Sunday, March 15, 2015

SA:On the Road: Pariah’s Child World Tour Latin-America 2015 part 3

Monday 2.3.2015- Travel Day (Belo Horizonte- Rio de Janeiro)
It was nice to get a good night sleep and we sent the gear to Rio after the show last night so we did only have our own luggage to howl around which made the trip really easy. Upon arrival we decided to all go to the beach in a couple of hours. The evening was spent relaxing, eating and drinking. Good times !

Tuesday 3.3.2015- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
OMG, the first hangover of the tour ;-) Well, since we’re almost 2 weeks in, it kinda makes sense that this would happend. Anyways we decided to do the soundcheck just before doors in order to stay at the hotel longer and not waste time to go back and forth. I slept most of the day, had  a club sandwich and by the time we headed for the venue I felt ok. We started to rehearse another song from Ecliptica that we haven’t played…what a fucking chaos ;-) Did manage to play it through a couple of times but I think this one needs some work before it’s ready to be played during the show. We changed our song order a bit for tonight since there were a couple of things that we didn’t think was working perfectly. After the show we realized some more changes that we want to try…anyways, we had the usual meet & greet and the usual few drinks (actually just a few this time)…and ended the night watching movies.

Wednesday 4.3.2015- Travel Day ( Rio de Janeiro- Curitiba)
Tried to get up for breakfast but somehow I felt too tired to actually care so I slept until it was time to leave in the afternoon. Our gear is still riding with the van and our Tourmanager Eric already did the check-in online in advance to this was one of the easiest airport ”hassles” so far….but no worries, I’m sure it’ll become more difficult. Hehe and just having written that and jumped on the plane, we got delayed since there was something wrong with the aircraft…eventually we got to leave and managed to get our asses to the hotel in Curitiba. Tonight we have a dinner and then it’s off to a signing session at a local rock bar…I spent the hour we had before going out, doing e-mail work, we’re setting up the European Tour etc etc, there’s always something going on that needs to be attended to.

The signing session was a lot of fun since we met some of our friends from Dragonforce later on, they’re on tour with Epica here and of course we had to share some drinks.

Thursday 5.3.2015 - Curitiba, Brazil
Spent the whole day sleeping….wonder why ? At around 1500 the band went out to look for dinner but since nothing interesting was open nearby, we decided to return to the hotel and eat there. Some of the boys who had attended breakfast weren’t too optimistic about the food but luckily it was quite good and everyone was happy. When we arrived at the venue our guys weren’t ready still so we had to wait around for about an hour…they’ve seemed to have had a hard day (they were also at the bar last night ;-)) ….as soon as we got everything done most of the pack went back to the hotel for a couple of hours, me & Pasi & Tero stayed at the venue….too lazy to go anywhere. When it was time for the show we were all back to life and ready to rock. It was a nice one, really hot but who cares. Elias in ears broke just before the encore so we had to take a little longer to get back on stage while he changed earpieces. Tony did a bass solo at that time which was…hmm…entertaining ;-) It actually sounded a bit like Primus regardless of the fact that he really can’t play bass…or hardly can… Anyways, all was well and dandy and we did our signing session etc before heading back to the hotel. Tomorrow the lobby call is at 0715 to fly to Porto Alegre and we have a show in the evening so I better get to sleep. It’s just impossible to go straight to bed after a show since you’re so worked up so I’ll start watching something on netflix and hope to pass out as soon as possible.

Friday 6.3.2015 - Travel Day & Porto Alegre, Brazil
Got up and away, towards the last show of the Brazilian part of the tour. I’m writing this a few days later and can hardly remember anything from this day. Was it so ”normal” ? Sleep deprivation kicking in ? I have no idea…I guess it went well….Anyways I’ll write some more if I remember something later on…(edit:appeareantly I didn’t)

Saturday 7.3.2015 - Travel Day ( Porto Alegre - Sao Paulo - Buenos Aires)
12 hours of traveling pretty much sums the day. Slept a bunch on the first flight but for some reason (karma?) we had been bumped up to business class on the second flight which of course was very nice. I watched the Stephen Hawkings movie, whatever it was called and it was really interesting. We pretty much jumped into a couple of cabs straight from the airport and went to Slash concert…even saw 4-5 songs which was cool. It was a pre-arranged thing by our promoter Christian. Thanks man !!
When we came back to the hotel in Buenos Aires we met some crew guys from Ministry and went out to a metal bar. Really nice guys and one of them is actually from Finland so we had a lot to talk about….and a lot of friends in common.

