Tuesday, December 6, 2016

SA:On the Road: The 9th Hour World Tour: North-America 2016 part 2

Still alive !!
Some more days has passed and everyone is still alive and in good spirits. We still have a bit over a week to go before heading home for christmas. The rest of the Canadian part went really well after Calgary. We had an off-day in Kamloops and were invited to a really nice dinner at some relatives house. It was really nice to spend some hours away from the bus. After that we ended the Canadian part in Vancouver before heading back to the US. In Portland most of the band went to the apple store to check out some stuff. Later on I met up with some relatives of mine for a nice dinner before the show. Once we got down to San Fransisco a friend of ours had arranged tickets to visit Alcatraz. What an amazing experience that was, really nice to spend some hours there during the day….and happy to be able to leave as well ;-) 

In Anaheim my wireless midi was not working properly so I had to switch to wire which sucked since we had a big stage and it would have been great to run around. The next day in Tempe I managed to somehow open the batterycase at the back of the keytar during Abandoned so that caused some hassle, luckily it was only for half a song.
Tonight we’re in El Paso, Texas. Pasi, Tommy & I went out for burgers and a short walk and we just got back. In a few minutes we’ll do the soundcheck. After tonight we still have 8 more shows to go. I’ll post some pics when I get around to it….as usual.

Here are the shows we did since Calgary:

26.11. Edmonton, Canada
28.11. Vancouver, Canada
29.11. Seattle, USA
30.11. Portland, USA
2.12. San Fransisco
3.12. San Diego, USA
4.12. Anaheim, USA
5.12. Tempe, USA

…and last but not least, Have a great Independence Day Finland !!




  1. Henkka is that true that you guys will be doing a Live Dvd in Chile next year?

  2. We will film a show in Chile next year, that's correct...as to when and how and where it will be relased to the public is still in the works.

    1. and i was getting my hopes up for an Live in Amsterdam dvd. we Dutch are the perfect audience! :P Anyway, I hope this one gets the kind of audience from FTSOR and the production value from LiF.

  3. A proper live release with the Chilean atmosphere would be pure awesomeness compared to Live in Finland.

    1. Well, we have to see about that. At the moment we have agreed to film the show...as what to happend after that remains to be seen !!

  4. Henrik, thank you very much for writing this blog! I really appreciate that you find time and let the fans know what is going on. I congratulate all of you on the successful completion of the American tour and wish you a nice holiday. We hope you will come to Russia soon! Maybe in 2017??? With kind regards, Tatyana

    1. I hope we can make it to Russia this year !!

    2. Oh! Thank you for the reply. We look forward so much to seeing you!!! Best wishes for the new year of 2017!