Monday, December 7, 2015

Bottle Message 7.12.2015

Hola peeps, let’s see what’s going on:

Silent Voices & E.Vil finished the tour as you probably already
saw. Some shirts are still available at the official SA fanclub

Klingenberg Syndrome 2 : Still finishing up the stuff as well
as working on the cover etc… 

Winterborn: Some more songs have been popping in , still
no clue about when it’ll be out. Might do a show or two with
them next year though ;-)

Secret Rule: Yeah, I didn’t join another band, no worries….
…however I did play keyboards for their upcoming album.
A bunch of great songs and it was a lot of fun to work on this
thing. It should be out sometime next year, check it out.

Here’s some more info about the band:

Freeride: I’m also playing some organ on a track by my friends
band, it should also be out next year. Totally different from what
I usually do, this is a blues band. Check it out: 

I think that’s all for now, looking forward to have a short Christmas
break once I get these things done…and in January 2016 the Sonata
Arctica mayhem is starting again. Meanwhile enjoy our Christmas single:




  1. Goddamn man you're making me bankrupt with all these things you play on! Thank god for Christmas money... :P

    And oooh are you gonna be at the Tavastia anniversary show with WB?

    Happy holidays and all that stuff, I'd tell you to rest up but who am I kidding, it's you I'm talking to lol

    1. I'm gonna try to make it to the show at Tavastia with WB, yeah...let's hope for the best.

    2. Soooo I finally got paid and I could get the ticket for WB. Are you gonna be there? Because if you are there's a bottle of proper Italian white wine (not the lidl crap) with your name on it. I don't think Tavastia will let me in with it tho so you'll have to pick it up before the show ;)

    3. So far it certainly looks that way, just have to learn the songs first ;-)

    4. Not to take anything from Jukka, but I don't think it'll be too hard for you ;)

  2. You're a busy bee :D So many projects with a lot of diffent bands.
    I'm really curious about the Sonata Christmas single, what kind of style it will be??? :)
    But now enjoy the free days, wish you Merry Christmas and Happy new year!
    But wait....... the Sonata Arctica mayhem is starting in January 2017 ???? What are you doing the whole year 2016??? :P

    1. Haha, appeareantly I don't know which year we're living in right now...I ment 2016, corrected it now... The Christmas spirits single is quite heavy and progressive actually ;-)

  3. You're taking a whole year off? :)

  4. So apparently now y'all have confirmed the cover and song titles of an album you haven't even started rehearsing yet...

    I got my money on this being hella fake but I like being sure, lol. Especially with fanclubs claiming they got confirmation from you guys. Thoughts? :D

    1. Yeah it's just some bullshit joke....We don't have anything ready at the moment ;-)

    2. Ahah yeah turns out it was some kind april's fool in december...would have made a bit more sense if you guys had even started, but I guess people just wanna believe!

  5. Also weh it's probably just because I'm stuck in smoggy and snowless Italy but I miss you guys a bunch. Is it March yet??? Hope you had good holidays tho and hope see some new album diaries come next year :)