Thursday, July 6, 2017

SA: Pictures from Latin America 2017

finally had the time to update these...or actually I didn't  really but I uploaded these anyway ;-)

Leaving from Helsinki...

For the first time ever in the history of SA we did a trip with a nightliner in Latin America !!

Mornin run in Buenos Aires, Argentina...

...still running....

Hotel room view in Recife,Brazil ....

....and Fortaleza...

...where we played on the beach !!

More of the same, this time in Belem, Brazil.

Walking around Belem with Pasi...

....more walking...

...and then running, still in Belem, Brazil...

...and still...

...and more...

...and then I headed back to the hotel. a hotel.

Driving in Brazil..

...more of the same....

...and then we arrived in Juiz de Fora, Brazil.

Some more driving....

...and a bit more...


..the last one before we arrived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

This just looked good to me.

Breakfast in Limeira, Brazil.

Running in Lima, Peru....

...I went all the way down to the beach.

The pool in the hotel in Lima, Peru. Been here before
many times ;-) 

Went shopping to the Indian Market (again) with Tommy.

..and then we got some cake !!

Went for a run in Bogota, Colombia, it was actually quite hard.

Then I completed the who wants to be a millionaire for the 2nd or 3rd
time on this tour ;-)

Hotelroomview from Honduras...

...and a pic from the empty airport in the morning, this was really

Walking in Obregon, Mexico.

..and checking out the stage.

We got some shirts as well, here's Tony posing with his shirt !

Then we went for a drive and of course nobody ever understands that
when we say we had a lot of stuff with us, we mean it.

Aiport selfie @Hermosillo airport, Mexico

It's always nice when you can drive into the venue, this was
in Chihuahua, Mexico.

Goodbye, Mexico, goodbye Latin America, hope to see you all
very soon again !!



  1. They are wonderful,
    You are wonderful,
    We hope to see you soon in Peru.

    I hope the cake has liked them.♥

  2. Yeah but where are the magnets?

    Nice photos dude.

  3. wow, some of those views are really something! :0 Such a beautiful continent. And dude,.. smile on pics ;) (oh i forgot, you're Finnish, this IS how you people smile!! (just kiddin just kiddin)

  4. Hey look at my home town there :)

  5. All the pictures are really beautiful ... urban rural landscapes the whole planet is amazing I imagine the landscapes and the wind sticking in my face that smell of wet land and wild meadows ... you are very lucky your joy is transmitted and Feel very near Henkka congratulations ;) ;)... (el azul le queda perfecto) :P

  6. Thank you very much for the photos! It's always great to 'travel' with you and see what life is like on the other side of the world. What were the most enjoyable moments on the tour for you? How did the filming of the show for a DVD go? I wish you a perfect summer!

    1. There were a lot of enjoyable moments on this tour, most of them where on stage as usual ;-) ...I have no idea how the filming in Chile went, still waiting to see some footage...

    2. Those moments on stage are always pleasing and exciting... Well, then we will impatiently wait for the result - a DVD in the nearest future!

  7. Hey there!^^ Im so happy u had some time to shoot some pictures and have some fun with it. Pictures are great, as usual. Thanks for coming to Latin America again, and I hope the next concerts be less exausting and u can sleep more and more =) hope u have enjoyed Fortaleza and its beaches :D

    Cheers from Fortaleza - Brazil

    Stephanie Viana Pereira

  8. Damn, you guys get a lot of free cake! :D

  9. This came late but still interesting to read at. Days must have been busy for you guys with all the festive going. I can see that you love to travel alot :) Perhaps is time to think when to visit Asia, I mean real Asia, including the far South-Eastern side. Please come to Malaysia, this is where I stay. I bet there are many fans from this region are waiting for all of you :)