Friday, April 22, 2016

SA:Recording the new album week 1

18.4. Monday
Just a bit less than two weeks ago we came home from the North-American Tour but
no rest for the wicked. Got on the train in the morning with Tommy and headed towards
Kokkola and Studio57. Upon arrival we had lunch and then headed to the studio and started to setup our gear. Tero our trusty backline man had sent out the stuff we had with us on tour so it was just up to us to set it up the way we wanted. The rest of the evening was spent learning the first song that we’ll be recording, a slow one seemed the best way to start these sessions.

19.4. Tuesday
Woke up rather early and managed to check out the final minutes of the SJS-LAK game. After breakfast it was time to check out some stuff on the slow songs before Elias and Pasi arrived and we started to rehearse with the full band. The way we plan to work on this album is that we learn one song, then record it before proceeding to the next one. At the moment Tony is still in his home studio writing more stuff for us to play, meanwhile we’re arranging and recording the basic tracks for the songs we’ve got. It’s really fun to try this new method of working, personally I think that one should change the process a bit with every album so one doesn’t get bored or stuck doing the same thing over and over again. Anyways, we spent the day rehearsing and recording the slow song and got pretty much everything done. I still have to do some piano overdubs since my piano is still at home, gotta get it here next week or something. Ended the night with some TV stuff, ice-hockey etc….Tomorrow it’s time for the next song !!

20.4. Wednesday
Still waking up early but I don’t mind ;-)  Checked the NHL scores from last night and after breakfast and showers etc we started to work on the next song. Things are progressing really fast at the moment, which of course is nice. Before noon we already had the drums recorded and then proceeded to do the guitars, bass and keyboards. By the end of the day, all the basic tracks were done and it was time to focus on TV, netflix and what have you. A nice day at the office, once again ;-) As for the direction of the new album or the style of the songs, I’ve learned from my mistakes and won’t try to describe them too much. You’ll hear the stuff in the fall when the album comes out, it
will be great though….

21.4. Thursday
Another day, another song ;-) Today we started working on a more artistic thing, the drums were done around noon and then it was time to get some lunch. In the afternoon we tracked the guitars and bass and early in the evening it was my turn to lay down some keyboard tracks….by the end of the evening we had all the basic tracks done and it was time to watch some more ice-hockey and have a few beers. Tomorrow we’ll leave towards home and relaxing for the weekend. 3 songs down on the first week, not too shabby  I must say. Next week we got some more songs to do as well as some piano overdubs.

22.4. Friday
Up in the morning, listened through some stuff and then headed to the train up north
with Tommy. Have a nice weekend !!




  1. Dang you're tearing through these songs! Which is understandable considering how much time the US tour ate... I'm sure they'll be great. Y'all have still to disappoint me and I've been a fan for over a decade, lol

  2. Yeeeah! I can't Weit! jajaj Miss you!! Come back to Argentina!

  3. Can't wait for the new album, still waiting to hear more Unia style one day ;)

    Btw, do you have any thoughts about the Roli Seaboard Rise..? Saw it at a local shop few day ago and want to try it out as soon as they get it set up with sounds. I'd imagine it would be something special to use live.

    1. Not too familiar with the Rise, I'd imagine it would be great to noodle around with in the studio....for live, I'm not too sure.At least not for me ;-)

  4. It seems you are doing a good job! I cannot wait to listen to the album!

  5. Wow, amazing speed!! really exciting to hear just how fast things are going, and it sounds like a fun way to approach the making of this album.. am already wondering about the artwork & title as well as what the music will sound like. I'm sure it'll be excellent as always :D

    1. I'm wondering too ;-) I have a vague idea about the music, everything else is a mystery.

  6. Are there gonna be some Klingenberg or Viljanen composition as well, this time? :)

    1. I don't think there will....

    2. How about that you&Tony vocal duet that I'm still refusing to give up hope for? ;)

      (then again, I got your solo album to look forward to for my fix of your vocals so I GUESS I can let it slide for another album....)

  7. No plans of that either ;-(