Wednesday, November 5, 2014

SA:On the road:Pariah’s Child World Tour / Russia 31.10.-4.11.2014

Friday 31.10. - Travel Night
Took a cab and picked up Tony in the evening, then it was off to
the overnight train to Helsinki.Had a few beers with Tommy and
the I watched some HIMYM on netflix.

Saturday 1.11.-Travel Day
Since our train to Moscow wasn’t going to leave until the evening, we had a dayroom in Helsinki. Spent most of the day just chilling out, our allaround dude Masi stopped by for a couple of beers. In the evening we boarded the train, had a few more beers and then went to bed.It was nice to catch up with some of the crew guys who weren’t on the North-American leg of the tour.

Sunday 2.11.-Moscow, Russia
Upon arrival we went straight to the hotel, and I managed to sleep a couple of hours more before it was time to do the soundcheck. Some dude called Elias room from the reception and asked him to come down and sign some stuff.Not that we mind signing our albums and taking photos with our fans but come on, Elias was trying to sleep damn it. The dudes also provided us with a list of around 10 names that they wanted us to put on the guestlist….really confusing in my opinion. Just for the sake of clarity, we do not give away tickets to people we don’t know, it just doesn’t work like that, sorry. At the venue it felt good to play through a couple of songs and Joonas did a great job with our monitors so I’m sure the show will be awesome. Our fans here in Russia are really crazy so everything is set up for having and awesome show tonight…let’s see how it goes…we’re kinda nervous since we haven’t played together for 2 weeks, if you’re not counting the acoustic stuff last weekend. 

The show went really well I think, once we got started it went really smoothly and it was a lot of fun. The crowd was really into it and we had a blast. My Vortex is starting to give up, the volume slider is broken and now the pitch wheel is acting weird at times, I hope it’ll still last through tomorrows show, then I’ll have some time to order a new one before our Finnish shows. Appeareantly those things don’t last for an entire World Tour :-( Good that they’re cheap though. Anyways after the show we had some pizza and some wine and then had to leave rather quickly for the overnight train to St.Petersburg. Had a few beers and chatted with my roomie Mikko before it was time to sleep.

Monday 3.11.-St.Petersburg, Russia
Woke up just before 0900 when we were arriving…straight to the hotel and after a nice breakfast I slept a couple of hours more. Some fans met us at the station, we took some pics and signed some stuff…and again I was asked to put names on the guestlist…well…see above, not gonna happen ;-) Spent the day at the hotel chilling out and in the afternoon we headed to the venue. Got the soundcheck done and then we had a really nice dinner which always puts you in a good mood. The show tonight went well, it was a bit cold on stage at first but it got better as we went ahead with the show.
Afterwards we had to celebrate the end of the Russian part of the tour with a couple of beers but we took it really easy since it was time to go home tomorrow. Btw we got some really cool gifts, pics of them are on our twitter account….check it out.

Tuesday 4.11.-Travel Day
Got up for breakfast just before 10:00 and at 10:15 we already left for the trainstation and our 3,5h drive towards Helsinki, the airport and then the flight home. The day was mainly uneventful….as these travel days usually are. Got home ok, which of course was nice.

Now we have 4 weeks off before doing the final 4 shows for this year. We’ve done around 100 shows so it’s been our busiest year to date and it will be nice to have some time at home with my family. Next year will also be quite busy since the tour continues until the fall. More shows are being added all the time so check our homepage or facebook for the latest dates. Next up a couple of Finnish shows in about a month, see you all then.




  1. Oh my god, they really did that? How inconsiderate of them, poor Elias :-/
    The presents really look nice though, there must have been a great artist at work :-) Also a nice idea.

    So, right after the longest tour you guys ever did, this one has to be the shortest, right? Still, except for some points, at least you had a good time :-) And isn't "a bit cold on stage" better than "way too hot"?

    Now let's have a minute of silence for the Alesis, who bravely survived two tours (with only a little bit of bitching) :-/

  2. I'll bet Elias was sorry he answered the phone. Wow! Guest list? For a concert? Is there such a thing? That was just plain weird...and assuming. I know there are guest lists (for friends and a guest or two) for private parties and clubs, yes, but concerts? o_O

    Glad to hear the shows went well despite your vortex acting up. :-) In a way it's a good thing you didn't have more shows following, in case it totally conked out.

    Hope you'll be taking it easy the next few weeks and you enjoy time home with your family!


  3. One more important thing! THANK YOU GUYS very much, not only for the great music, but for all the pains that you have to go through in preparing to travel to us during your tours, all your hard work and dedication in the studio recording and practicing, and for interacting with us and keeping us up to date with what's happening.
    Henkka, thanks for the time you take in writing this blog, taking us with you behind the scenes with your posts, and answering our questions. I always look forward to them!:-)
    I know you guys love what you do and have a lot of fun but I'm sure this business isn't as easy as it appears to some...might even seem thankless at times but, just want you to know all you do is truly appreciated!!:-)

    Again, enjoy your time at home and rest well!


  4. Such a shame! Really was surprised to read about our Russian people... I can't say whether they love you so much or they are crazy.
    We hope you liked our present! But we were so disappointed to see on the photo that Pasi's matreshka is kinda dirty or what.. Have no idea why and we sorry about that.
    Once again thanks for a great show and for your efforts you put into all the gigs!

    1. No reason to be sorry, just a couple of people acting weird ;-) All in all we've always had a good time in Russia and our fans are really nice to us so no worries, we will definitely be back !!

  5. Since the 9th is Father's day in Finland and mine can go to hell, I wish you and the other dads of the band a good one. Get spoiled by your little ones! <3

  6. Jes, siis hemmotellaanko meitä joensuulaisia oikeasti kahdella keikalla ensi vuonna? Nightwish ja Sonata samalla kertaa ja vielä kotikaupungissa, ei voi valittaa, parhautta <3