Sunday 8.3.2015 - Buenos Aires, Argentina
The day started out pretty basic, sleeping as much as possible, eating etc. By the time
we headed for the venue and the show, everything was right on track. Our show tonight was really hot, 30-32 degrees Celcius on stage, it was a lot of fun but damn it was tiresome. After the show we did the usual signed poster meet & greet thing with 200 people so it was really late when we finally got to leave the venue and go back to the hotel. At the hotel we met up with some of the Ministry guys (who also had a show tonight) and spent some time hanging by the pool and drinking.

Monday 9.3.2015 - Day off no 1 (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
I spent most of the day resting since last nights show & party was a bit much to handle. In the evening our friend Tarja Turunen and her husband Marcelo had invited us for some BBQ at their home. It was a truly nice evening, excellent food, some red wine and a really laid back atmosphere. A really welcomed break from the usual touring routine and all that goes with it.

Tuesday 10.3.2015 - Travel Day (Buenos Aires - Santiago)
Was a bit tired in the morning since we got ”home” at around 1-2 in the night. No problem though, we got our shit together and flew to Santiago. Met up with our friend Eddie, our host from last year and had a few drinks at the hotel. Quite tiresome day all in all , I guess the traveling is starting to take it’s toll since we really haven’t party that much on this tour. Only a few drinks here and there most of the time.

Wednesday 11.3.2015- Santiago, Chile
This time we got to play a venue we haven’t played before. Our crew had a hell of a day since nothing was really working but in the end they managed to get everything close enough to do the show. Did a meet & greet etc etc some intie stuff for our fanclub here and whatnot. The show itself went quite well. I think it was here that Elias pre-amp broke down so from now on it’ll be interesting to hear what kind of sounds he’ll get.

Thursday 12.3.2015- Travel Day (Santiago- Antofagasta)
Wake up, flight, normal hassles, arrived to the hotel.Dinner. Then some of us went out walking to the beach and ….yeah had a couple of coctails. As you can see the days start to become more or less the same as the previous ones. Either we travel or we play or we do both.

Friday 13.3.2015 - Antofagasta, Chile
This was one of the new cities for us on this tour….but the showday was as the ones so far ;-) Got up in the afternoon (in fact I woke up around 9 since someone started doing some renovation work in the hotel, banging and shit) , headed to the venue for soundcheck. Did a meet & greet and got ready for the show. The stage today was downright dangerous with big gaps in between raisers etc. and on top of that it was Friday the 13th, luckily nobody got hurt and we pulled through. Decided to go to bed asap after the show since tomorrow was gonna be around 12 hours of traveling + we’re on our way to La Paz which is the highest place I’ve ever been. I remember the times in Bogota and having a bit of a problem to breathe so I wanted to be extra careful since this was gonna be around 1km higher. Still jumped up from the show I fell asleep at just after 0400…

Saturday 14.3.2015 - Travel Day (Antofagasta- Iquique - La Paz)

….and woke up at 0830 for some reason…spent an hour trying to sleep some more but it didn’t really work out. Well, I don’t mind being overly tired on airplanes since it sucks anyway so it doesn’t matter. Last night I got the internet working, finally…they’ve mispelled my name Klingerberg so no wonder I couldn’t log in. Well, that’s life I guess. At least my phone was working ;-) Anyways, off we go. The first flight to Iguigue wasn’t too bad but then it started to get interesting. We had a ticket that said Iguigue-La Paz but it turned out that we had to make 2 stops on the way that weren’t mentioned anywhere….interesting. The first stop was in Santa Cruz and we had to go out of the plane and sit for awhile and then we could go back in….they also took our luggage…of course why not ? It was however the same plane since we had the same seats and I did fold one of the magazines just to make sure. The second stop was in …actually I forgot that one, but there we could remain in the plane for around 20min before it was time to take off again. Talk about random selection. I’m sure there’s a logical explanation to why this is the best way to do it but at the moment it doesn’t seem to clear to me…be that as it may we had a lot of people waiting at the airport and of course it bacame more or less a chaos…eventually we got in to the van and headed for the hotel. Had a late night dinner and then it was time to get to sleep after midnight. They had some kinda band playing underneath my window at a plaza and that party took awhile but eventually it was quiet enough, or I was tired enough to fall asleep.


  1. I'm starting to see why you told me "I HATE FLYING" last time, lol. No wonder, when it's so messy.

    Man, has the second killer South American tour finally broken Pasi? First he gets sick, then he's "too lazy" to go thing we know he'll actually start sleeping and shit!

