Thursday, July 2, 2015

SA:On the Road:Onnisfest, Kiiminki Finland

Saturday 27.6.2015
This was a special one, a big company in Finland threw a summer party for
their peeps and partners. A whole bunch had gathered in the middle of the forest, next to a creek…a truly beautiful place indeed…other acts on the bill was for example Pandora so the setup was indeed interesting. We left from home in the early afternoon since the place was only around 130km from where we live. I drove there with my car and Tommy & Tapsa (backline tech of the day) joined me. Upon arrival it was raining like hell…luckily it stopped for a bit while we were playing and by the time we left we had sunshine…The show itself was a quick one and after loading the gearvan we headed back home. On the way we got hungry so we stopped for some burgers. Also featured were a couple of hockey players (Niinimaa & Kukkonen) showing off the Finnish Championship Cup, Poika….so all in all it seemed that the organizers tried and succeeded in pleasing everyone…and of course there was an open bar as well. Anyways, this was a really different kinda show but a lot of fun and it’s always nice to be back home around 2 hours after the show ;-) The next stop will be a string of dates in Europe, 4 shows in 5 days….which will be a nice change of pace from the 1 show per weekend summerstyle.




  1. Nice! Ah, so it was for a hockey organization? Sounds like a cool setting for a summer party. Niinimaa's name wasn't familiar so I checked...apparently he had a Habs connection at one point. :-)...and it seems there are several bands that call themselves Pandora...anyhow sounds like it was a nice time. :-)

  2. No it's somekinda industrial company whatever....the Pandora at the party would be this one:

  3. Haha...was feeling like I fell into a 90's time warp, then I saw the description! That's quite different indeed...but I suppose with having so many people with varied tastes the company did manage to get a little something for everyone. :-) Finnish artist? She was apparently big in Japan at one time.

    Sending positive vibes that you'll have clear skies(no rain!) during the week ahead...and awesome shows, of course! ;-)

  4. Pandora is from Sweden....