Sunday, October 26, 2014

SA:The Last pics from the North-American Tour

here are the last pics from the US/CAN-tour...and in no particular order once again...

Tasting new beers part 1...

...and part 2

Delain rocking out @ the HOB in Orlando.

Elias rocking out in the bus before the show in Tampa.

Graceland pics...

Elvis grave.

Elvis piano room.

One of Elvis planes..the bigger one.

Elvis poolroom.

Elvis clothes.

In the garden of Graceland.

Elvis mediaroom.

Tero & Mikko spending an off day fixing the gear.

Pasi and me splitting a pizza in was really great.

What I ate in Puerto Rico ;-) Killer.

Scandinavian food in Arizona...yummy.

Selfie with Mikko.

Hank says goodbye America !!

Rubberband keytars...a nice gift.

Woke up in sunny Los Angeles.

Off-day in Kamloops for the 100th or something time...
it's still a wonderful place !!

Backstage in Puerto Rico.

The view from the stage in PR.

Pasi doing line-check in PR.

More backstage in PR.

Tero adding monitor engineering to his resume with us at
the last show of the tour in PR.

Tommy doing line-check in PR.

Tony being a tourist onstage in PR.

Hotel room window view in PR.

The support bands bus had some problems, this was one of them.

More cool SA tats...part 1.

..part 2...

...and part 3.

Tony went on stage during Xandria's set on the last show together in Tampa,
brushing his teeth of all things.

..and this was his costume when entering the stage during Delains show.

Night view of Albuquerque...

Went up with the Sandia Peak Tramway..

My double Bailey's came in a weird glass...


  1. Cute pj's ;)

    And man that pizza is ginormous, it makes Pasi looka small, lol.

    Okay I have to admit that when yesterday Tony talked about the dress prank I was NOT imagining THAT. It's a pretty dress tho, he should wear it next tour ;)

    (And awww, the keytars :) )

  2. Tony dressing up as a horror witch and walking on stage while brushing his teeth.... are we used any different at this point? :P
    Nice Bud Light pants by the way ;) reminds me of Elias' star wars pants from the 2012 tour. (yes, i keep track of your fashion crazies.)

    1. Nope, not Bud's actually Ford pants ;-)

  3. My keytars made your blog! You've just made this girl a very happy person :)

    Hopefully you still have the bracelet :)

  4. so nice see many pics of Puerto Rico =) well at least a small part of San Juan..Ohhh "Coronitas"! one of the sponsors, enjoy some?. and Pasi practicing with the bass in the corner before the show... Typical meal of PR white rice,pink beans and chicken or pork and of course Heineken or the other name for this beer "Palmolive & la verde) I wonder don't offer us some frituras and mofongo hehehe. Anyway maybe isnt easy for us come back here again but there a lot of nice places to go like El observatorio, EL castillo Seralles, Cuevas, Faros (lighthouse)so many...Pizza! in my house one of the rooms is a "mini" studio with all kind of equipment, well almost 2 rooms with equipment =\ and when the guys come here for practicing all the time i made some pizza, stuffed calzones, bread sticks stuff like that for them... one of the guys for the shows use a costume is his trademark, cool the Tony costume for the show and you? not more skirts? =)

    1. Haven't even thought about bringing the skirts back...maybe I should ;-)

    2. YES YOU SHOULD! you looked good it ;)

    3. *grins*

      Yeap, umm long or short skirts what style you want try this time? is like your own style.... you looks so different in style using clothes like that, ..... scottish skirts? you could look so freaking cute uff hehehe anyway...

      so bad no one wants Mr. Metal or the Guitar =(... so enjoy Rizzo! I found some curious photos of you especially one like a blue hospital robe showing your legs or a little more? =\

      Beers! Medalla Light, Magna Special craft, Buye, Keystone V9? bueno we dont have lot of beers here i mean produce, here is more like Rum, Pitorro, Coquito etc

  5. Those beer bottle labels are something else. Were the contents to your liking?
    Yeah, that pizza looks like it could have swallowed Pasi. It's huge!
    Loving Elias' acoustic guitar...are those your signatures on it? Is it going to be some part of a give away or something? keytars. Cute!
    Tony's pranks, hehe. :-) But that bus tire, yikes!

    Great pics! Thanks for taking us to Graceland with you...interesting poolroom decor...

    1. Beer is always good so yeah I kinda liked it ;-) ...and yeah those are our autographs on the guitar, we tried to sell it at the last show but since no one wanted to buy it we ended up giving it to our busdriver Rizzo...he was of course happy...

  6. Well, Rizzo is one lucky dude! If it were possible, I would have bought that guitar. I LOVE it! Btw, did you end up getting Mr. Metal sold? isn't always my experience anyway, haha. There are some I've tasted that weren't so hot, to put it mildly...but yeah beer is generally good. :-)

    1. Nobody wanted to buy Mr.Metal so I gave him away after the show to a unsuspecting fan....

    2. Aw come on! How come no one wanted your stuff? :-/ But I'm sure the ones who got it are happy about that ;-)

      Now that we have at least something close to WiFi again, I can finally see those pics. Thanks again for sharing parts of your tour life with us! I really appreciate those little glimpses :-)
      I also saw some pics of the other guys pranking you on the last show. Funny dudes :D The banana gave the outfit an especially nice touch *chuckles*

      I also just read that the English eBook of your biography will be out middle of November. Kudos to Mape for the quick work! I'd have expected a much longer wait, so that made me real happy.

      Enjoy your Russia tour, and as always, take care!!

  7. Well that was nice of you...but I hope you didn't throw it out into the audience to know, like Tommy would throw some drum sticks or Elias or Pasi would throw a plectrum of two, or a towel, hehe. Just kidding, of course you wouldn't do that.;-)

    I'm just one of your previous posts you mentioned watching Rock of Ages. What did you think of it? Wanted to see both the play and the movie when they came out but never got the chance. Actually won tickets to see the movie premier but there was a mix up with the date so I had to give them away because I wasn't able to go.

    1. I'm not a big fan of musical, I mostly can't stand them but the songs in this one were good so it wasn't too bad, kinda liked it actually.

    2. Yeah, the soundtrack is really good though I was a little surprised there weren't more songs from Def Leppard, including their song "Rock of Ages". I think I'd like the movie.
      Sometimes it's fun to watch bad musicals or B movies for laughs(if you don't have to waste money on them). Take Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band for example. I'm sure you wouldn't like that one. It's so cheesy and the plot is silly and weird you just have to laugh! But I did like that Aerosmith, Alice Cooper and EWAF were in it.

      Hope you guys have a great couple of shows in Russia!