Monday, August 17, 2015

SA:On the Road: Runnirock, Finland & Sabaton Open Air, Falun, Sweden.

Friday 14.8. Travel & Runnirock
The busweekend for a lifetime, coming right up ;-)  Tony & Tommy & I took the morning train to Iisalmi, in Ylivieska we were joined by Pasi. When we arrived we got a cabride to the Genelec-headquarters where we met up with the other guys. We got a 2 hour tour of the facilities as well as some gifts and then we also got to check out some of the speakers in action. A really interesting way to start off our working day. When we were done with the tour we headed for Runni and the Runnirock festival. Spent the evening hanging out and eating (great food btw) and at 2330 it was time to hit the stage. This time of the year it’s quite cold outside so it was a bit of a pain in the ass to get the show going but once we warmed up it went really well. After the show we took some quick showers and boarded the bus with a vengeance since we had some 1300km+ to drive
to Falun.

Saturday 15.8. Travel & Sabaton Open Air
Spent the day in the bus, still driving. After 16 hours total we arrived at the festival just 10 minutes before our signing session was about to start. We had to delay the beginning a little bit so we could freshed up. After the signing we were supposed to have an interview but there were some mixup so that fell through. No worries though, were here to play, not to talk ;-) Once again it was a bit cold but not as bad as yesterday. The reason I’m bitchin about the cold weather is because it’s next to impossible to play fast stuff and piano noodeling when your fingers are freezing. Just take a computer keyboard and go outside during the winter and try to type a letter and you’ll see what I mean ;-) Nevetheless no big mishaps during the show. We did film and record it for future use…No there won’t be a DVD from this tour but we might use some of the stuff as bonus material somewhere…have yet to see how it looks though…
After the show we took some quick showers and packed the bus and once again it was time to hit the road.

Sunday 16.8. More Travel ;-)
Some 1000km later I got home, this was probably the first time I’m the one who gets dropped off first ;-) It was just after noon so it wasn’t too bad either. The rest of the boys, especially those living in the south had some more driving to do but everyone got home before midnight…I think…Next up is the last 2 shows on this world tour in a few days. The last show in Tampere will be a very special one since we’ll play the Ecliptica thing for the last time…we’ll also throw in some acoustic stuff and whatnot…no support bands, only SA. This will also be the last show this year and we won’t be playing in Finland before the summer of 2016 so get your fix now, while it’s still available ;-)




  1. I can't even type a text during the winter unless I'm inside (I don't wear gloves) so I totally get that frustration! Good thing the Tampere show is not outside then ;) I can't waaaaait. It's shaping up to be a big party so we'll have fun :)

    But booo, a whole year without you guys. I'm gonna wither and die :(

  2. I live close to the Equator, it's never cold here, so I won't be able to do the typing challenge :) I believe you though.

  3. I don't doubt it being a challenge to play in the cold like that. If I could've, I'd have sent you guys some of our hot weather. We're melting over here!! But, you got through it and had good shows so, thumbs up! :-) Just two more to go! Kick some ass and have a blast!

    Eager to find out eventually what you'll do with the footage you shot!

  4. Thank you so much for last night. The show was amazing (especially knowing how tired you were!) And it was such a good time to have so many friends over for it. And of course you all were totally sweet as usual. I already miss you all, it's gonna be a long, LONG winter...

    Hope you got home all right and got some sleep! Enjoy your time off :)

    (I'm also super sad I didn't get to say goodnight to Punky properly since we won't see him anymore. I'm gonna miss him but I'm sure he'll be all right...)