Sunday, January 25, 2015

SA:Almost on the road, Special show in Kemi

Saturday 24.1.2015 - Snowcastle, Kemi
So, this was going to be one of the more special thing we’ve ever done. We were invited to play a few songs at the grand opening of the 20th anniversary for the Snowcastle in Kemi. Did the soundcheck in the afternoon and at 1800 we were on stage performing Shamandalie (just me, Tony & Elias), Love and White Pearl, Black Oceans. During WPBO there was around 800 pyro effects shot off, and of course we didn’t see any of them ourselves since they were launched from behind the stage. Afterwards I jumped in the car with my family and some 20min later we were at home so…a real quick one. It was streamed live online, which I found out later :-( There was around 2400 people checking out the thing so it was a nice crowd.

Next up, Joensuu & Kuopio, the last Finnish club shows this year.




  1. straight from the stage to the sauna, huh? Hopefully you didn't get too cold on stage (especially the two non-kemilaiset ahah)

    And awww man that last line made me sad. But I shouldn't complain, I saw you boys a bunch last year so now it's somebody else's turn. Have fun :)

  2. Thanks for posting the link to the Lumilinna Snowcastle site for us, Henkka! Wow, I hope I get a chance to visit it sometime in the future before I leave this earth. Reminds me a lot of ours here in Mtl and in Quebec City....though, I don't think we have anything like those Olokolo nests(and some other stuff, I'm sure). It would especially be awesome to see the Northern Lights through the windowed top. :-) Nice to hear your family went with you. Too bad you had to leave so soon after but, hope they had a good time. :-)

    I found these on youtube now you can see the pyrotechnics that were happening behind you. ;-)

    In the first one the full stage can be seen(though far away). Sounded good!:

    In this one you can see the pyro show(damned poor cellphone quality!):

    I was hoping you'd post some pics of yourselves while at the venue...hey, how about posting a selfie? Dying to see you hair. Pretty please???? What do I need to bribe you with?:-)

    Wishing you guys a couple of kick ass shows in Joensuu & Kuopio!

  3. Brevity is the soul of wit! :)
    Maybe there were only three songs that you played, but they was from the best! I saw some pictures and also the videos from the performance on YT. Great stuff, the pyros fits perfectly !!! And the whole snow castle must be amazing :) Wish I could spent a night there, but unfortunately it is too far away :(
    Wish much fun tonight in Kuopio and a pleasant tour of South America ! I'm sure, you guys will rock the stage as ever, don't expect anything else! Personally, I'm looking forward to your visit to Germany. See you there!
    Have a good time and stay healthy :D

    PS: The short hair fits you very well (just as Tony and Tommy) ;)