Monday, June 15, 2015

SA:On the Road: Joensuu w/NW, COB & Insomnium

Friday 5.6.2015
Met up with Tommy at the trainstation just after 10 in the evening for our 12h+ journey
to Joensuu. Had an evening meal and then watched Braking Bad for awhile before I fell asleep.

Saturday 6.6.2015
We had to get up at 0530 to switch trains in Tampere….and then in Riihimäki…and once more in Lahti. Some hours later we arrived in Joensuu and headed for the hotel and some rest before the show. Some netflix and couple of hours of sleep later it was 
time to head for the venue. We got lucky in the way that the rain (of course) started just as we had finished our set. It was a quite cold gig but otherwise we had a good time. Spent the evening checking out CoB and later Nightwish….after all was done we spent some time at the hotel bar with our friends from Kemi and of course a whole bunch from the other bands were present as well.

Sunday 7.6.2015
Got up just before noon and then me & Tommy headed for the train. Felt a bit under the
weather but nothing too bad, Spent the time in the train on my phone, reading the news, occasional drinks and food and around 10 hours later we got to Kemi and managed to drag our asses home. Short weekend, lots of travel as usual and I nice
gig ;-) The hunting season is now open and we’ll go on like this until the end of August when we end this World Tour.Next stop Grasspop in Belgium.




  1. Wish you all a great summer with fantastic festivals! Keeping the live music alive !!
    Btw ... what is the purpose of the hunt? Even more heart of fans ??? :D

  2. wait you have to get all the way down to Riihimäki to get to Joensuu?? How does that make any sense? VR sometimes has some weird-ass ideas of what's a viable route...

    1. Well, we could have gone all the way to Tikkurila, like a couple of our friends did so....shit happens....

    2. I guess it's better than driving all the way there ;) Joensuu is kind of a pain to reach, from what I've seen! Thankfully you'll be playing here on my home turf soon...twice, from what I hear ;)

  3. Kiitos vielä! :) Tyypillinen suomen kesä, edellisinä ja seuraavina päivinä paistoi aurinko oikein mukavasti mutta ei tietenkään juuri kyseisenä iltana ;) En ymmärtänyt aiemmin tuota teidän tänne matkustamis-ongelmaa ennen kuin olisi pitänyt päästä Ouluun, matka olisi kestänyt 10h ja maksanut 75€... Lapsen kanssa! Ei mitään järkeä. Onko Olavinlinnan keikalle odotettavissa mitään spesiaali-settiä? :)

  4. Olavinlinnassa on kyllä spessuhommaa, ja nuo matkustamisethan on aina ongelma kun soittoajat/aikataulut on ennalta määrättyjä. Eipä oo eka kerta ja tuskin viimeinen.....part of the job.