Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Secret Rule: Shooting the music video in Amsterdam, Holland

Sunday 27.12.2015 Travel Day Kemi-Helsinki
So, the Secret Rule guys & gal asked me to be a part of their music video
for the upcoming album which I played the keyboards on….and I thought why not ?
This is gonna be a real quick one for me, I just get to Amsterdam for a few hours and
when we’re done I’ll fly back home. First up is the lovely trainride from Kemi to Helsinki starting at around 1600 and I’ll be at the airport at around 0100. I naturally spent the time in the train working or at least tried to, I blame the poor internet connection for ending up drinking in the restaurant car…

Monday 28.12.2015 Travel Helsinki-Amsterdam-Helsinki + Music Video Shoot
After doing a small detour in the Helsinki nightlife, I ended up at the airport, took a nap,
checked in, took another nap and ended up on the plane…sleeping. When i arrived in Amsterdam everything was back to ok ;-) The SR guys picked me up and we went for the venue where we shot the video….and took some promo pics as well. After a
good day at work, I was brought back to the Shiphol airport and made my way towards
Helsinki and later on back home.

Tuesday 29.12.2015 Travel Day
I managed to sleep for a couple of hours at the aiport before my train(s) left at
around 0546….a couple of trainchanges later I was home at just before 1400

in the afternoon. A really quick trip but it was fun.


  1. Geez, you come by the Netherlands and you don't even say hi. I'd almost think you're hiding ^^ nah just kidding. Curious to see what you guys made out of it :)

  2. Amsterdam heh? May I ask why exactly the choice fell on that hell-hole? (kidding ;) ) Very interesting!

    1. You should probably ask the Secret Rule guys about that ;-)

  3. It's always a pleasure to read about your blog every now and then.