Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bottle Message 18.11.2014

We’re at home, but there’s still some work stuff going on, as always.Here we go:

Sonata Arctica:
Me, Tony & Tommy are going to do a couple of book signing sessions up here in the north, here are the details:

24.11.2014 - Suomalainen Kirjakauppa Kemi,Valtakatu 6 starting at 1630
24.11.2014 - Suomalainen Kirjakauppa Tornio, Kauppakeskus Rajalla starting at 1830

We also released our latest video, a Kakkoslaatu Production filmed during the North-American Tour…and the song of course is our cover of I can’t Dance. Not to be taken too seriously…we sure don’t. I think it turned out great. Check it out here:


Silent Voices:
at the moment we’re laying down tracks for a new single, which will probably see the light of day before Christmas, if we’re lucky.

Klingenberg Syndrome:
Jari just played the drumtracks so we’re still missing bass & vocals as well as
some solos…despite our hectic schedules, I’m sure we’ll get this ready before the summer.Keep your thumbs up ;-)

…and that’s about it for now, I’ll be back when the Pariah’s Child World Tour resumes.



  1. you should do your own video's from now on. That was EPIC!!! XD Man, you guys got some moves! And was that legit you peeing when Tony busted in to film you sing? :P haha. Thing is, I had a really shitty day until I saw this vid so thanks for that excellent timing! :) Now if you'll excuse me i'm going to replay that vid for the 4th time now because i'm laughing my ass off XD ooohh boy this is golden!

    1. I have no recollection about the peeing incident ;-)

  2. So this your way to relax and take it easy? Should have known :P Not complaining, though...

    The video is absolutely ingenious and will probably be a new "Gagnam Style" :D Good job guys!

  3. The video is great! Super funny and cool. You guys should just to do something like that for every song you release from now on! I am now counting on that, thank you very much. Also, thanks for the revisited version of Ecliptica, it's really good! It is fun to get a new take on the old songs and I think everyone did a great job. Rest well, see you all in South America next year.

  4. I really love the new video I Can’t Dance (: funny video!
    and I can't wait to see you guys in São Paulo, Brazil again <3
    * cheeers *

  5. I think the I Can't Dance video turned out great too! Had me laughing out loud and grinning from ear to ear. :-D Made the later half of my day a lot better! I see a couple of dances there that I've been known to do to embarrass certain people I know, hehe.:-) Let's see...how many dances can be spotted?...The cabbage patch (or stirring the pot?), some ballet, running man, the charleston, and it seems there's a Michael Jackson reference in both yours and Genesis' original. Tony does his "outstanding" moonwalk and in the original, Phil Collins does a spoof on Michael's moves at the end. Both very funny videos! Would have been cool to see Tero and Mikko...um raise the roof too, ha!;-)

    Hey, I noticed the Finnish flag at one point in the video! Is Philadelphia a sister city?

    I saw Pasi's tweet a couple of days ago of Hurtsi showing off his muscles. :-) Looking forward to hearing the new SV single! Will you be doing a video?

    Good to know progress is being made on your next Klingenberg Syndrome project. Right now, More Than Rock, El Guarro and Post-Party Depression are my favorites from ATWTP(though I love the whole album). The latter, though the title doesn't sound positive and uplifting, it always makes me feel good and puts me in a good mood no matter what's going on.:-) Soooo...who'll be doing the vocals on this one?

    Take it easy and happy book signing!

    1. No idea about Philly...and I think we won't have the chance to make a music video for the new SV single.....no comment still about the vocal stuff ;-)

    2. Awe dammit, I was hoping you'd slip up and spill a bean or two about the vocals!...ok, try to pretend I'm Pasi or one of the other guys and we're discussing studio talk over some beers---"So Henkka, when will you start on recording your vocals?" or "When will (fill in the blank) be available for a session, or be sending their vocals in?" ;-D
      Well, I guess it wouldn't be the best idea, with your upcoming 2015 PC tour, to try and squeeze in making an SV video. You could run the risk of running yourselves thin with all you've been doing up to now. I guess funding would be a factor also...but you wouldn't say never, would you? After all, it did take a while for Fear of Emptiness to come out...and as simple as that video is I love watching it...and listening to the song, of course. One of my faves. :-)

    3. I wouldn't mind to do another music video with SV, and of course eventually that will happend but as for now it won't be for the new single and we won't do it now..as far as I know.

