Friday, June 26, 2015

SA:On the Road: Grasspop / Belgium

Friday 19.6.2015
Once again it was time to take the overnight train in order to get to the Helsinki-Vantaa
airport in time for our morning flight to Brussels. At around 1930 the train left and some hours later at 0630 we arrived in Tikkurila. Spent the evening watching stuff on the computer and didn’t really get a good nights sleep, but whattahell, that’s part of the festival season anyways.

Saturday 20.6.2015
In the morning we took a cab to the airport and met up with the rest of the gang. Basic check-in hassles and some sausages later we were ready to board the plane. Our friends from Korpiklaani were also on the same flight with us. Let’s see what kind of trouble we can find in the evening after work ;-) Anyways, at the hotel our rooms weren’t ready but we managed to do the check-in and then we left for the festival. Grasspop is one of the best organized festivals anywhere so it was a really easy day and everything worked. At around 1745 we hit the mainstage with our 50min set, after us there was only Alice Cooper and Judas Priest left to play on our stage. The other mainstage still had Five Finger Death Punch and Slipknot if I’m not totally mistaken…after the show we had a couple of interviews and a signing session….and then a few drinks before it was time to leave….we met our friends from Battle Beast as we were leaving, nice to see the guys again….
 ….be that as it may our departure was quite early and we proceeded to enjoy a nice evening at the hotel, having some drinks (no surprise here) outside. After losing to Joonas at the pool table it was time to call it a night.

Sunday 21.6.2015
Lobby call at 0830 wasn’t too bad, even managed to get some breakfast before it was time to leave. First by van to the airport in Brussels, then fly to Helsinki and from there to Rovaniemi…and then home by train….was in Kemi at 2230 so the whole day was traveling…..and boring as usual. Luckily the show last night was great and now we have until next weekend before we play a corporate event about an hour drive from home. Until then.




  1. A corporate event? Music business or are you gonna play for a bunch of suits? ;)

  2. So much traveling for only 50 mins playtime... damn. But at least it seems to have been relaxed, and yay for meeting friends :)

    Uh.... corporate event? What's that?

  3. What corporate event? It doesn't appear anywhere on your site, is it a private party or something? Cheers!

  4. I'm so tired this morning that I checked the blog and I thought the title of the post was "Gossip in Belgium"...

  5. Check the next post regarding the corporate event thing ;-) ...and yes some of the people were in suits and it was a private party.