Monday, March 2, 2015

SA:On the Road: Pariah’s Child World Tour Latin-America 2015 part 2

Monday 23.2.2015 - Travel Day (Recife-Fortaleza-Manaus)
The show last night went quite ok, we’re starting to get over the jetlag, little by little. We put In the Dark in the setlist instead of Replica but people kept yelling it out throughout the show so we had to put it back in on the fly. Well, you got your replica my friends ;-)
Today we had most of the day off, went eating and drinking at the beach etc etc. At around 1900 we left from the hotel and a couple of flights later we were in Manaus. Most of us were really tired so the flights went by really quick in sleeping mode. Got to the hotel in Manaus around 0300 in the morning so it was straight to bed as soon as we got ourselves checked in.

Tuesday 24.2.2015 - Manaus, Brazil
Got up in the morning around 0930 and went for breakfast with Tony and Pasi. Most of the crew guys where there eating already. I was supposed to do a live TV interview with Pasi but unfortunately it was cancelled. Well, anyways at around 1500 the band was picked up and taken to dinner and then soundcheck, we tried to play through a  song that we haven’t played live since 2003 and apart from a few parts it went quite ok, I think with a few more practise runs we can perform it live. After the soundcheck Tony did a short intie and we did some station ID’s before heading back to the hotel for some R & R. At 2100 we were again picked up and taken to the show. Although the heat wasn’t too bad, I think the moist air did it’s thing and we were all sweating like hell during the show, other than that it was the usual great time on stage. Elias managed to break a string during 8th commandment (he breaks a string about once a year) but no other mishaps happened ;-) A short meet & greet after the show and then off to the hotel and bed. We were back around 0130 and the wake up is at 0700 so, shower and bed it is.

Wednesday 25.2.2015- Travel Day (Manaus-Sao Paulo-Limeira)
Up at 0700 as planned, breakfast and off to the airport, naturally we had a slight delay with the flight but other than that no major setbacks. In Sao Paulo we jumped in the van and headed for limeira, which with piss breaks and food stops etc took us around 4 hours. Upon arrival some of us headed to the bar around the corner. It was quite empty but the owner treated us very well with free drinks and food so it was a happy bunch that headed to bed just around midnight.

Thursday 26.2.2015 - Limeira, Brazil
Slept rather long and then went to the shopping mall with Tommy, Elias and our manager. I found a new backpack since my old one is broken and a pair of sandals. At 1500 we had dinner at the hotel, then went for the soundcheck. The venue here is quite…how shall one say…hmm…interesting. Small stage and a lot of different stonewalls to make the sound bounce around and make the whole place rather noisy, on top of that the PA system seems to be from the 80’s and I doubt that it will be loud enough when the crowd goes crazy. Nevertheless, the place will be packed tonight and this will be one sweaty show for everybody, that I’m sure of. We went for another round of food after the soundcheck, just to make sure we have enough energy to play hard tonight. We decided to change the order of a couple of songs in the set but nothing major since we haven’t played here before. For the places that we went last year, we’ll try to mix it up a bit more so our fans don’t have to watch the same songs 2 years in a row. 

Our show tonight was as sweaty as expected and afterwards we more or less went straight to the van and to the hotel since the backstage was really small. Ended the night in a bar close by and then it was time for bed since we had to get up quite early to drive to Sao Paulo and Osasco.

Friday 27.2.2015 - Travel Day & Osasco, Brazil
This time our vanride went a lot faster and about 2 hours in we arrived at the hotel around 11 or something. Just as I said out loud: This went really smooth…it became interesting. Our Tourmanager had set it up the usual way: when we arrive at the hotel the check in is done. Of course it wasn’t, which isn’t really a big deal, it just takes awhile and we’re not THAT spoiled…..but their system was down so they couldn’t make us any keys….hmm….some dude let us into our rooms but of course we had no chance to leave in case we wanted to get back in. Well, some hours later we did get our keys and went to the venue. Soundcheck and sandwiches etc…a short meet & greet and before we knew it, it was showtime. Since we’re playing two show quite close to each other we decided to have a hotel in the middle. So it’s a 45min drive to both shows which means we’ll stay at the venue after the soundcheck until the show is over. Hit the Unopened song for the first time in like 12 years or something, did the new version on WPBO and tomorrow we’ll change even more of the setlist. Nevetheless, survived the show, did the aftershow meet and greet and even managed to get the bar open at the hotel ”no sir we don’t serve anything anymore, have a beer from the minibar”….when you have enough people they might even re-think that. :-) Ended the night with the trusty old netflix !!

Saturday 28.2.2015- Sao Paulo, Brazil
Finally getting into the right sleeping pattern, I slept until noon and woke up a lot more refreshed than for the last few days. Went for a swim with the guys and then I ordered some food from the room service….and tried to check my mails but the internet is unbeliavable slow here….The show tonight was an absolute killer, I think it was the best one so far on this tour. We had a lot of people and the band clicked together really well. Afterwards we had some farewell drinks with our manager who went home the next day after hanging with us for a week.

