setlist again but still no What did you do in the war, Dad ? I hope we can put it into the setlist asap but we’ll see about that. The show was a nice hot one and we had a couple of drinks afterwards. Eventually it was time to go to bed and try to get some rest.

Tuesday 15.4.2014-Off day, Hamburg. Germany.
Woke up in the afternoon and went for a lunch/breakfast with the guys. Larry our merchdude took us to a nice restaurant that we actually tried out the last time here as well. Good food and not too expensive so all was well. Some of us went to the music store later on to get some drum hardware for Tommy. Afterwards we also went to the local Saturn store and I bought the remixed version of Vapor Trails (by Rush). We also got some pink headphones for our front of house guy. In the evening we took a rather long walk until we found a nice restaurant once again. So nothing too special but a nice day all in all. I somehow don’t really like off-days especially so early in the tour luckily we now have 4 shows in a row.

Wednesday 16.4.2014-Brauschweig, Germany
Never been here before, Pasi went walking around in the morning but said that there’s really not much around so I spent the day recovering from the off day and writing crap on my computer.Like this. We again changed a couple of songs in the setlist. The venue here is quite small so it was totally packed in the evening, which of course lead to a sweaty show.Good times. During San Sebastian in the encore I tripped and fell flat on my alesis, luckily it didn’t break and I didn’t hurt myself.I took it easy after the show and pretty much focused on getting to bed at a reasonable hour, took some time to pass out though but I watched some episodes of The Apprentice, so time well spent ;-) Also the NHL playoffs started tonight !!!

Thursday 17.4.2014-Berlin, Germany
Woke up already around 0900 but I didn’t get out of bed until around 12 or just after. Got some bacon & eggs for breakfast at the catering and then I started to go through my e-mail. A couple of interviews to be done, will do them later I think. Checked out the highlights from last nights hockey games. Oh…and I got the pics from my rig. See you all tonight !



Walking to find a dinner place on the Hamburg off-day. No idea what
that building was or where we were walking....

Punky took a pic of me during soundcheck somewhere..

...and taped this on the ramp for today. It means lift...referring to my tripping
last night...

The rig: My rented Korg SV-1

The rig: My M3 + my FX pedals for the lead sound the stustain
pedals are use for changing sounds and....for sustain ;-)

The rig: Another view from the M3 rack thing.

The rig: My painted Alesis Vortex...did that myself ;-)

Tony checking out Mikko's new headphones...and liking it !!


  1. Sounds good, just like Pariah's Child! No doubt one of your best albums so far. I have few questions: is there going to be another tour for album in Finland still this year? And is the sound in your short keyboardsolo in Blood some vintage analog organ sound or some awesome midi-sound? Have a great tour!

    1. We'll be playing some shows in Finland by the end of the year or early next year. The Keyboard solo is a farfisa replication on the Korg SV-1

  2. Henkka!! Be careful! We can't have you break anything, okay? The keyboards can be fixed but there's only one of you. Don't make me go all Italian Mother on ya ;)

    (also tell Punkki to take more pictures of you because *whistle*)
    (I totally hadn't realized that your M3 and all your stuff was hidden in there! I thought it was a monitor, lol. Gotta say it's definitely "cleaner" than the old knot of wires and pedals you had when playing on the side...)

  3. Am i a bad person now for wanting to see footage of you falling? :P (only because you were ok. i kinda like fail vids :3)
    Love the pic that Punkki made of you. And that pic of Tony rocking those pink headphones grinning like a giddy schoolgirl XD Ohhhh you gotta love 'em!

    1. No you're not, actually I want to see that as well. I guess when people stop laughing when you fall, you know you're getting old ;-)

  4. Have to agree with heavymetalqueen (apart from me going rather German Mama than Italian Mother ;) ).
    You have to take care of yourselves, all of you! It makes me kinda happy that you have the comfort of a touring bus now without any airport hassles.
    If I had known when you were at Dusseldorf Airport I would have been there :D Could've even helped... Maybe... Well, I'll just leave it as an offer here ;)
    Can't wait to see you tomorrow in Bochum! Hope it will be possible to meet you after the show.


  5. Sounds like your off day went well. Sorry to hear you fell. At least nothing was broken and you are okay. What's your favorite song of all Sonata songs to play on the keyboards/keytar?

    1. Any new songs are always the most fun to play :-)

  6. I really think that someday you are going to break something... your rack... Elias's rack or a f#cking bone... take care dude!
    Your are using a Delay there right? and what about the other ones? As a keyboard player I'm really thinking about buying guitar pedals but I wasn't half convinced about that (don't know why) Thanks for the tips!!!

    1. We have broken a lot of stuff during the years so no surprise there. I have an overdrive pedal, a noise gate and then the delay....

  7. Kiitos laitekuvista! todella mielenkiintoista nähdä mitä laitteita käytät! :) millon tonylta tulee kiertue videoita.. on todella mukavaa seurata teidän kiertue elämää ja nähdä lavan rakennusta, soundcheckejä ja backstage meininkejä :)

  8. Glad you didn't hurt yourself or break anything!
    Thanks for the rig pics man! I don't have a lot of experience with effect pedals, but those drawings are an easy way to remember the settings!

    Also, have you build the housing (I think that is the right word) for the M3 and the pedals yourself?


    1. Tero our guitar/bass/keyboard tech built the whole thing as well as Elias rig and Pasis bass pedals.He's a true artist with that kind of stuff !

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