Sunday, March 12, 2017

SA:On the Road: The 9th Hour World Tour: Europe 2017 week two:

Monday 27.2. Zurich, Switzerland
Allrighty-o, here we go with the 2nd week of the tour. After getting started everything
starts to run like a well oiled machine, now we just have to keep this up until the
9th of April when the last show will be in Sweden. In Zurich we played a nice venue
but it did have a lot of stairs for we got some free ass workout during the day. I joined Pasi for dinner, we did eat at the international fine-dining experience known as
Burger King. Everything else went just as expected and we got over the “missing
Avenged Sevenfold” - thing.

Tuesday 28.2. Solothurn, Switzerland
Another new place for us, the venue was once again really good as was the dinner
and everything else. After the show we did some ab-wheel training with the support
band guys, let’s see how many will feel trashed tomorrow. There was also a foosball table in the backstage which I think at least Elias was playing some rather intense games with.

Wednesday 1.3. Lausanne, Switzerland
Nice venue, great food, good’ve heard it all before ;-) After the show we did leave quite early to get to our off-day in time and make sure our driver could get enough rest.

Thursday 2.3. Off-day, Marseille, France
Didn’t really do much of anything, a bunch of us went to the city and grabbed some late lunch and walked around for a bit. A couple of guys from our support band Striker managed to get into some trouble though. Apparently they intercepted some dude strangling a woman and got to fight off a bunch of guys. Everyone is alive and well and as far as I can see, no bruises or anything. Nevertheless, we were told in advance that some parts of the city is not really safe…which proved out to be right.

Friday 3.3. Marseille, France
Still exploring new places. This venue is really nice, amazing catering and great stage, I’m sure tonight will be awesome as well. Spent the day enjoying some of the sun and just waiting…as usual ;-) 

Saturday 4.3. Barcelona, Spain
Nice to be back in Spain, we missed the whole country last fall when we did the first part of the European Tour.  In the morning we went to buy some cigarettes with Tommy and later on after soundcheck, some of us went to this really good burger place in the shopping mall….the club tonight is in the basement of a mall, of all things. We had some massages during the early evening but other than that it was business as usual. When we left after the show, somehow the powercable to the trailer broke and it took a couple of hours to fix that….I think…I was in my bunk watching a movie so I’m not too sure how long it took.

Sunday 5.3. Madrid, Spain

Arrived a couple of hours late which was a bit of a bummer but these things happend. I went to the aiport to pick up my gf who will be with me for a couple of days here, as to what we’ll do, it’s really none of your business ;-)  The evening went really great and we had a good and loud crowd once again. The next few shows will be in new places which of course is really interesting, hope everything goes well.



  1. Avenged sevenfold thing....??

    Wow, sounds heavy what happened in Marseille with the Striker guys :O Glad to hear no one got hurt. Hope you don't come across that kind of stuff very often. Stay safe!

  2. Oh! That episode is frightening! Please be careful!