    Also, did somebody curse Elias? Voodoo, maybe? All his gear is breaking!! Poor thing.

    Seems like despite the lack of sleep you're still having fun and rocking out though, which is what matters :)

  2. Oh also, I noticed your Japanese dates are super close to the European ones, are you gonna go straight to Japan from Poland or try to get home and "walk around the table", as we say in my dialect? ;)

    1. We're flying straight to Japan after the European rest for the wicked !!

    2. Ahah I thought so. Probably hell of a lot cheaper, too. It's been a while since you've been there, I think it's Pasi's first time, even! Everything is gonna be so tiny for him, hee!

  3. Well, I'll be seeing you guys in Mexico this Sunday... but I do have to wonder... are you guys aware that some of us make "dream" setlists like this one?

    Like... I am realistic, and know most of those there won't be played, but yeah... as amazing as it may seem, some of us would prefer Misplaced over FullMoon... ah well, just thought I'd bring it up... even if it's just for a laugh (:

    Best of luck on Sunday, and see you there!

  4. Hi Henkka!
    Indeed you took quite some time to post this post (lol) but of course it's understandable considering how tough must be being on tour and living in a rush almost everytime. Still, I'm so glad and thankful to you for having this blog! A space when you can tell your experiences with the band and we fans can write directly to you, with no webmasters or other intermediaries. Thanks!! :D

    I'll check on Youtube if there are videos of Tony playing that bass solo. If he does sound a little like Les Claypool, I think he should be do it more often on stage! That idea reminded me once when I was watching your 'Live in Finland' show. During the acoustic part when you guys are all around the campfire (I believe it was during 'Letter to Dana') there's one moment when the camera focus at you and you stared at it with such a hilarious "the hell I'm doing with this goddamn guitar"-like expression that I can't do anything but laugh as hell everytime I remember it. You're awesome man :') did you have trouble in that part of the show?

    Also I loved the pic of you dinning with Tarja in Argentina!!! She's awesome too, would be amazing if you guys work with her on a song someday! :)

    For now I have to say that I hope you had a very good time here in Peru. Thanks for all the magic you showed last night on stage. You are the best, I've been a Sonata Arctica fan since 2008 and I'll be it 'til the end. Cheers man, I'm anxious to read the post about your 3 days here! :)
    Oh and sorry to Tony for the asshole who was bothering him on stage. And sorry to your crew guy whom we called 'Justin' both last and this year hahahaha. Hope he wasn't cursing us when he was testing the microphones. :P

  5. your blog is amazing. I look forward to reading about your visit to Peru.You're amazing blue eyes! Greetings and Kisses! (thegirlofthedolls)

  6. Ah, the trials n' tribulations of traveling via plane. Gotta love it, eh? Interesting happenings in Inquique-La Paz, indeed!
    Sometimes some of those little "hassles" are blessings in disguises. So glad everything turned out alright with the aircraft in Rio, and everyone is safe.

    Ha! Would have loved to see & hear Tony's bass solo. Nice of him to give Pasi a little breather. ;-)

    You finding it difficult to fall asleep after playing a show is totally understandable! Reminds me of myself after coming home from a great revved up and on a high that it's impossible to sleep. Then when I finally do, the events of the night play over again in my dreams(Sometimes...if it was really awesome). A sure sign to me that it was magical!:-D...memories of last September are coming back to me now...~sigh~

    So cool your tour manger arranged for you guys to see Slash's concert. Too bad you didn't get to meet him. I'm sure you would have liked that. OMG, Miles Kennedy's (didn't know about him until today) voice is awesome! Very pleasing to the ears. Slash's guitar playing goes without saying.

    Really nice you got to spend a relaxing evening with Tarja and her husband.:-)

    Oh dear! Looks like Elias is getting the bad luck with his equipment this time. Let's hope it doesn't continue...and seriously, I hope he doesn't break his new guitar string-breaking record. Your vortex seems to be behaving. That's good! :-)
    Also hoping the high altitudes in La Paz didn't affect your breathing too badly, if at all...that must be a really uncomfortable feeling. :-( Also glad you guys didn't fall in between the raisers and get hurt. Do you guys have any say in how the stage is set up?...btw, you're not superstitious, are you?

  7. Sounds like you guys are having a blast! Very interesting stories Henkka! Sorry about the airport chaos tho. I hope to see you guys in Toronto canada again soon!

    How are you and the guys doing?