Saturday, May 30, 2015

SA:On the Road: Pictures from Ecliptica over Europe & PC Japan Tour

Hola people,
here are a bunch of pics that I took during the Ecliptica over Europe and Pariah's Child Japan Tours, 
have at it !!!

The first pizza of the tour @Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

People in line for the first show in Lille, France.

Uplifting signs on the toiletdoor in the bus ;-)

Appareantly we're playing the same size venues that KISS does...

Tommy living on the edge...

What I ate today...can't remember where though..

Meet Joonas the young hipster of the crew !!

Yeah, I was also at some part of the Berlin Wall.

The fans gave us this...nice...or maybe not ?

Bologna rooftops from the hotel.

Same place, same thing...almost.

5 people in the photobooth after lunch ;-)

In the evening I had some cheesecake in Bologna.

Backstage surprise in always the catering was super !!

Suomi tattoo ;-) Pic taken during the aftershow party in Budapest.

Mikko's glasses & a bad hair day doesn't really work...

Check-in Chaos in Berlin on our way to Japan.

Freaks on the plane part 1.

Freaks on the plane part 2.

Hiroshima from the air...I think...

Arrival day dinner with the boys.

First aftershow dinner in Hiroshima, a small hamburger...
..and no it wasn't for me.

At the same single women or couples can go
to the bathroom...single men not so much ?

Hotel views: Hiroshima.

Meeting old friends.

...and new ones as well.

These toilets are always just as awesome as ever !!

Lunch beer, wasn't really that good.

London Tearoom, where I had the beer shown in the previous picture.

Found this in Osaka, don't know what it is.

Hotel view: Osaka

At the Osaka HRC, they remembered us from before, wonder why ?

A rare thing, Tommys Colt lighter which is old enough to
run out of gas...this never happends, you always lose the lighter 
before it runs out....

Pekka made himself a sandwich

Testing a new Roland keyboard on the train.

Hotel view: Tokyo by Night

Hotel view: Tokyo by day

Someone buy me this car, thank you !!

Car vindow pic of Tokyo.

Backstage at the last venue they had a beer vending machine ;-)

...and a pool...

...and a seaside view...

...and some trophies....

...and the time for Singapole, a new karaoke/strip bar.

I heard that some parts of Kill Bill was shot here, just
found out when we went for aftershow drinks...

...and I think this was a wall that was smashed in the movie. I
have to check that out...

A perfect way to end the tour with some Dom Perignon in the bar. A big thanks
to this gentleman who thought it would be cool to buy a bottle for me & tommy. He
was right, it was cool as hell. Thank you Japan.



  1. I dunno man, hipster glasses are a good look on you. I might be slightly biased though ;)

  2. I want to see you in Detroit DTE!!!!

  3. From the looks of it, only the middle of that pizza was edible. o_O What was wrong with the rest of it?
    Sound bathroom advice...hope ya'll used it!;-)
    KISS - Yes, aren't you playing at a couple festivals they'll be playing at? Maybe E.vil will cross paths with Wicked Lester again. ;-)
    Dangerous, Tommy, dangerous!! Lol!
    Hey, Joonas! What is he in charge of?
    Hmmm...the guy in the upper right-hand corner of that photobooth pic looks awfully familiar...can't put my finger on it...
    The lenses of Mikko's glasses can't be good for your eyes...bad hair day? from where I'm sitting, doesn't look so. :-)
    Freaks on a plane, coming to a city near you!! ;-P
    Dunno why that fancy gadget toilet makes me laugh...well, I do know. Japan has everything you can imagine under the sun, don't they? :-)
    Not quite the same but that Pekka sandwich reminds me of Bon Jovi's "Have A Nice Day"
    YES! That looks like the wall from Kill Bill!! Good movie.
    Now I want cake!!All this food and drink is making me hungry now, thanks Henkka! No, really thanks for sharing these great I have to get something to eat...