Tuesday, April 22, 2014

SA:On the road:Pariah’s Child World Tour / Europe part 3

Thursday 17.4.2014-Berlin, Germany
…Soundcheck done and tonight will be the world premiere of What did you do in the war, Dad ? Hell yeah, finally. Tomorrow we’ll start rehersing another new song…let’s see how long it takes to get it together :-) Just waiting for dinner so I better do the e-mail inties now so I can practise a bit after eating.Tonight the New York Rangers will start their playoff run and I try to get to watch it somehow, hopefully the internet here will reach all the way to the bus. Fingers crossed.

Well, we did play WDYDITW,D? and it sounded good, I think. The internet didn’t work from the bus so I couldn’t watch the game :-( So, hanging out sipping wine and at some point it was time to go to bed and continue watching the apprentice. By the time the bus left at 0600 I was sound asleep.

Friday 18.4.2014-Leipzig, Germany
Woke up just after 12 and went outside to enjoy the rain ;-) Tonight we’re playing at a place we never played before and it’s cold as hell. According to Tero’s sofisticated temperature mesuring equipment it was 14,5 degrees celcius on stage during our soundcheck. We started to rehearse our next new song but it will take some days to get it working. Naturally there’s no internet here so I had to make a phone call to find out that NYR won 4-1 last night. Be that as it may if the breakfast I had when I woke up is any indication we will have an excellent dinner so at least there’s that to look forward for….and of course the show. We changed the setlist by one song, actually Elias and I did, hopefully the other guys approve. 

Btw one funny thing happened during soundcheck, when we started to play some mold/trash/crap fell down from the roof on Larry and our merch so he’ll have some cleaning up to do before he can sell those.

The food was really good and afterwards I tried Punkys golf clubs outside. Fun as hell…and difficult but I managed to hit the ball pretty good a couple of times and didn’t destroy anything so I guess it all went well. During the show it was finally warm on stage and we were actually able to play our stuff without any problems. We had to leave really early after the show since we had a long drive and had to pick up a ramp for the trailer as well. So it was easy to retire to our bunks and watching movies on the laptop.

Saturday 19.4.2014-Bochum, Germany
Started the day by trying to find the backstage, which eventually I did. It was more like a treasure hunt / adventure trail than anything else. Spent some time online checking mails and of course the NHL highlights from the last couple of days and whatnot. Managed to watch the SM-liiga playoff game Kärpät-Tappara which of course Kärpät lost, so Elias was happy and the rest of us not so much ;-) Anyways we once again had an excellent dinner and then it was time to start preparing for the show. Did some changes again to the setlist but no new songs, we’ll see in a couple of days if we can get it together. 

Sunday 20.4.2014-Off day, Bochum, Germany
Woke up, got a late lunch, had some beers with the Trick or Treat guys at our bus and went back to bed. Did I ever mention that I have off days ?

Monday 21.4.2014-Aschaffenburg, Germany
Ok, this was a lot better then ;-) Back to work. Luckily we only have 3 off days left and two of them are driving days so.... The only downside of this place it’s that is it a drop and go thing. Meaning there’s no parking for the bus so you have to get up when we arrive and then spend the whole day at the venue. I took a nice nap on the backstage couch, watched some NHL highlights etc. We also met with our webdesigner to sort out a couple of things since we’re getting a new website pretty soon, yay !! During the show all went well except Tony managed to do some weird noises in the beginning of Tallulah which totally confused me and we had to start over a couple of times since somehow we couldn’t get it together after that. I took it as a comic relief :-) After the show we had to hurry a bit to get our showers and everything together, out to the bus and off we went towards Saarbrucken.



  1. I had been wondering if you guys have some sort of internet on the bus but looks like you don't. No wonder you go through so many movies and tv series! Bet the cellphone bills are pretty....intense after a tour.

    And oh, I'm happy you guys are hanging out with the Trick or Treat guys, they're nice dudes :)

  2. awesome dude how are you? how is the tour going the last time i saw you was in eindhoven the tattoo guy with the name Ger haha! greetings!

