Monday, March 27, 2017

SA:On the Road: The 9th Hour World Tour: Europe 2017 week four:

Monday 13.3. Off-day / Besancon, France
Woke up really early…and was pissed off because I would have wanted to sleep longer. Anyways, we went for lunch with some of the boys and then back to the hotel. I’ve been looking for a sports store to get some running gear and I found one but it was closed today. At the hotel I spent some time doing nothing before I got really bored and decided to walk up the hill to La Citadelle as it was called. The walk wasn’t too long but quite steep uphill so I worked on a good sweat…When I was up there admiring the view  I run in to Larry our merch guy, we headed down together hitting some churches on the way and eventually went for dinner. Well back at the hotel I was just chilling, trying to stay awake (this was around 1900 so a bit too early to go to sleep), when Pasi asked me to go to the movies with him…well, why not. He’d found a movie that wasn’t dubbed so we could enjoy it….hence, we checked out Kong: Skull island or something like that, it was fun, and in 3D as well. I don’t think it would have been a movie I’d watch back home but in that moment it was the perfect thing. Afterwards I joined some of the bar hopping gang in the hotel lobby for some time and ended the night with some netflix.

Tuesday 14.3. Besancon, France
Got up just before breakfast ended and then I hit the sports store, got my stuff and went for a nice run. It felt really weird, I think the last time I ran was over 10 years ago…well, it’ll get better I’m sure. Enjoyed some online time (yeah, e-mails) at the hotel before it was time to head to the venue. Pasi, Tony & I went to do some laundry before the
 soundcheck and after a nice dinner and a nap it was once again business as

Wednesday 15.3. Nancy, France
Another new town, same procedure as everyday though ;-)

Thursday 16.3. Rennes, France
More of the same…. early in the morning we took the ferry across to the UK. It
was a rather long ride and there was plenty of time to get breakfast, do some shopping
and get really bored…only 3 ferry rides left….

Friday 17.3. Southampton, UK
Since we spent the morning at the ferry the rest of the day was spent sleeping more or
less. Once awake we met up with a friend of ours and me & Tommy went to Five Guys to have some burgers. Good stuff.

Saturday 18.3. Bristol, UK
I thought I just drop dead when I got into the Marble Factory, nothing against the
venue or the nice staff but fuck it smelled like mould here, like really bad. We all decided to spend as little time inside as possible, of course the crew couldn’t do that
poor guys. After the soundcheck some of us went to Five Guys again, still tasted good.
The show went really well but we could definitely feel the air afterwards….hopefully we
don’t have too many of these kind of situations anymore.

Sunday 19.3. Cardiff, UK
Really nice venue today, big & clean etc. Did some interviews with Pasi, checked out the city a bit and later on Pasi, Tony & I went to Jamie Olivers Italian restaurant for
dinner. It was really good ;-) Show in the evening as usual and then off-we went. Tomorrow is the last show before the off-day, that would be number 7 in a row which is a new record for Sonata, the most we’ve played back to back so far has been 6. It’s also the last show for Triosphere before they head home and get replaced by our
finnish friends Thunderstone. I’m sure we’ll have some goodbye drinks and such.



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