Sunday, February 1, 2015

SA:On the Road:Pariah’s Child World Tour Finland 2015 (part 2)

Thursday 29.1.2015 - Kerubi, Joensuu
Our bus have been up here in the north so it was really easy to get on the road for this trek, at least for me, tony & Tommy. I got picked up just after 0600 in the morning for a really pleasant 500+km drive to Joensuu. Spent most of the drive sleeping, noodling with my computer and talking bullshit with the guys. Upon arrival we had a few hours to kill at the hotel before the soundcheck. Tried to fit on the small stage, checked the sound and ate dinner, then it was back to the hotel for about an hour (the backstage is really small so…). The hotel is more or less on the other side of the street so since it’s very close I prefer to hang out in my room….anyways, at 2100 it was time to start the first of the two shows this week. The show went ok, somehow there was very little oxygen onstage so it was a bit hard to get too wild but whatta hell, everything went well, no gear malfuctions etc. Afterwards I had a couple of drinks with our merch guy Mape before heading to bed and watching netflix until I fell asleep….

Friday 30.1.2015- Kylpylähotelli Rauhalahti, Kuopio
Todays drive was only around 140km so we got to sleep a bit before getting on the bus and heading for Kuopio at around 1130. My day went as follows: arrived in Kuopio, ate a pizza, watched youtube videos for around 2 hours, worked on some logistic calculations with our busdriver, did the soundcheck, did the meet & greet, ate some more food from the buffet, did a few videoclips for Latin-America, did a interview, sent a bunch of business mails. Took a nap, got ready for the show and at 2330 we were on. This place is one where you’ll have to walk through the crowd in order to get to the stage so we (once again) skipped the encore break and just played our set straight through the end. Afterwards I had a chat with some friends and then it was time for bed in order to get up before 9….and drag ourselves to the trainstation.

Saturday 31.1.2015- Travel Day 
The rest of the guys all went in different directions so it was just me, Punky & Tommy taking the train back home. Around 2 weeks at home before we head out to the most extensive Latin-American Tour we’ve ever done, it’s gonna be almost 5 weeks of flights, heat and great shows….and I’ll probably be bitching about the airports, delayed flights and what have you…another great adventure lies ahead and until then I get to focus on practising the songs we haven’t played from Ecliptica in order to be ready to go in May. 
..oh and finishing my solo album ;-)




  1. Kerubi's stage is tiny, but for the audience ( especially us in the front row ;) ) its' brilliant!! Many thanks for a great gig, hoping to see you guys again real soon xxx

  2. Kiitokset molemmista keikoista, Kuopijossa tosiaan tuntui olevan vähän rennompi meininki niin lavalla kuin yleisössäkin.. Nyt katseet onkin jo kesäkuussa, it's gonna be spectacular! :)

  3. Solo album? I thought you were working on another album for SV? Don't get me wrong, I'll be waiting for the solo album.

  4. Replies
    1. Hi dear Henkka! Didn´t know where else to ask this. Is there any chance to listen to another keyborad solo this march the 8th in Argentina in SA's live show? That would be very much welcomed =) Looking fordward to see the show!

    2. hmm...I don't know about that, I would have to figure out what to play then ;-)

    3. Oh, don´t worry, hahaha if that is the problem, you have more than 10 days to figure out what to play. I'm sure whatever you choose is gonna be kick ass =) Really, it would be a hell of a show if we can listen to a keyboard solo or even a keyboard vs. guitar "duelo" plus all the awesome songs you guys have chosen to play. Think about it! Huuuugs! Enjoy!!!

    4. I don't think I'll play a keyboard solo on this tour...we'll have to figure out some other surprise ;-)


    5. Haha, alright then! I totally understand. I knew it was too much to ask for (but I had to try). And surprises can be good!

      Thanks a looot for answering, you are great.

      Don´t work hard. After all, you are still in Brazil!!!
      You should "rather enjoy beach, beer and a fire!" :) ;P

  5. Man it is boring when you're not posting. :P

  6. Anticipating those new SV songs, your 2nd KS album as well as SA's next one...oh, and Winterborn's too(Have you bugged the other Pasi about those songs lately?) ;-)
    Safe travels to you all, and kick-ass Latin-American tour!!


    1. No I haven't talked to him in awhile...I'll start bugging him once we get home...