Wednesday, August 12, 2015

SA:On the Road: Leyendas del Rock, Villena, Spain

Wednesday 5.8. - Travel Day
Actually we all got to the hotel in Helsinki on Tuesday night already, some earlier and some later. At around 0400 it was time to get up and go to the airport to do the check-in etc. Everyone was a bit tired but the check-in went rather smooth even with our pile of baggage that we drag around with us. I fell asleep as soon as we got on the plane and woke up more or less when the wheels hit the ground in Alicante. Some hassles with finding the shuttle, and the way to the shuttle and the guys that should go in the shuttle….anyways we ended up in a couple of vans and headed towards the hotel. After checking in I decided I needed a break so I went to my room and stayed there for the next 24 hours. No I won’t explain. The rest of the boys splitted up in groups and went for walks, drinks, dinner and what have you.

Thursday 6.8. Leyendas del Rock, Villena, Spain
Got up around noon and went outside and OMG it was unbeliavably hot. Intolarable almost…some 37-38 degrees celcius. In the afternoon the shuttle picked us up and we went for the festival…still hot as hell. Luckily the backstage container had some sort of AC so we could get down the heat a few degrees but it was still hot as hell. Checked out a few songs from Amaranthe and then me & Elias did some interviews and stuff. By the time we hit the stage it was 36 on stage but as Pasi pointed out, just like a regular club show in South-America ;-) The show went quite alright except for a few mishaps. The sustain pedal on my rented keyboard played some tricks before giving up and Tommy almost had his fingers chopped off by a flying cymbal. Our computer failed at one time…but then again, who needs a computer anyway ;-) After the show we had some dinner before we left for the hotel. I stayed up awhile with Pekka our drumtech but got tired pretty quickly and went to bed.

Friday 7.8. Travel Day
Up again just before 0400 for the lobby call. About a 30-45min…hell if I know, drive to the airport and then the check-in and off we go hunting for breakfast. The crew already got their hopes up when they saw the Burger King sign but it wasn’t open at this hour, so sandwiches for everyone !! Got on the plane and some hours later we landed in Helsinki at 1210. The glory of living up north is that the connections are great, for example today our flight back home from Helsinki leaves at 2135 so some 9 hours to enjoy the airport….or not. A friend of ours picked me & Tommy up and we went to another friends tattoo place and I got a new picture….yey me ;-) Later we had some dinner at this great italian place nearby and even got to ride around in Helsinki for a little while (oh the joys of being a tourist). Got dropped off at the airport and headed for the flight home….in the plane there were some older dudes (60+) getting drunk and talking like hell…I hope we don’t end up like that…or maybe that’s the whole point. Anyway I got home at around 2330 and watched some netflix before I went to bed. Next up Runnirock & Sabaton open air + a shitload of driving !!!




  1. You won't explain and I won't pry, but I hope you're all right.

    Ahhhh new ink I'm SO jealous. I've been itching for new ink for a long time but money and language barriers always get in the way. What is it, can we see it? :D

    I doubt you're gonna end up like that. I've seen y'all drunk and you're all so quiet and well behaved compared to the Finnish standards ;)

  2. Haha, I'm ok, just too much party and too little sleep so I had to really get a proper rest, no worries ;-) Not gonna post a pic of the tattoo..sorry.

    1. Good :) ready for some time off, huh?

      And it's fine. If it's not in a secret place I guess I'll see it soon enough :P

  3. Hey Henrik! Can you post some pictures of all your tattoo, because I am interested in them.. And can you post more pictures of SA gig`s and travels?

    -A picture tells more than a thousand words-

    1. I won't post a pic of my tattoos ;-) ..but I will go through what I have from the summer once all the festivals are done and post some pics from the road...I don't think I've taken that many this summer for some reason so let's see what I'll find ;-)

  4. Breaks are important from time to time :)