Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Silent Voices & E.VIL: On the Road: Pics from the EU Tour 2015

Here are some pics from the Darkest Night EU Tour of 2015 ;-)

Rehearsing with Timo in Kokkola before the tour.

On our way towards Helsinki and the airport...

The Backseat boys in the van we got in Amsterdam, only around 6000km left
to go. As you can see there's not really that much space ;-)

Dinner on our first night of the tour.

Some of the support band guys getting ready for the first
show in Duisburg.

Our apartment in Poland. Not too bad.

The first of many driving pics, I would guess we're in Poland still.

Another one, later that day....

...on our way towards Italy.

Taking a break somewhere in the Alps.

Bologna, Italy, with my roomie for tonight, Timo.

Eyes wide  and onwards in Italy.

The leaning tower of Pisa.

More of the same....

I am the burger king, I can eat anything !!

In Parma we got somethings to nibble on while having
some beers in the hotel lobby.

A rare photo of me having breakfast...also in Parma.

Found some white wine travel packs at the local Lidl.

The Titty Twister in Parma, with Teemu doing something, I guess.

Some familiar dudes behind the merch table in Parma.

Goodbye Italy !

Wine & Cheese night at the hotel in Munich.

...and some Swans on our way to the grocery store the next morning.

The supportband keys & drums, still going strong.

The sunshine hostel in Prague.

..and the sign at the Exit-Us club. I did have to talk to the
soundguy anyways...and he wasn't really that deaf.

Self-portrait in Prague...

On our way to Switzerland, I love the warm weather !

Elvis was at the show @Hall of Fame.

A flyer for the show. Shitty pic though with the glare and all.

Breakfast in Wetzikon, Switzerland after the show at the Hall of
Fame. I heard that Billy Idol also stayed at this hotel when he came here
to play.

...and this is what I had for breakfast.

On the road again, this was before we got lost.

Still not lost, having a good time.

Ok, now we're lost, the road ends and no bridge. Well
wait, there's a ferry !

Setting up the last show on this part of the tour in Weert.

Look at my mighty keyboard stand !

On our way towards Finland, the famous 38e burger & cider.

Here is the whole gang at the airport in Helsinki before 
jumping into another van and driving up north.

On our way from Kokkola to Helsinki for the last show.

Traditional Finnish snack on the way.

...and so ends another tour, on my way home in the train after the Helsinki
show. This was fun but I guess it'll take some time before we do it again.



  1. WELL thank you for the early morning beefcake, I needed that ;)

    Anyways! Looks like you big dudes squeezed in a tiny van had fun! :) Lots of Lidl food I see (and those little wine packs are for cooking, not for drinking! They were probably hella nasty! :P) and I'm pretty sure I know what that service station up in the Alps is! The windiest service station and also the last decent coffee before crossing the border ;)

    1. Haha, I didn't know they were for cooking....wasn't that bad though ;-)

    2. Yeah, we use them to make risotto and stuff like that! I actually kinda miss them, it's not easy to find cheap wine in Finland ;)

  2. "Had no one seen the bridge? Where's that confounded bridge?!" :-P Hope Zeppelin was part of Teemu's roadtrip playlist! Your keyboard stand...now that's a great example of "state of the art" equipment! ;-) Love the pics. Always look forward to them!

  3. It's a pitty I missed your show in Prague, it could be fun to meet you again. Maybe next time wit SV or SA. Looking forward to your new stuff ;)