Tuesday, August 11, 2015

SA:On the Road: Tampere & Kuopio, Finland

Friday 31.7. Travel & Ratina Stadion, Tampere
In the morning Tony, Tommy & myself jumped on the train in Kemi…at the Kokkola
station Pasi joined us and soon enough we were in Tampere to take part in Nightwish biggest show in Finland yet. The Ratina Stadion is quite huge and the setup was spectacular. NW were also filming this show (for a DVD I suppose). We spent the day just hanging around (or actually the few hours we had between arrival and show)…but minutes before we were supposed to go onstage the FOH desk stopped working. In laymens terms, there were no sound coming out to the audience. Some minutes later we got another one instead and managed to go on just some 15 or so minutes late. The show itself was quite ok, my wireless midi was being a bit nutty at times as well as the soundswitch pedal but it just goes to show that the tour is about to end since the gear have had enough ;-) I just hope my stuff will hold up until we’re done. Next year I get something new and it’s ON again. After the show we partied for a bit and checked out the nightlife as well….or at least some of us did.

Saturday 1.8. Travel & RockCock, Kuopio
Got up at some point…missed breakfast…jumped in the van and it was off to Kuopio and the other gig this weekend. Once we arrived we spent some time resting in the dressing room….eating candy and other unhealty crap. The show was a bit better for me since there was no gear hickups. After the show we watched Haloo Helsinki! Which really worked great in a live setting, cool show etc. Headed out to the bars with some friends and had a really good time. The guys left for home in the morning but I went Southbound since the next trip would be already early Wednesday so I decided to have some time off in between… a vacation if you will, but that’s a whole other story. Next up Leyendas del Rock in Spain.




  1. Ohhh that's why you were a little late! And I noticed your problems with the keys but I doubt anybody else did lol. It was a great show anyway! It felt like a million years since I'd seen you guys!

    Also thank you for giving me the excuse to finally see Floor live. Not being a Nightwish fan I wouldn't have shelled out for this if you guys hadn't been on the bill too! But it was worth it. She's out of this world.

    Well it's almost over and the last show is getting close! I can't wait. Wonder if you'll check out the nightlife then as well so we can buy y'all a few? ;)

    1. I wish we could but we're leaving at night with the train since the hotel situation is hopeless in Tampere. Due to this one Cheek named artist who's doing a show on the very same night as us. That bastard ;-)

    2. oh fuck, that's right! Damn Cheek! And there's also a thing on Vikiinsari or something with Turmion Kätilöt, all my friends coming over for this show have had trouble finding a place to stay. I didn't think you would have trouble too :( Ah well, hopefully the train is not too early so we can at least say goodnight outside Pakkis and give y'all presents and cookies and stuff :)

  2. Oh! And I hope you had a good time in the south and caught the nice butt-end of summer we've been having :)

  3. Hi,

    I read your keyboard faq and wanted to ask:
    Do you have any expansion cards in Fantom XR/ JV-2080?
    Did you sell the Kurzweil K2500? How does it compare to K2000?

  4. No no expansion cards...I think...the K2500 have more memory at least, dunno about other main differences...76 keys instead of 61...I still have the K2500 as well as a K2000 and a K2000R