Thursday, April 14, 2016

Sonata Arctica: Pictures from the North-American Spring Tour 2016

Here are some random pics from the tour, enjoy !!!

Some last minute programming in the hotel on the first morning of the tour, 
should have done this at home but...shit happens.

My first breakfast on this tour....

The container, 2016 never forget , never repeat ;-)

I think this is the venue in Pittsburgh but I'm not sure.

I slept here for 48 nights...the coffin.

Some venue somewhere ;-) , maybe in Canada.

Got a new toy, didn't use this too much on this tour though,
better try again next time.

Backstage somewhere, this was a bit freaky but a really
great echo !!

Upstairs @The Eagles Ballroom, Milwaukee..shitty picture but maybe
you get the idea...

Off-day in Minnesota, going to the game.

Pre-game selfie with Tuomas.

Panthers @ Wild ....

Checking out the "backstage" , and NOT standing on the logo.

With #64, Mr.Granlund.

...just about to enter...

Tony getting exited, soundchecks are the best !!!

Driving through Canada, this pic could be from Finland...really...

Mikko controlling space in Canada.

Just to keep me warm, I'm a Rangers fan...really.

Time to read before going to bed.

Testing Merels guitar backstage, aftershow.

A nice drawing that I got from a fan.

Fish and Chips during the extra off-day we got when NW canceled
a show due to severe illness.

Reno, Nevada.

...going backstage in Reno.....

....and finding this popcorn-thing there ;-)

Nightwish playing in Reno.

Elias getting ready for the photo-shoot in Los Angeles.

We drove up to the mountains from Pasadena...

....or something.....nice view though....

Pasi posing for his single shots...or at least getting ready... god it was beautiful...and cold, for some reason
it's always cold when we take promo-pics.

Meeting new friends, H-P from the Dudesons checking
in aftershow in Anaheim, CA.

No idea where, it's seems like a good morning though, maybe
it was in Tucson, AZ.

Albaquerque or however it's spelled. Breaking Bad off-day......

Ready for dinner during the off-day....actually this was before lunch, I think.

Guitar-techs unite during the tourdinner !! Tero & Antti.

Colorado Springs, walking around with Tony in the afternoon.

...and he lured me into this antique shop....

...where I got totally excited about these Tesla Lamps.

Being mysterious in the container...the only way to be, really !

Finally got my new keytar, which eventually was lost ;-)

Another venue somewhere....

...and NW playing, hey now I know, this was in Kansas City.

I can't explain this, just wanted to make sure I don't lose the pic,
so I post it here as a failsafe.

I found a new shirt ;-)

A really old custom built organ at the venue in San Antonio, TX.

NOLA, going out.... Bourbon street, like all the other tourists ;-)

Nightcap of the day...which day you ask ? No idea.

Panama City Beach, FL, off-day, walking around...

...taking photos of Pasis and Mikkos asses.

...and some local houses....

....more beach....

....and more....

...and more....

...and then some pics from the pier....

...and another one....

...and another one...

...heck, I'll just show you the video instead ;-)

Afterwards we needed this, because naturally some of us got sunburn,
actually all 3 of us...

NW in Tampa, last show of their tour !!

We switched sides on stage, so I got a new position... watch Tony's ass from.

Hotelroom in Buffalo during the off-day, are you sure there's enough
shampoo and soap for everyone ?

The pool at the same hotel...they also had a sauna...or
something they called a sauna....never mind.

We found this place in Toronto close to the Opera House,
really great food !!!

Somehow this ended up on the wall of the container...WTF ?

Deep Purple redwine, always a winner !!

Going for breakfast in NYC.

Backstage toilet in NYC...I think I'm gonna have to hold it.

With #15 of the Devils, Tuomo Ruutu. Aftershow in NYC.

Waiting for the last flight back home @ Finnair Lounge, Helsinki.

That's about it , on Monday we'll be back in the studio, I'll post something from there !!



  1. Great pics Henkka. Thanks for sharing them with us :) Hope you guys had lots of fun in this tour. Can't wait for the new album and see you guys again in November!

  2. I am very glad you've joined Tony on the selfie front. I had a real shit day at work and I needed this! It's nice to see you....even with that hat :P

    Ok seeing that first pic of the container I have to ask: could Pasi even stand inside of that thing? Cuz you guys are fairly small but he probably banged his head a bunch....

    (I got so excited seeing you and HP ahah. My old flame for the Dudesons isn't out yet lol)

    Can't wait to see the new promo pics! The scenery is amazing and I'm sure they're super cool!

  3. yeah, he could stand in it ;-)

    1. Well that's good! I guess the container was bigger on the inside than it looked from the outside!

      to be honest, it was probably bigger than my first apartment lol

    2. You make my day with all those pictures :)

  4. Glad you like the drawing I gave you at the Seattle show was very nice seeing it in your blog :)