Thursday, July 30, 2015

SA:On the Road: Olavinlinna, Savonlinna, Finland

Saturday 25.7. - Travel Day
Me & Tommy decided it would be a good idea to hitchike with our pyroguy Ari. Well,
I think it was ;-) Anyways we took the evening train to Oulu where we waited in a bar,
for an hour or so for Ari to pack his gear and pick us up, he did the pyros for the Amaranthe show at Qstock. Anyways we drove close to Iisalmi where we stayed overnight at our friend Mikas mansion. Did some beers & sauna and enjoyed the nice
summer evening.

Sunday 26.7. - Travel & Olavinlinna
Started the day with some 300km by car and then we arrived in Savonlinna. Tommy & I were dropped off at the hotel to get some sleep and a late lunch. Later it was time to go to the castle and do soundcheck. The venue was a really special one, there should be a report about it on our FB page somewhere. Our show tonight was a special one, we did two 45min sets with a 30min break in between. In the beginning of the 2nd set we did 5 acoustic songs…always interesting and scary at the same time ;-) All in all I think the show went well despite having a sitting audience which always is a bit weird for some reason. Our friends and fans were however very loud and into it so no complaints here…. After the show we had some drinks in front of the hotel before checking out the nightlife and catching up with some friends of ours.

Monday 28.7. Travel Day
Now it was Punky’s turn to drive and yours truly and Tommy riding shotgun. It took us most of the day to get back home….boring but  that’s how it is ;-) Eventually I got to my house and more or less went straight to bed. It was a hard but fun weekend. Next up
Tampere with NW & COB and Kuopio.




  1. I'm happy you guys are getting to do these special fancy-smancy shows. It sounds definitely interesting!

    Can't wait for tomorroooowwwww. It's been too long and I've been missing you dudes like CRAZY, yo.

  2. Sounds like a great way to end your (Saturday) traveling day! :-) Were the 5 acoustic songs ones that SA has never performed that way before? Loud is good. Glad you guys had fun, that's the main thing, right? ;-) Enjoy Tampere and Kuopio!!

    1. I think it was, Tallulah, Black Sheep, Shamandalie, Cloud Factory and some "old" and some never heard before...

    2. Yeah, I heard Black Sheep and Cloud Factory the other night on Youtube. Are you guys slowly turning Country on us? haha... The latter, especially, has that kinda feel. I fits though. Love what y'all did with Black Sheep, and the piano sounds beautiful!

  3. Hyvä että joku edes löysi yöelämää tai sitten etsittiin vääristä paikoista :D löydettiin kuitenkin pappa joka kyynel silmäkulmassa tilitti että en oo kyllä koskaan kuullut koko bändistä mutta kyllä meinasi itku tulla keikan aikana kun oli niin hieno kokemus. Ja oli tuo Savonlinnan keikka kyllä helvetin hieno kokemus, ympäristö, valot, pommit kaikkineen bändiä unohtamatta ;) kiitoksia jälleen kerran...

  4. wasn't there but the pics from the Savonlinna show looked like it was fucking amazing!! Ideas or a next dvd.. shoot it in a castle? does have quite the atmosphere doesn't it? :)
    Speaking of videoing stuff, little late perhaps btw but i saw some fanshot footage of your show at graspop earlier this summer and i saw a pro camera guy hovering around the stage but no 'official' graspop footage of your show to be found. You know anything about that?

    Anyhow, jealous of all the Finns who get to see you, NW + COB all in one show!! That would be an absolute dream come true...

    1. They did shoot some stuff at Grasspop yes, just can't remember for what or when or where....we're not doing a DVD now anyways so....