Sunday, October 26, 2014

SA:The promo trip to Helsinki 24-26.10.2014

Friday 24.10.-Radio Rock acoustic show
Well rested (not really) from the North-American tour it was time to get going again, 4 days after we got home. The 0445 wake up call was not really a problem, since I was more or less on US time anyway…Flew to Helsinki where we got picked up and then it was time to go and get a SV-1 for me and a boombox for Tommy. More or less straight from that we went to Radio Rock. At around 12 we were on air and did some chatting and played a few songs ( The Wolves die young, Tallulah and Cloud Factory), during the wolves die young my sustain pedal broke so I had to take it apart and fix it on the fly…grrr. After that we had the rest of the day off so we had some drinks, chilled at the hotel and checked out our new book (just got our own copys) and in the evening we went to dinner with our publisher.

Saturday 25.10.-Book fair
After breakfast and checking out of the hotel we went to the Helsinki book fair to do some promo. At 14:00 we had a signing session at the Paasilinna-booth (our publisher).
…and at 15:00 we played our acoustic set and did an short interview/chat with the author of the book Mape, on stage. We played Cloud Factory, The wolves die young, Tallulah, Love and Fullmoon. I don’t thing there have been any sing alongs before at any book fair but this time it happened…after a quick bite to eat we had one more intie/chat session at the Suomalainen Kirjakauppa booth and then we were done. A nice day and a bit different from our usual work day. We went straight to the train from the fair and headed home.

I’ll be back with more stories from our next adventure which will be in Russia, starting next Saturday.



Here are some pics from the trip:

A different looking backstage pass this time...

The Helsinki book fair.

My breakfast view on Saturday morning...

...more of the same...

..and a last one.

Tried to take a nap on Friday afternoon but there was some protest
march-thing whatever going on.

Try to play with this one, as said it broke down in the middle of a song, I did
however develop a new tecnique where you keep the pedal in place with one foot
and operate it with the other....


  1. It was a really lovely day, thank you :)

    Try to get over the killer jetlag before Russia! Took me over a week, I don't wanna imagine how bad it is for you guys..

  2. was not able to make it to the Book fair due to other "commitments" and the book not arriving in time. Still hope that you, Tony, Tommi, Elias, Pasi will sign the book when I get to see you next time... Either in Finland or Europe... Seems like it that I will first read the Finnish version (and maybe afterwards the english version).

  3. Klweenberg?! Did I read that right, ha,ha...that reminds me of a radio interview you did somewhere in the U.K. earlier this year where the host announced he was going to be talking to "Henrik Klingberry" after playing The Wolves Die Young. Then when it came time to introduced you, he faltered and started calling you Klinken___when he finally asked you how your name is actually pronounced. Your reply? "Klingberry", with a decent British accent, I must say! :-D That had me laughing for quite a while after listening to that interview...which was a very good one btw. Great advice at the end!

    Anyhow, evidently it was a good turnout, and once again congrats on having sold all your books! Too bad your sustain pedal had to give you trouble, but with your keen resourceful skills everything went well!

  4. For those who couldn't come to see the acoustic set (or who want to see it again) - here's some videos:
    Cloud Factory
    The Wolves Die Young

    Thanks! It was amazing! And I finally got the book today, so maybe I'll read it when I get home from a night shift.. :)

    1. Awesome!! Looked like a lot of fun. :-) Thanks so much for bringing the acoustic performances to us. It's very much appreciated! :-)

  5. Saw the January dates :) good boys, playing at the Pakkahuone :) it has been a while!

    Sadly I'm not going home for the holidays this year so no Italian chocolate or smuggled wine...I'll have to figure out something ;)

    1. Oh yes, it's been way too long since Sonata played in a proper venue in Tampere (South Park fest does not count)

  6. Alrighty then! Well, after getting a closer look at your backstage pass I can now see that it reads Klingenberg. I guess I'll need to make an appointment with my eye doctor A.S.A.P!...*sneaks away before anyone can see her face turning beet red.* kinda does look like Klweenberg though...doesn't it? :-\