Thursday, January 5, 2017

SA:On the Road: The 9th Hour World Tour: North-America 2016 part 3

Try to remember what the hell happend on the last shows, when you’ve been
home for a few weeks…shit I’m getting lazy. As far as I can remember we did
finish the tour without too many problems. The show in McAllen, TX was cancelled
and unfortunately I’m not in the liberty of telling why but it was totally beyond our control and sucked ass big time. Here are the last shows we did:

The Last Part:
6.12. El Paso, USA
8.12. Englewood, USA
9.12. Kansas City, USA
10.12. Dallas, USA
11.12. McAllen, USA
13.12. San Antonio, USA
14.12. Houston, USA
16.12. Lake Buena Vista, USA
17.12. Atlanta, USA

…I’ll upload some pics in a separate post as soon as I get around to it. We have around 70 shows before the summer so there’ll be plenty more to write about….and yeah, Happy New Year everyone !!!

Thank you US & Canada, Leave’s  Eyes and Omnium Gatherum, it was a great tour, hope to see you all again very soon !!




  1. Happy new year!

    Will you make any changes in the setlist for the upcoming European Tour?


    1. We don't know yet, for the most parts at least it will be the same as on the North-American Tour

    2. Thank you! :)

      Looking forward to your Spanish shows.