  6. To be honest, I didn't really expect the Kakkoslaatu Productions video anymore. So it was a very nice surprise when it just suddenly popped up on Facebook :-) Definitely made my day.
    Henkka, please give my sincerest thanks to Tony. I can't even begin to describe how much something like this means to me. All the little somethings that make me smile, it's just... (is that a little victory Henrik at the part where Tommy dances with the golf club? ;-) ) Though maybe it's not much use gushing about the video to you, as you weren't really cooperating if I understood Tony's cryptic writings right :-D (Yes, I'm seriously reading those, duh)

    Gosh, a new Silent Voices single AND KS2 next year? Life is suddenly starting to look good again, hehe. How is that going now with SV, do you and Pasi come up with new songs while you're on tour together, or is that all still happening while you're off other duties?
    Hey, wouldn't it be nice if SV or WB would open for SA on another European tour? Just think about the logistic costs you could save on! :-D

    Btw, I had just been thinking it's gotten pretty quiet again, I should come up with a stupid question to ask to lure you back here and - zing - there you are with the Bottle Message. Nice timing ;-)

    Cheers and take care!

    1. Yeah, Tommy is smashing me in the head with the golf club ;-) ...and I was cooperating to a certain point, Tony's just screwing around with those texts...We don't do any SV stuff on the road...too much other things to do...

    2. Haha, yeah, that he is :-D At least you didn't steal his blues, huh? ;-)
      If you knew how much work being a musician brings with it, would you still have chosen it? And then all those nosy fans demanding your attention and asking stupid questions... :-D Ah, well... I guess you would do it all over again if you could, otherwise you wouldn't keep busy with other bands on the side, right? :-)

      Now you guys (or your publisher, or whoever) just have to release the English ebook version of your book, and this week will definitely not get better :-D

    3. I don't think I really chose to be a musician, it was more of a necessity....I had to do it ;-) Let's put it this way, as far as I can remember , I have always played music.

    4. Oh god, you actually answered that stupid question :-D Not that I complain, definitely not *chuckles*
      Ah well... Same here, you could say, just that I wasn't as lucky or wise to follow that path, but ended up in a boring office instead :-P
      I recently heard an interview with Tony, where he said that now every time he sits down at a piano it's all just work, which takes a bit the fun out of music. Do you feel the same? :-)

    5. Hehe, no not really, of course at times when you're really busy and there's no time to just play for fun...then it's sometimes a bit of a drag ;-)

    6. That's good to hear, err.... read :-)
      Hey, I noticed that the band descriptions are still missing. But Christmas is still a month away, right? This year's, at least ;-) Just curious what you'll come up with this time, but I guess y'all are still busy.
      Do you ever get bored or fed up with songs you play at every show, like Fullmoon or Don't Say a Word, and wish you could just leave them out for once?

    7. Oh yeah the band descriptions....Sometimes you get fed up with certain songs but that's just part of the job so...I don't really stress about it ;-)

  7. The video is one of the most delightful things I've ever seen, I swear. I was having a terrible day yesterday but every time I watched it I couldn't stop smiling! You guys got the moves ;) And my god, Pasi dancing gives me so much joy. The problem is that now anybody else doing the videos but the Tony&Pasi Power Team would pale in comparison to this. I wish they made all your videos.

    Yesssssssss I was hoping it was gonna be Klingenberg Syndrome stuff when I saw Jari :D Excited for both it and the new SV! We finally get to hear Hurtsi!

    And see you, well, now in just a couple of weeks! I guess HML will serve as party for my Finnish anniversary (I moved here 3 years ago!) so we'll make some noise! :)

  8. I'd be really greatful if you would answer my question:-) I really wonder if you guys are planning on coming to Sweden for a concert. I just saw you're coming to Falun for this metal festival, but do you have any other plans on coming to Sweden? I don't live in a city near Falun so I'd probably have some problem getting there this summer. But you're my favourite band and have been for 6 years now and I have been underaged so I haven't been able to go to any of your concerts here in Sweden. Now that I'm 18 I'd really like to see you and I think that my heart just can't take me missing you guys again. So if you're not planning on doing any concerts in Sweden I'll have to get to Falun! Thanks for now. xxxxx

    1. At the moment the Sabaton Open Air is the only show in Sweden, it's unlikely that we'll make it over before the next tour with a new album, sometimes in 2016/17.

  9. Thank you for the most amazing year of my entire life. Every single show I've been at. Also. Thanks for the show on the 4th, it was definitely one of the best ones. You guys have really spoiled us this year.

    Sadly it seems like I only have one chance to see you next year but heck, it's with Nightwish which is my second favourite so I guess that'll make something up (it's been my dream for a long time already and I almost was going to have to miss it!!! But it's good to have amazing friends that I found THANKS TO YOU guys.) I'll live. It doesn't mean you're going anywhere right? You're worth waiting even if I had to wait for 100 years.

    Oh btw I loved that video, you really should make them all yourself :D Haha. I know it might not be possible due to some things I have no idea of but... oh, well. Would be epic anyway.

    Once again. Thanks. For everything. For all of you. :')