Thursday, June 29, 2017

Klingenberg Syndrome: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

After a bunch of hurdles and delay, finally some news....thanks for waiting.... The Release Date is 21.07.2017 !!!!

I'm of course talking about my second solo album, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.  

I singed a deal with Hell Patrol Records:

So what can you expect ? The album follows the lines of my first solo album: ...and the weird turned pro. Progressive Metal is probably the genre I'd put this in. This time around however, I decided to sing on this album myself. The rest of the band is the same as last time, my bandmates from SA Elias on guitar and Pasi on bass...and Jari on drums. This time we also had a budget to track some real drums instead of the electronic crap we delt with the last time. Pasi mixed an mastered the whole thing and I think it turned out really great.  Below is the tracklist for the album. Rock'n'roll !!! ...and I'll make sure that the next one won't take this long to come out, 5 years is too much for someone as impatient as I am...


Klingenberg Syndrome: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot - tracklist:

1. Egocentric part one
3.The Boogieman
4.If only I could
6.Egocentric part two
7.The End Song
8.Mea Culpa (instrumental)
9.The Traveller

Out on July 21st, 2017 !!!


  1. Nice! I really enjoyed the first one so I'm looking foward to this one. Could you answer a question about the album? Why is it called Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

    1. That's about the only question I'm gonna try to avoid answering ;-) I thought it was a good name for the album...

    2. You either really liked the war movie with Tina Fey... or just, well, wtf, right? ;-)

      And regarding the comment below, that answers my question, thanks! :-)

    3. Looks like the spelling for WTF which always reads really nice, doesn't it:) anyway it's gonna kick ass, I can't wait to listen to it!

    4. Foxtrot Unicorn Charlie Kilo :)

    5. Haha, haven't seen the Tina Fey movie yet, just found out about it after deciding on the name...

  2. Well well well... if that isn't some f*cking good news, I don't know what is!!
    The wait will finally be over soon and I can stop being mad at you for promising news and not delivering :D
    Sounds pretty good so far and I can't wait to get the real deal!

    So.... Hell Patrol Records. Did you guys finally decide to start your own label for your solo albums? :D Or is it a branch from Real Media Music? :)

    Anyways, good to hear from you again! Hope you could enjoy the last few weeks at home and are ready to rock the summer festivals!

    Take care,

    1. I don't know the actual connection between the different companies but some of the same people are involved if that answers your question regarding the label thing...

    2. Mária, let's make this clear for everyone. Yes, Hell Patrol Records is part of Real Media Music family. It's took a little more time to establish HP as we expected so that's explain the delays...
      Thanks for your support Maria. Hope you are enjoying Henkka's new album. Keep checking our pages for merchandise and limited edition packages...etc

    3. Many thanks for clearing this up HPR!! :)
      Really hope you'll get to release the merch stuff soon. Would've liked to get a pdf booklet with my digital purchase, but alas... waiting for the physical album now ;)


    For a moment I must admit I almost lost hope, but I'm glad nonetheless that it's finally happened.

    Hyped for you vocals too. :3

  4. nniiiccee! Curious to hear this one. Good to hear you singing again, that's been a while! :)

  5. It will be interesting to hear it! I've heard the teaser and I am really intrigued. I wish you success with the album and other projects!

  6. I'm listening the first one and I liked a lot!! I'm looking foward to this one. I'm going to Finland in 15 days and I'll buy there.
    You are very talented dear boy!!

  7. Is there gonna be a japanese bonus track like on the first one?

    1. No bonus track this time, since nobody made me do it...personally I prefer to make albums as one piece of art (or crap) and leave the bonus stuff for b-sides of singles or something like that....

    2. Agreed dude, I asked because of that. I wanna own the whole thing and not hassle myself looking for bonus tracks somewhere else. Thanks for the answer, see you on the road!