Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Thanks for the Birthday wishes !!

Hi again,
yeah, I'm getting older...as we all are ;-) I'd just like to drop a quick note to all of you who sent me congrats via e-mail, facebook etc etc. THANK YOU ALL A LOT, I APPRECIATE IT !!!

..and in closing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xo3ZsQZln5Q&feature=youtu.be



  1. That message came through loud and clear *chuckles*
    Glad you enjoy it, that's why we're doing it :-)
    Keep being the way you are, and you know how it is.... we don't get older, just wiser ;-)

  2. I've already said what I needed to say via email so I don't need to get mushy here ;) happy birthday, and I'll see you on Saturday (with a present, hopefully it'll come out right) :)

  3. Happy birthday again and congratulations Henkka !, hope so much, much longer to enjoy you in my favorite band, thanks for the excellent work you You play, you're amazing !, definitely see you at the next concert, greetings and hugs from Peru, genius!

    te amo :(

  4. Awe, so much love for you, Henkka! :-) Hope you had an awesome day!


  5. It's late, but Happy Birthday Henkka! I hope it was an awesome one :)

  6. Btw I was reading the book yesterday (and btw thank you, your parts are the easiest to understand!) and did I read right but you used to do cleaning jobs to make ends meet while studying? Because when I read that I felt, well, a lot less trapped in my shitty job cleaning shithole bars, lol. Maybe one day I'll get lucky too ;)

    Thank you for yesterday, it was a lovely day! :) hope you liked your present :)

  7. Yeah, I've done all kinds of shitty jobs....sometimes it's the only way to make ends meet.