  3. The show in Bochum was awesome and awful at the same time. Awful because of the venue, which was much too small with shitty acoustics and way too hot. Why didn't you guys get the Zeche again? That's a good concert venue.
    Apart from that it was an awesome show. Even my husband, who was just there for my sake, had to agree that you aren't "half as bad" life. Which is quite a step up from "Stop torturing the cat!" when I'm listening to your music. Philistine.
    Still, I was a little disappointed. Was really looking forward to meeting you guys, but then I couldn't find the bus and sadly had to convince my old shitty car to drive us home again :-/
    Just the same, I really enjoyed the show, you played some of my favorite songs, which made me really happy :) And it was nice seeing Pasi smiling on stage and Tony being the goofball he is ;)
    But please, don't ever do a show at Matrix again. Even Essigfabrik in Cologne was way better.
    Hope you didn't get a heatstroke and still enjoyed your off day on Easter Sunday, even though it sounds like you were bored and I don't even know if you guys are into Easter. :D


    PS: Concerning Easter, did you get a special permit for your concert in Leipzig on Friday? Because on "Good Friday" loud music and dancing is normally prohibited until 6am on Saturday. I'm just curious :)

    1. Our agent books the venues so it's nothing we can do about it, regarding the show in Leipzig, I think we had a special permit for it but I have no clue, nobody got arrested ;-)

    2. Then tell your agent he sucks and should get you to Dusseldorf! xD Nah, I'm just kidding. Hope he doesn't read this here, or he'll never get you to my area again...
      Well, that's a relief. Don't think you would've been arrested though, just in trouble with the regulatory authority (or whatever). I guess that was also the work of the agent? So he's save for now, haha :D

      Your posts here, Pasi's on Twitter and the occasional photos of the tour are really making my day here lately. So please keep it up, it keeps me going :)

  4. Hey, I love reading your blog, I'll see you shred up those keys when you come to Canada in September!

    Being Canadian, I find it really cool that you follow hockey, I'm not a die hard hockey fan but I was wondering which teams your rooting for, I figure New York since your previous post said you wanted to see the highlights.

    Question about the your setup, I have a roland ax synth and was wondering how you acquire more tones through your rig. I'm new to the keytar world and I understand that you use it as a midi controller and run it through a rig. So did the rig itself have the tones you use or did you have a site or disk you download them from? I desire more effects and got most of my setup ready to go but don't know how I should go about getting more tones.

    Thanks for all the hard work you do and keeping us all informed

    1. I've always just used the ax-synth or any other "keytar" to control my rig and not to get any sounds. In a previous post I put some pics about what kind of stuff I have in the rig....

  5. Henkka, thanks for keeping us inform! :) You're great! I imagine the weird noises Tony was doing, haha, hope to see some videos soon.

    I really hope you're eventually coming back to Colombia for the Pariah's Child world tour. We need more of you guys here. Colombia loves you all :-)

    1. We will be back in South America eventually but it will take some time...

  6. I'm so glad about WDYDITW,D? I hope you will play it in Hungary too. I couldn't go to the anniversary show, but I'll be in Budapest next week :)
    I'm sad about Kärpät :( Have you seen Granlund before yesterday? It was more than awesome!

    1. If you're referring to the Mikael Granlund goal on Colorado, then yeah I saw it :-)

    2. yeah, I meant that overtime goal :)
      and thanks for the show in Budapest, it was great! ^^

  7. I've had a question for a long time and I think now I can ask it to you.
    You guys have some really awesome songs that you never play (or a very VERY few times) like The Harvest, Wildfire, Ain't your Fairytale, Dream Thieves, Somewhere close to you, Deathaura, Nothing More and many others.. is there a reason for not playing them? Like they don't fit with the setlist, you guys just don't feel like it or something? and have you ever thought about playing any of those songs again or for the first time? Of course I'm just curious :) I love your setlists but the fans always will want surprises
    Cheers and have a good time !! Thanks for your patience

    1. There's really no particular reason and for this tour we've been doing In the Dark for the first times so every now and then we pick one of those songs that we haven't played for awhile. At the moment we're busy rehearsing more Pariah's Child songs so no time to dig up old stuff...