Sunday 1.3.2015 - Travel Day & Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Woke up just after 8 feeling a bit weird….wonder why ? Anyways I slept on the flight and felt much better after that. When we got to the hotel and were waiting for the lunch a nasty flashback from last year came to mind, wasn’t the foor here quite awful ? Unfortunately we remembered it correctly and it was really crap. My apologies to the chef but really ?? I took a nap after lunch and we had to go to the soundcheck and show quite soon after that. Our show tonight went rather well, no big mishaps or anything…the sound on stage was a bit weird but that’s of course just our problem so I’ll keep it to myself…oh actually Elias broke another string !!! and one of the mics on the guitar amp broke down…In the evening we met up at the roof of the hotel but nobody really had the energy to actually make it a party so it was bedtime instead. I watched some CNN stuff and fell asleep.

Until later, 


  1. Hello Henrik, how are you doing? Hope you are great!

    I follow your blog since last year when Sonata Arctica played in my city (Belo Horizonte), but I never felt like commenting on something because I thought I didn't have anything really meaningful to say.

    After reading this post though I gotta say that I am terribly sorry to hear about your bad food experience here! Oh God, I feel so ashamed for this crappy chef you mentioned! In fact, this is even more embarrassing because our state is considered as having one of the best cuisines of Brazil! I truly hope that next time you guys come here you can stay in a different hotel - or maybe the chef you mentioned will be replaced by a decent one!

    Anyway, aweeesome show last night!!! Congrats!!! And please send my gratitude to whoever had the idea to take on stage the flag me and my friend gave to you guys during the m&g! It meant the world to us! Especially because our intention was just to give you a humble gift to help you remembering our city and our appreciation for your amazing work!

    Wishing you a great rest of tour and all the happiness in the world, Letícia

    1. Don't worry about one bad dish ;-) it's not like nobody else in the world have been served crap ever....

  2. Thanks for beautiful, amazing, magic show in São Paulo! The best day of my life! I love you guys soooo much!

  3. Hey Henkka!

    From what you're writing, it seems like the tour is going relatively smoothly :)
    The last time you wrote that you were on a roof at night, you were sick afterwards, so... please take care of yourself, ok?
    Funny how Elias keeps breaking strings, but you aren't bitching about your Alesis (yet)... I'll keep my fingers crossed that it stays that way and does its job until the end of the tour without problems :-) Do you have Tero with you?

    I guess we'll have to wait for the new Silent Voices songs until after you're back from that tour, huh? Damn, I was really looking forward to those ;-)

    Once again, take care! And I hope the tour will stay as hassle-less as it was till now, and run even more smoothly from here on out (no more broken equipment, and so on...) :-) Oh, and that you'll have better internet connection!


    PS: Your hair looks so fluffy and curly! Is that because of the weather over there? :-D

    1. Yeah, my hair have seemed to take on a life of it's own these days ;-)

  4. Dear Henrik!! i hope you have an amazing week!
    In peru we are so excited for the next show
    I would like you interpret songs from '' The Days of Grays '' <3
    i like so much that album, your keyboard it's fantastic in every song
    I wish you luck the whole band
    and especially to you, I hope the coming days in Peru are to your liking.
    Meanwhile here counting the days to enjoy those great days :3

    with love from a fan, my best wishes !!

  5. Hahahaha! Well it's good to see that even with some little setbacks you're doing it pretty well through your Latin American tour ;) Checked the pics on your Facebook page and all the venues look almost or completely full. Keep doing the great job guys! And see you in two weeks here in Lima!!
    Btw Henkka, you didn't tell us what did you order and if it was better than last year... or you ended up eating lunch in McDonalds? Hahaha ;)

    Also, I noticed both you and the guys from Epica are in Brazil nowadays doing their respectives Latin American tours. Last saturday they played here and it was a killer show. Would be awesome to see you both sharing stage someday... *sigh*

    1. It was a bit of everything on the plate...usually those kind of platters are mostly eatable or at least partly but....and we met up with the Dragonforce guys in Curitiba since they played there on the day before...with Epica.

  6. Oh nevermind, I didn't read well ... Next time then, you better go to McDonalds or anywhere else instead of lunch at the hotel :D
    Still, I'm curious about the dishes you ordered hahaha

    1. I try to avoid the golden arches whenever possible ;-)

  7. I was in Osasco, and that was the best show ever!!!
    White Pearls Black Oceans is my favorite song, and you guys played it!! I just can't believe!
    And I had the chance to meet you and the rest of the band. You're guys are amazing!
    Thanks for everything!

  8. Yeah, quite some interesting events in Osasco. Shit happens but it sounds like you made the best of it. Haha, Elias broke his guitar string breaking record. Let's see if he'll manage to break it(them) again within the year.;-)

    The part about the nasty food made me laugh...why do I feel bad for the chef...I feel bad for you guys too of course, having to eat the terrible food! If only it were possible to bring your own, or go to a restaurant close by...are there any close by?

    Well, I'm glad you all are having a blast so far! Hopefully having to "Spring Forward" hasn't messed much with your sleeping patterns...

    Safe travels and may the fun and great shows continue! :-)


    1. With this kind of schedule I basically don't have a sleeping pattern, it's more about sleeping whenever you can and have the time.

    2. True...well, it all boils down to me hoping y'all get the adequate amount of sleep you need.:-)

  9. Hey Henkka, have you guys seen this fan video for Tallulah. It's really good :)

  10. We wait for you in Mexico :)